Christine & Elizabeth – The Right Connections

Jun 14, 2021

Season 3 / Episode #19 : Christine & Elizabeth - Walt Institute

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Story

Dr. Elizabeth Pritchard

From never fitting in, bullied at school, sexually abused as a child to becoming anoccupational therapist and past president of Occupational Therapy Association NZ,a researcher at Monash University who nailed her PhD in three years, and aleadership coach. Elizabeth’s story shows how anyone can triumph over adversity, afundamentalist upbringing, deep pain and limiting beliefs, to rise up and step intotheir own power with authenticity.

Elizabeth is a published author in internationalacademic journals, ABC News Australia and Thrive Global. She is a skilled presenterat international conferences, a recognized keynote speaker, and outstandingfacilitator. Elizabeth is the Co-Founder and Director of WALT Institute and renownedfor her ability to empower women in STEMM (Science Technology Engineering MathMedicine) to believe they are enough!

Ms Christine Burns

From being a shy reserved child, learning many lessons the hard way, Christinedeveloped incredible skills to always bounce forward, no matter what. Today, shehas represented New Zealand in indoor hockey for 13 years, including 4 yearscaptaining the team and during this time she graduated university with expertisein psychology, sport psychology, exercise science and business management, andforged a career as a lecturer, manager and performance coach of individuals andteams.

Christine’s story inspires people to take action, stand up for what theybelieve in and not get stuck in life’s trivia. Christine has published articles in ThriveGlobal and is currently authoring her first book “Limitless possibilities: Finding away through adversity”. As the Co-founder and CEO of WALT Institute, shespecializes in disrupting the stories people tell themselves and guides them todiscover their power within and that they have so much more in their tank.

Show Notes

Good Note: Finding the niche of the business, laser focusing on what you’re doing and who you’re targeting. Developing with mentors.

Bad Note: Expecting too much too soon. By stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, you must change yourself to have the best response. Call it as is, and be real.

Practice Makes Progress: Take action consistently. Watch for your blind spot, your belief system & the excuses you make, they are all part of the growing process.

Forming your band: To be successful and get momentum you need to have the right people fit the job at hand. Band meetings are a must to get the most out of the vision for the project.

Learning from the best: What you pay for is what you pay attention to. Mindset development coach, business mentors, STEMM coaches are all part on the personal and businesses growth.

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