Coach Dean Brown – Using your strength

May 31, 2021

Season 3 / Episode #17 : Coach Dean Brown

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Story

Transformational Law of Attraction & Mindset Coach.

Dean helps people break through their limiting beliefs and getfree from the old stories that their EGO has been ruling their liveswith, so they can learn WHY they do WHAT they do, and HOW tochange it for the better.

Dean is a suicide prevention Mentor in a large Facebook Dad’sgroup with 50,000+ members.

He has invested tens of thousands of dollars in self-improvementthrough various forms and levels of personal and businesscoaching.

He currently has a High-Performance Personal Coach from theBrendon Burchard High-Performance Institute, several top-earning Social Media, Business Marketing, and Coaching Coaches& Mentors!

Dean is constantly and consistently learning and growing towardsbeing his best self with these amazing people with whom he hasunbreakable lifetime relationships and friendships!

Show Notes

Good Note: As a life coach finding the issues within a client and watching them get past it and grow!

Bad Note: When he realized he was doing what the world expected from him rather than who he was, which lead to finding his purpose.

Learning from the best: Having similar situations to help or be helped by others. The law of attraction is a big part of it, starting with a thought and turning it into feelings that resonate with that thought.

Practice makes perfect: Don’t always build your weakness, find your strength and use it to it’s full extent.

Jam Room: Maximize your tools & workspace for it to work most efficiently. Turn the struggles into the joy if the process.

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