Healing Your Brain, Body, and Self with Danielle Matthews

Jul 4, 2023 | Gathering Fans, Instruments of Choice, PodCast, Practice Makes Progress, Season 3

The Back-Story

Coming out on the other side of a brain injury, Danielle uses what she learned through my recovery to help people empower their brains, bodies, and themselves. Her objective is to be a steward of the emerging technology of redox signaling through her work with ASEA to bring hope and improve the lives of people around the globe.

Show Notes

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In This Episode:
[0:00] Intro
[0:23] A story of business success
[1:26] What’s something that didn’t go as planned?
[13:26] How does she get fans?
[23:39] What are her tools to achieve success?
[30:43] What is her routine?
[34:36] Guest solo: What’s exciting in her business?
[39:50] Where to find Danielle
[40:40] Outro


Read Transcript

Danielle Matthews: [00:00:00] Are you a work at home rockstar or do you dream of becoming one? Then you found the right podcast. Your host, Tim Melanson, talks with successful work at home rock stars to learn their secrets and help you in your journey. Are you ready to rock?

Tim Melanson: Here’s Tim. Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

I’m excited for today’s guest. She’s a diamond executive with a. And she helps, uh, educate about a breakthrough health technology that helps the body repair at a cellular level. She also helps other people, uh, start a business as well. I’m super excited to be rocking out today with Danielle Matthews. Hey, Danielle, are you ready to rock?

I am. Thanks for

Danielle Matthews: having me

Tim Melanson: on, Tim. Awesome. So we always start off here on a good note. So tell me a story of success in your business that we can be inspired by.

Danielle Matthews: Well, you know, uh, when the pandemic set in, I had to totally pivot my business. And I had gone from everything in person to this massive shutdown and me asking, well, what is this challenge making possible?

And literally what dropped in was Danielle, go [00:01:00] online. And, and Tim, I’ll tell you what, uh, my business exploded. It went international through the pandemic. I was able to do what had taken me like five years. To do, I could do in like a five month period. And, uh, it, it has just accelerated things. And I will tell you, you know, challenges always, always make us stronger and are always opportunities.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Wow. That’s awesome. And I, I definitely agree there’s a lot of businesses, like a lot of traditional businesses and otherwise that were really reluctant to people work from home and to do remote things. Eh, and this just like opened that right up, you know? It’s great. Awesome. So now with all those successes though, there’s not, everything goes as planned.

There’s always a bad note in there somewhere. So can you tell me something that didn’t go as planned during that experience and how we can learn from it? Absolutely.

Danielle Matthews: So, I mean, I, I got thrown in like Facebook jail. I got put, [00:02:00] uh, I got put off, um, of social media platforms for doing too much, for being too social.

And they, uh, you know, I don’t know, they thought it was spam, a robot and not a real human being, not, you know, real people don’t reach out to 50 people a day, whatever it was. Uh, so I literally, these tech companies were shutting down the progress of my business. Um, which was super frustrating to know like, Hey, somebody else right now is dictating my ability to have reach.

Um, I don’t agree with their policies, but I have to honor those policies. And yeah, it was like, um, not having control, like as a business owner, I think a lot of people start their own business cuz they like to have control over things. They wanna like dictate their future and, you know, um, if I’m gonna bet on anything, I’m gonna bet on myself.

And, uh, that was a really frustrating kind of space to move through. And it just, honestly though, it made me go, okay, well don’t just have one platform. You know, you need to be on multiple platforms, cuz you never know. And you also should probably start cultivating an email [00:03:00] list because then you have control over that list and you won’t lose people.

You know, I’m, I mean, I work with some of my colleagues, they got shut down completely like. Completely banned, censored off of these platforms and um, all of a sudden they’re going, where’s, where’s my business? You know, it’s gone overnight because of somebody else. And I think I learned a lot of lessons along the way about just to be smarter about what I do and don’t have control over.

Tim Melanson: Wow. There’s a lot of stuff to take out of that. Yeah. Let’s unpack what you just. Uh, number one is you, you’re, you’re right. Uh, I mean, social media platforms are extremely great ways to do business. Almost every single guest on this show over the last several years has talked about social media as a marketing platform, right?

Uh, but I think that the other side of it is that the social media companies, number one, are trying to make money. And so they want you to pay for all these things. They want you to pay for advertising. So if you’re going out there and just rocking a business for free, And using [00:04:00] platform, they, they, they create these nonsensical rules that, uh, really just try to stifle that progress.

Right. Um, so I mean, I kind of get it on one side. I mean, they’re trying to make you pay for ads, I assume, instead of trying to do all this for free. Yeah. Right. But what do you

Danielle Matthews: think it’s, well, what’s interesting, Tim, that that’s exactly right. I mean, they, they want you to pay to play. They, that’s how they make money, right?

And you have to kind of honor that. Uh, but what’s interesting is that in my. It. I’m in the network marketing space and in my industry, they literally will not allow you to run an ad if it has anything to do with a network marketing product or the network marketing business opportunity. So there are already stifling and sensory the entire industry, which is a massive industry.

I mean, billions and billions of dollars globally not allowed to advertise there. So, What do we do? We say, okay, well I’ll just use my personality, I’ll use my personal profile. I’ll use [00:05:00] adding value to the world, creating a following, and, and do it that way. But then they stop you. They say, well, you can’t send out x number of direct messages a day.

You know, you’re, you’re capped. And so it’s, it’s, yeah, you’re kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place in my industry with what you are and aren’t allowed to do, and like how to leverage the platform as well. Um, you know, amidst

Tim Melanson: that. Wow. Yeah, I spent, uh, I spent several years in network marketing as well, and actually my business, I started, I started really hitting it hard in 2010.

And if I’m, I don’t know if this is real or not, but it, it seemed as though that was when things were really starting to roll with network marketing on Facebook. And so a lot of the things that people were doing, uh, were kind of. My designs, I, I was like coaching the organization that I was working with at the time on how to use Facebook effectively.

And a lot of it was, you know, play [00:06:00] teams, tagging other people, you know, posting, welcomes, all that stuff that really hadn’t existed before we started doing it. And, uh, uh, we didn’t really get shut down. Until about a year into it, maybe two years into it, that was probably when Facebook was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What’s going on with these people? What are these people doing? Yeah. Yep. Um, and even then, uh, we were more getting lots of hate actually from people that were posting on it and all that stuff. It, it wasn’t really Facebook yet, and I assume that that’s probably why Facebook started to. Or social media platform started to implement these rules cuz people were upset about it.

But a lot of it has to do with just the industry as a whole. You know, I always found it very weird cuz, I mean, I’m a brief thinker. I, I, and I don’t, I don’t really believe anybody or disbelieve anybody. I think that there’s lots of different truths out there and when it comes down to it, [00:07:00] if a company or if a, an organization is trying to shut something down, I kind of wanna know why.

And when I look into network marketing, it’s like, yeah, okay. There are some people getting scammed. That’s true. Uh, however, there are a lot more people that are actually using it as a learning platform. And you know, like whether somebody pays, you know, a few hundred bucks or maybe even a few thousand bucks to start a business and they fail at it, why can they fail at one type of business?

And that be fine? But if they fail at a different kind of business, well then that’s a scam. That doesn’t, right. But to me it was like, you know, if I were to pay a few thousand dollars to get started in a business and I failed, well, I would think that was me that failed and I would wanna try harder. I wouldn’t call the company a scam like I bought a franchise and now I’m.

Anyway, but that’s just my, my opinion on all that stuff. Uh, but I do find that it has, you know, there’s a lot of people that are, that I had actually introduced into network marketing that never made a cent in [00:08:00] network marketing, but took that experience and started another traditional business and are doing great with it right now.


Danielle Matthews: It’s the learning ground. I think, you know, one of the first books I read as I was kind of getting into entrepreneurship was Rich Dad, poor Dad, and he says, Robert Kiyosaki says so clearly in there like everyone should do a network marketing company because you have coaches, mentors already in place that you don’t have to pay for.

That will help you learn the skillset that you need. So, You know how to market it, how to work with customers, you know how to have good retention in your business, how to connect with people, how to build relationships. Like all this stuff. They, you know, if they’re really good too, they’ll teach you how to manage your money along the way.

You know, and you, you start to get around people that think differently and it’s just this beautiful space. It’s almost like, You know, a garden, you’ve gotta have the right soil, you’ve gotta have the right nutrients in it. You’ve gotta have the right amount of water. And I think the network marketing industry provides that.

It’s like the space, the right soil for an entrepreneur to go, [00:09:00] okay, like my seat of potential can start to bloom here. And whether I decide to stay there forever or take my skill sets and move elsewhere. You know, that’s fine. And a lot of network marketers now, they say like the ones that are using social media, they’re like, look, I want you, and I say this to my team, I want you to make money on different ways, like use the platform you’re creating.

So of course, market the main thing, but you can get brand deals. You can do so much more with the influence that you’re creating. And you know, with the skills you’re learning and being able to handle rejection, being able to learn how to build a relationship, build rapport with somebody, you’re gonna be able to do other things.

And should you decide to start maybe a more traditional business again, you’ve already learned how to wear a lot of these hats that you’re gonna need in that business.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah. And um, and then the other point that you’d made, it was about, Um, diversifying and actually owning your own list and owning your own brand, which I think is like very, very important.

And I, you know, one of the [00:10:00] things that, I mean, I, I know I experienced it even, uh, I don’t even know why, but one of my, my music Facebook page got shut down. I have no idea why like that. I still don’t know to this day. My guess is maybe somebody didn’t like me and reported me and, and during all that mess that was going on, I don’t think the social media platforms had time to investigate every complaint.

So they just shut you down and that was it. But, but I mean, it, it really was a bit of a wake up call for, um, for me, but also for a lot of people that I work with cuz I, now, my business is, I build websites, right? I do, I do marketing for people. And, uh, and so now I’m like, okay, you really need to own your own brand, your own, like, okay, fine, you’re working with this company.

That’s great, but what happens if something happens to that company? What happens if that something happens to your social media platforms? What happens if something happens anywhere? If you brand yourself, then you can, you know, you’ve granted yourself as the, as the leader. So you can take it anywhere you want, uh, and go somewhere else if you choose to.

Right? [00:11:00]

Danielle Matthews: Amen to that. I, I teach the same thing. I train the team on the same thing. I’m like, look, we, we represent and have an incredible product, right? We work with a biotech company. They’ve got a great breakthrough. I’m like, don’t go be a commercial for them. You know, people, what I learned very quickly in business is people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

And it’s no different on the internet. Like, I wanna get to know you as a human being. I want to see the value you add. I wanna start to trust you. I wanna understand you, what you stand for, what you don’t stand for, and oh, now you also like this product. Well, I’ve already fallen in love with so much of you.

If you love that. It’s a done deal. Like I already trust you enough. That of course, that makes it a no-brainer. And when people start to build in that way, yes, it can be a slower build and also, yes, you have to become more confident. But I think it’s beautiful because you also have to internally figure out, well who am I?

And what do I stand for and what am I willing, you know, to show that my values are and show what they’re not? And if [00:12:00] there’s controversy, which man, when people hide behind a screen, they can say some nasty stuff, you know? And you gotta be able to withstand that. And, uh, the, the beauty on the other side is huge, and the potential to then take that in any direction.

Like, to me, time is gonna pass anyway. And why not do something where you’re creating value? I remember someone said to me, Danielle, if you were a stock, I would hold it. I would buy it and hold it. Because I see what you’re doing now, and I know right now you’re undervalued and in time it’s gonna be amazing what you create.

And it’s like, it’s the truth. It’s the truth of what’s unfolded over the years. And I still feel like, well, there’s so much more to come.

Tim Melanson: It’s a great quote. And, and I mean, as we know too, like, uh, products and businesses change over time. I mean, many of the products that we have now didn’t exist 20 years ago, 50 years ago, a hundred years ago, and many of the products that existed back then don’t exist now.

So there’s a, there’s a good chance [00:13:00] that whatever, anybody who’s listening to this, whatever you’re working on right now, there’s a good chance that product itself won’t exist in 20 years. So what then? If you branded yourself to that particular product, and that’s, that’s all you do, uh, then you’re gonna, I mean, you’re gonna be fine.

You’re, you’re gonna figure it out. I mean, we’re entrepreneurs, right? You’re gonna, you’re gonna pivot, right? But wouldn’t it be better if you had it so that you weren’t necessarily connected to that product? Like, I know people that set up their email address of like, product love or this, you know, may maybe set it up to be you, to be your brand and this is something that you endorse for right now, right?

And then, you know, over time that you can, you can take that and move on to something else. Right on. Exactly. So let’s talk a little bit about getting fans. Yeah. Cuz you, you, uh, I mean, you, you’ve kind of touched on that a little bit already, but like, do you have any specific, like strategies that you use to, you know, bring people into your sphere?


Danielle Matthews: I, there’s two things I’ve done and I, I honestly believe in both the online [00:14:00] and the offline world because I think there’s magic and connection that happens in person that you just simply cannot create online. There is something different about being in the energy space of someone. Uh, so I absolutely love networking events.

In-person networking events, and I think there’s a lot of flavors for a lot of different people. Maybe you’re the early morning, get it outta the way, and then I can start my day. Maybe you’re like, I just never wanna have lunch alone. I’m gonna have lunch. You know, with people in network, maybe you’re a happy hour type of person, maybe you like the big fundraisers, whatever it is, get yourself in motion in your community because you’re local community.

There is a network of friendships and things there that, like my business, for the first five years, that’s all I did. I moved to a town. I didn’t know anybody when I had moved there and I just got into motion in the community and I was going to women’s events, I was going to the Chamber of Commerce. I was going to business networking International, and.

You know, I ran into some, some roadblocks. I mean, the first chamber I went to literally said to me, your type of business isn’t [00:15:00] welcome here. And I was like, what? And they said, we don’t support at-home businesses. And I was like, what? In the world? It makes no sense. And it just, it could have shut me down.

But instead of getting, like, I was like, well, I’ll show you. And I joined a chamber like 45 minutes north and, uh, You know, went on to be an ambassador for that chamber, et cetera. As you show up in the community, like I would go to the ribbon cuttings of other businesses. Why? Because that business owner has put their heart and soul into opening a business.

And I showed up on their big day, like, that’s a friendship that’s gonna form. You know, they’re gonna become a raving fan of me because I was there for them on a day. That meant a lot for them. And promoting other businesses, like use your social media to say like, Hey, I’m at so-and-so’s business. I love it, blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the owner. You know, you just start to create these relationships in the local community. You never know. What I love about networking is it’s, it’s not a clear A leads to B. It’s like, A open door B, which [00:16:00] led to C, which led to D, and now I’m over here X I don’t remember how I got there, but that is how you create it.

And you will, you will meet raving fans out there, people that just love you. Like I still, to this day, I just got a text message from a woman that was in my business, um, my b and i group. I haven’t been in that group in over five years, and she’s still, Danielle. I found somebody that needs this. Like, you know, I, I gave ’em your number.

They’re gonna be reaching out because she’s a raving fan of who I am as a person and what I do and what I represent. So, That’s number one, getting out in your community. Let people know you’re in business. Even if you have an at-home business, you don’t have a traditional storefront, the no brick and mortar, like you’re still a business owner.

Represent yourself like one. You know, I would say look professional when you show up, uh, because you’re the face of your business. That’s one. And then of course, online. To me it’s the same thing. I, I use the principle of V C P. Visibility leads to credibility. Leads to profitability. So if you become visible online and you increase your credibility [00:17:00] by adding value, I lead with value, value, value, value, value.

And then occasionally, oh yeah, and this is what I do. And boom, you know, I, I go for a sale on what I do. But if I was just selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, people are gonna run, run, run, run, run. Right? What do we do when we see ads? We click through. We, we ignore them, but we lean, lean into people that we like.

We lean into people that make you feel good. You know, I’ve realized that through the craziness of, you know, 2020 and on, there’s so much negativity. Like I was, I had a lot of trepidation about going online. Um, Backstory a little. I’d had a brain injury. I had been pulled from life for three years, and when I got onto social media, it gave me intense anxiety because I saw everyone else living life and I was being told by doctors like, this is your new normal.

You’re never gonna be able to do all these things again. So I had a visceral response to social media. So, And I just went, you gotta get over yourself, Danielle. Put your ego aside. Put yourself aside. Go [00:18:00] show up and be a beacon of light for people because this is a difficult time. And having gone through my brain injury, I’m like, I can get through whatever this is about to be.

You know, it didn’t phase me, it didn’t rattle me at all because I just, I have that resiliency from other things in life. And so I was able to lead a lot of people, keep their mind in a positive space rather than dropping into the fear space. And what did that do? Created a lot of raving fans. People that say, well, you know what, Danielle makes me feel good.

I come and I look at her profile first thing in the morning because she always has something that drops in and makes my heart open. And that’s what you wanna do. That’s what it’s gonna create, you know, raving fans for you and your business.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Right on. Hey, rockstar. I hope you’re enjoying this episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

If you didn’t know already, my business is Creative Crew Agency. We build websites now. Let’s talk about your website for a minute. Most people realize that at this. Day and age, we need a website, but we don’t really know what the website’s supposed to do, and sometimes you’ll just go and build a [00:19:00] website for the sake of building a website.

What I do is I make sure that your website actually accomplishes a goal. Now, there are three main goals. To most websites, number one is to provide information and build credibility. Number two is to schedule some sort of appointment and get them on onto a sales call. Number three is to sell something like an e-commerce site.

Now, when you’re setting your website, you have to be very mindful that the visitor doesn’t know what to do. And so you have to provide them with a roadmap that leads them down a path to wherever you want them to go. On my website, I want them to be on a free consultation, so that’s why when you go to creative crew agency.com, you’ll see information about scheduling a free consultation.

Now for you though, I’m gonna provide you with an extra link so that you can get your free website audit. Go to creative crew agency.com/free website audit. And schedule an audit with me and I’ll go through your website live and determine what we can do to improve your conversions and make sure that you’re getting [00:20:00] the business from your website.

Go to creative crew agency.com and we’ll see you. So I think that probably, and, and I’ll get your opinion on this, like I think probably a lot of the reason why people, uh, do go out there and sell, sell, sell, sell is out of probably desperation is my guess, right? Like, maybe they need the business really, really badly.

Like how do you, how do you get through that? Like imagine like, uh, do you recommend that people start full time? Like, how do you make sure that people aren’t in that desperation?

Danielle Matthews: You know, it’s tricky and I, I’ll be honest, like I was in that space for all, like when I, when I had to pivot, like I had doubled my expenses.

I had moved to Colorado right before the pandemic thinking, oh, I know the system I’ll use to build locally there. And then literally I moved in March of 2020 guys. So it was like, And my bills went. So I was, uh, feeling that internal [00:21:00] anxiety. And guys, everything is energy. People feel it on you. They won’t buy even though they want what you’re selling because they sense the desperation on you.

You have got to be in the energy space of. I’m fabulous, I’m fine. I trust it’s all going to work out. I’m just going to get into motion. You have to lean into faith and not fear, and that’s, you know, two sides of the same coin. You gotta believe in something you can’t see. You can be fearful of something or you can have faith that’s gonna work out.

And all I can say is it’s a mindset thing. There’s really no skill other than I always say action absorbs anxiety. Get into activity, high activity will yield more results. That way you don’t care so much about the one conversation, you’re not being careless, but you care less about each conversation because you have such high activity, you know that you’re gonna find somebody.

Cuz anything in business, it’s just sifting and sorting, moving through people to find the ones that are looking for what you have and have the right [00:22:00] timing right now in their life, that they’re needing it and they’re ready for it. And so, That’s really the advice I have to people is get into higher activity.

It’ll absorb that anxiety out of you, and then you’ll realize like, I can breathe. People are coming in, you know, and all you can control in business, right? You have the right to action, not the right to the outcome. So you have to marry the process and divorce the results. You have to just get into the flow and the love of doing what you do and sowing seeds, knowing that you know you’re gonna have a harvest down the road.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Love it. Love it. Yeah, and that’s exactly what I would say too, is that more people, mm-hmm. Talk to more people, because you know, as soon as, if you go only got one person on your list or two people on your list, and you need two sales, well then you’re gonna be just bugging those two people until you’re.

They’re gonna Yeah, exactly. You know, on the other hand, you know, if you have 10, 20, 30 people, well then you know that a couple of them are be gonna be coming to you. And that’s the whole point. People like to buy, they just don’t like to [00:23:00] be sold. So, you know, if you can kind of just let them know that you’re there, then they’ll wanna come to you and buy rather than you going to them and getting sold.


Danielle Matthews: Precisely right. Yeah. And guys, the more you think. The more you doubt and the more you doubt, the less you do, and the less you do, the more you think. It is a vicious disciple, but you can also reverse it, right? The more you do, the less you think. The less you think, the less you doubt. The less you doubt the more you do.

So just figure out which way you’re cycling and just pivot. It’ll make a big difference.

Tim Melanson: Geez. Well, don’t, don’t think. Make sure you don’t think, like, not at all. You don’t think something

Danielle Matthews: true. You’re right. You gotta know your system. Once you’ve thought through and know your system and know what to do every day, just go do it.

Tim Melanson: Oh, right on. Well, okay, so let’s talk a little bit about tools and, uh, instruments is what I call them, uh, to success. So tell me, you know, are there any tools that you’re using right now to get success? [00:24:00]

Danielle Matthews: Yeah, absolutely. I, I’m really right now, I think we’re in a really interesting time, uh, because AI is becoming available to us and as a business owner, especially small business owner, you know, there’s a lot of activities that you need to do.

Um, it can be hard to figure out some point, you know, do I outsource this so that I free up my time to do what I’m good at? Do I have the money to do that yet? Like we always reach this point of like, oh, I’m not quite there yet, but I know if I could get somebody in here, it would accelerate me. Well, here’s what I can tell you.

AI is taking the place of what we used to have to outsource. So for example, I think we’ve all heard of chat, G P T. It’s fabulous, but the inputs you put in matter. All right? What questions are you asking? Are you getting better at your prompts? But there’s one called Jasper, which Jasper was created by copywriters.

For copywriters. So it is incredible marketing language, like incredible. So you can ask Jasper to help you create, you know, interesting [00:25:00] questions. You can have Jasper help you with, Hey, this is what I wanna say in my post. Can you make it better? Uh, and it’s gonna be able to do that for you, like you used to have to hire out and get a good marketer.

You don’t anymore. You can hire Jasper and you can just boom, plug it into that and use it. So Jasper’s huge for that. Uh, I also am really liking video, so it’s V I D Y o.ai. They are taking, like reels are everything right now. Reels are helping you grow online on Facebook. On obviously TikTok on Instagram, like short form video on YouTube also, they’re doing shorts now.

And you always have to look at, well, what is the platform wanting to grow? And if you start doing what the platform is wanting, you’re gonna get more traction. So how do you create short form video? Well, you’re probably already doing things throughout the day, uh, that you can just clip to make short form, or if you’re on podcasts or like Tim, all his shows, right?[00:26:00]

This will take long form video and the ai, it has like, it’s smart enough, they’ve designed it, that it, it pulls out the right 30 45 second clip, like it does it for you. It puts the captions in for you. All you have to do is download it and post it. You used to have to pay a lot of money for a video editor to come in, edit your videos, you know, make good captions, et cetera, et cetera, like that’s done for you.

So this is just a way, again, get more time in your day to then do the things you are good at. Which to me, I would say like people are worried about ai. I think if we use it in a smart way to make sure we have more time, then go take your time and make real human connection. You know, don’t make an excuse to just fall into this AI and not have to deal with people.

Like, no human connection will always win. It trumps everything, and you can use AI to get more time and be able to then make more human connection.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, I agree. Yeah, I’m, I’m, I’m in the same boat with ai. [00:27:00] Like, I, I find that, um, Geez. I’m not even really sure why people are scared of me. I, I feel like it might be one of those known.

Yeah, well it might even be one of those marketing things that uh, you know, some of these big companies are upset about it cuz when it comes down to it, who is AI going to help? It’s gonna help people like you and me, small businesses that can’t really afford to hire a copywriter. You know, and, and a lot of, I mean, a lot of the people on my show, you know, we, we sort of have to create these little play teams of like people that are good at certain areas and we work together on bigger projects.

But you know what, not everybody wants to be a billionaire. Some people just want to have a, a decent small business that pays their bills. And for those people, you know, going out and, and bidding on massive projects. It’s not even what they wanna do, you know, they just wanna help a few people in their community.[00:28:00]

And for, uh, for those people hiring out all these jobs is gonna be very difficult for them to, to, to pay for. However, AI can help you do all those things and, uh, what that’s gonna do, I think is, is gonna create a lot of a very strong, small business. Network and what that threatens is big business. Now all of a sudden big business who actually had the advantage of being able to pay their workers whatever the heck they want and keep the margin, now all of a sudden all a lot of those workers are gonna move into a self-employment.

Landscapes and have the tools available to them to grow whatever business they want, and they’re not gonna be able to find those workers. Mind you, they’re gonna use AI as well, and they’re gonna replace all those jobs as well. But let’s remember they were gonna do that anyway, so. That has nothing to do with, uh, now the, the, the bonus is that hopefully we are gonna [00:29:00] contain, we’re gonna remain able to actually use the same technology that they can use.

Cuz if we can, and we should, then we’ll be able to grow our own business. We don’t need to go work as a checkout person. We know that that job’s gonna disappear anyway. Right.

Danielle Matthews: Exactly. Uh, I Well said. And I think, you know, people, they fear, people fear change. They fear the unknown. Um, and it’s natural. You know, our, if you start to understand yourself, I think this is what’s allowed me to be successful in business, is understanding my own mind.

Uh, I wrote an ebook called Wine Control. It’s All in Your Head, because so much of my own healing journey was my thinking and my thinking. I realized like wasn’t helping me and I had to change my thinking, and I, I believe that the same thing is gonna have to happen for people to embrace this massive change that we are gonna go through as a society globally with the implementation of ai, it’s, yes, some people are gonna use it poorly.

Like think about when you get [00:30:00] power. It amplifies who you are when you get money. It amplifies who you are. When you get a tool as powerful as ai, it amplifies who you are. So if you are a bad seed, uh, and you get power, you’re gonna do things that aren’t great. But I believe that most of us are good. I believe this will amplify the good in people.

Just like when you get a lot of money, most of the people that I know that are wealthy, they give. They give freely and they’re able to make a bigger impact. They’re able to help people in need. And I think the same will be true with ai. There’s gonna be people that figure out how to do some incredibly amazing things for society with it.

And I think I focus there like where you put your attention, energy flows. So why don’t, again, fear faith. Why don’t we have faith that this is gonna really accelerate and do a lot of good things.

Tim Melanson: Well said. It’s a good episode. Okay, so let’s talk quickly about practice. Makes Perfect. So tell me about what your routines are to, uh, [00:31:00] that success.

Danielle Matthews: You know, you need to know, I didn’t know what the word K p I meant. Well, that’s an acronym, but key performance indices, like my background’s biology. All right. When I went to school, that’s what I studied and kind of falling into wanting to do business and build a business. I didn’t understand like, well, what do I, I’m so used to having to answer to a boss or like, I was a, a big athlete.

I had a coach and I was very used to somebody telling me what to do, and then the accountability of that. So a couple of things that I had to do. Again, to hack my own mind, I set up an accountability partner. So I have, it’s changed throughout the years of my business, but I have someone that I check in with.

At the beginning it was like every single day. Now it’s gone to weekly. Now it’s like biweekly of like, Hey, this is what I said I was gonna do. Just ask me if I did it. Cuz I know if someone asked me at the end of the day, I’m more likely to do it. That’s me. So I had to figure me out and realize, okay, that’s gonna move me forward.

[00:32:00] And, and then knowing like, well what are my numbers? Like what is, what is the system? I think I had to first decide where am I wanting to go? And then decide what’s the system I’m gonna choose to get there, and then what am I gonna put into my system daily? And that’s, it’s a non-negotiable. And I had to figure out how much time I had, you know, to do that.

Like the income producing activities, cuz there’s a lot of things you can do in business and you can be busy, being busy, um, maybe working on the business, but not in it so much. You have to constantly be sowing new seeds like constantly. You never stop. Um, because you know, referrals and everything else, it’s the lifeblood of the business.

So I dedicate, for me right now it’s at least a half an hour to reaching out to new people every single day. Non-negotiable. Like it has to be checked off. I don’t get into bed until it’s done. And if it’s eight 30 at night and I’m like, shoot, where’d the day go? What happened? Cuz like fires happened, right?

You gotta go put out. Uh, I, I don’t get into bed without doing it. So there are just things that [00:33:00] I know I need to do, and then I, I also have figured out my numbers. Well, how many people? Who I have to talk to to get to find someone that’s interested in what it is that I do and has a need for it. And then after I find the interest, and I take them through my process of education and how many of them say yes.

So I’ve had to figure out what my numbers are, and I know like about 25% of the conversations I have will yield, you know, a purchase. So then when I go, all right, well how many purchases do I need? I just backwards plan. Okay, Danielle, you need, you know, 200 conversations. So where are you gonna go meet these people?

What’s the system? How are you reaching out? And I can backwards plan so I know how I’m using my day. Otherwise, it’s a mess. If you don’t. You gotta plan the work and then work the plan. And as a business owner, like you’re in charge of you, uh, no one’s coming to check on you. So you need to make sure that you’ve got the discipline and knowing the things you need to do to move yourself forward each and every day.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Wow. That is [00:34:00] by far the most important thing that I’ve learned on this journey is that you, we are conditioned to work for a boss, and if we don’t have a boss, we tend to. Slack off. And so if you can’t figure it out, and like every business owner, like, it’s funny you say, I just packed my, my brain, I, I just know that if I have accountability partner, everybody is like that.

I would argue, I don’t think there’s anybody that actually just does stuff like without having any type of accountability system in place. Now maybe they were raised with it and so they’re a little bit further ahead on the journey. But most of us were not raised with it, so we’ve had to sort of figure it out on the, on the fly.

So, but that’s great advice. Um, now, so it’s time for your guest solo. So tell me what’s exciting in your business.

Danielle Matthews: You know, I, as a biologist, uh, I’ve always been fascinated and curious at how the body works and I am. [00:35:00] Was told by doctors that, you know, the injury that I sustained was going to be chronic and with me for the rest of my life.

And I was able to find a biotech company that had a breakthrough that changed my world, and that’s now who I’ve aligned with. It’s. On a daily basis, I get text messages, I have conversations that are very similar. Hey, my doctor said this was never gonna change. And guess what? Just changed my numbers went from this to this.

Um, I get so excited like eight years into this, I still get the goosebumps. I still get tears in my eyes. I’m just how profound. Uh, What I work with is, and you know, just over the weekend I was at a conference down in, in Florida or in Orlando, here in Florida, and they were talking about how the. I believe the institution was called like, um, the Society for, uh, free Radical, um, the Free Radical Society.

They have now changed their name to the Society for Redox Medicine and Biology [00:36:00] because they’ve realized like, oh, th this field is massive. And for me, as a biologist to be at the forefront of this field of Redox signaling to have a product that’s so unique that scientists are like catching up to what we know.

It’s huge and, and we’re still at the, the very beginning. So what I would say with what’s new and exciting in my business is just the fact that this exists. That it’s a safe option for so many people. Um, whether it’s an infant with an issue or somebody in their nineties with an issue like this goes in and it helps your cells repair what you need.

And I just understanding that it’s so profound for, for human life.

Tim Melanson: Love it. Yeah. Um, I think that there’s anything that we’ve learned is that our experts don’t know everything. And, uh, and that, hey, that makes sense. You know, cause we’ve, we, we all, I know that, uh, you know, when you need something done, you would like to go to a specialist.

I mean, I, I give that as business advice all the time. Moosh down, be a [00:37:00] specialist in this one area because you can’t possibly know everything about everything. And the human body is very complicated. And so when it comes down to it, I mean, there are lots of things out there that are working for people that are not necessarily embraced by, you know, the medical and scientific community and fine, uh, you know, they’ll catch up.

Um, but what has to happen, I think, is that. Uh, we do have to have some faith. Yeah. Because really, I mean, if there’s anything that’s, that’s, uh, that you’re suffering from, there’s probably someone out there that’s suffering from the same thing and they may have found a solution just like you have. Exactly.

So, uh, you know, we have to be a little bit open and, and try to find something. Right.

Danielle Matthews: Yeah. I mean, there’s things in life like there’s things that we know. We know there’s things that we know we don’t know, but then there’s this whole category of stuff that we didn’t know. We didn’t know it. And I think that’s the space I find myself in is people have no context, including doctors.

My [00:38:00] grandfather was a doctor and he said, you know, Danny, they taught me how to cut. They taught me how to prescribe. Very well, and I’m very good at that. But you’re coming at me with something that I don’t know and I don’t understand, and he said, I’ve seen you shift and if you’re telling me it’s cuz you inserted this into your life, I’m gonna drink it.

You know? Yeah. But he, he didn’t have the, the skillset to be able to say yes or no. Like he was a lung doctor. That’s what he knew. Um, he wasn’t focused on cellular health and cellular repair. That’s, that’s not what it is. And I, I think at times it can be a little scary because we are so used to, Trusting our doctors and our medical professionals to understand what’s wrong with us.

Yeah, they don’t have answers a lot of times. And also you have to understand how and who is educating them. Um, this is the age of pharma and pharmaceuticals rule the day, and unfortunately they’ve left out. Uh, a whole lot of other things that help, right? I think there’s a percentage of things that, yeah, pharmaceuticals gonna be the thing that you need to [00:39:00] save your life.

And then there’s maybe 90% of things that actually a diet change or lifestyle change or something else can shift the root of the issue. And, and you don’t need something to mask this symptom because you’ve actually resolved it. And that’s the space I like to play in. Uh, that’s where I found my solutions on my health journey and, you know, love helping to enlighten others.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah, I, I agree with you and I mean, that’s the thing is that I think we have to start to be a little bit more, um, able and free to make that choice for ourselves. Cuz I mean, for me, I’m, I’m in the same space you are. I would rather, you know, maybe adjust my diet, adjust my lifestyle to try to improve rather than just mask it with a pill.

However, I know a lot of people in my life that are the exact opposite. They’re like, hell no, I’m not changing my diet at all. I like what I’m doing. I like my lifestyle, but I’ll pop a pill then no problem with that. And that’s totally fine. Yeah, I think, I think that both, both of those mindsets can exist at the same time [00:40:00] without trying to trample each other.

Like I don’t, it doesn’t bother me. Take a pill if you want. I just don’t wanna take care. Exactly. Right.

Danielle Matthews: Yeah. That freedom of choice, like you should have the choice. Yeah. Agreed.

Tim Melanson: Agreed. So how do we find

Danielle Matthews: out more? Uh, you know, I think Instagram’s probably the best way to, to plug in with me, learn about what I’m doing, and, uh, message me over there.

I love having conversations. If you’ve got questions, anything I can do to serve. I’m constantly on my page sharing about, you know, ancient wisdom, uh, that has helped me to kind of in these modern times be my best self. I also share business tips and of course, I share about health and this redox technology.

So reach out, let me know where and how I can help you. So what’s your handle? It’s my name. It’s just Danielle Matthews, and there’s an underscore on either end.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. Thank you so much for rocking out with me today, Danielle. This has been a lot of fun. Yeah, likewise, Tim. To the listeners, make sure you subscribe, rate, and comment.

We’ll see you next time on the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

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