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Sep 13, 2021 | Assembling The Band, Instruments of Choice, PodCast, Season 3, The Jam Room

Season 3 / Episode #32 : Dr. Vaneeta Aggarwal

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Story

Dr. Vaneeta Aggarwal, founder of L’strategyq Advisors is award winning Woman Entrepreneur, author & speaker, former Educationist from Delhi University, India with PhD in Semiconductors. With experience of 26 years, she developed 3 core business areas for globalising education & empowering employable skills:
• Higher Education Global M&A Advisors (L’strategyq Advisors)
• L’strategyq Online Skill Academy
• Business Strategy E-Magazine & Bizemag Podcast

Featured in Forbes (digital) India, The CEO India, with publications & Interviews in National & International media, she is dedicated to her cause of making education & business strategy as seamless fields across the international borders.

Show Notes

Good Note: Prior to Covid-19 Vaneeta had started her own company specializing in higher education media in India. After Covid-19 started causing lockdowns she quickly pivoted to online webinars for students and professors from all over the world on planning their futures. Then to publish an E-Magazine and podcasts with knowledge from corporate guru’s for the students to have insight before they get to the work force. Example: isolating noise when working from home.

Bad Note: Not taking a deep dive into the industry before launching. Preparing better by calculating cost and expenses would have made a difference in the business. Hire a consultant to go over a marketing budget.

Jam Room: Having a multi-purpose room for other members of the family to use. A light set-up and customizable backdrop for zoom, a quiet corner to study with table and couch.

Bandmates: All the bandmates had the same focus in providing higher education for students wether that was looking for the right people or the right people finding you from existing content. Bringing in management and HR leaders made that possible. Use your communication skills to the fullest extent while showing your sincerity and intent.

Instruments: Use hope as your tool. Focus on the task at hand and through the process you will learn what you need. You don’t need to delegate each task to someone, if you have an idea of the outcome, you can make it happen. Education is seamless.

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