WHR #1 : Kathy Stowell – Creativity Coach

Sep 28, 2015

11224250_10153462326327247_2153234589588170111_oKathy Stowell’s coaching journey began in 2006 when she began blogging a creative outlet and also to share her handwork and homesteading adventures with her online community of like-minded moms. Bliss Beyond Naptime now serves as a hub for moms who want to explore how to convert their passion for blogging into a profitable biz. She is also a certified Creativity Coach and has been offering creative moms who crave simplicity and peace Mama Bliss Coaching to support them on this quest.

In 2013 she created Mama Bliss Coaching School, a life coaching training program for moms that rests on the principles of self-care, creativity, values and simplicity. She is the proud mom to two kids and wife to a rock climbing-obsessed engineer where she can be found still blogging, most likely with a triple shot latte in hand.

Episode #1 : Kathy Stowell

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

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