WHR #72 : Holly Kile – Virtual Strategy Expert

Mar 13, 2017

Virtual strategy expert, Holly J. Kile, has been supporting entrepreneurs virtually for more than a decade. Her experience as a virtual assistant and online business manager combined with her expertise in business strategy makes her an ideal partner to work with growing businesses. Holly is passionate about helping businesses grow with a virtual team as well as helping teach those who desire to work as a virtual assistant how to create a professional, successful business for themselves.​

Episode #72: Holly Kile

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • How Holly became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Holly admits her biggest mistake was not hiring a coach soon enough and not spending enough time on branding
  • We discuss the necessary costs involved in working from home (which are different than a brick and mortar business)
  • Holly gives a shout out to her “groupies”
  • Be careful how much time you spend in groups of people who are struggling
  • Don’t spend more time on the complainer than the fans
  • Keep a separate dedicated space for your office
  • Movie Soundtracks are the music of choice for work
  • Don’t just block off time for appointments, but block off the time for work
  • Holly has a 3 generation household… Find out her tricks
  • If the “work-hat” is on then don’t bother Holly
  • Involve your kids in your work if you can

Connect with Holly:

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