Magnetic Marketing Mastery: The Art of The Sticky Approach with James I. Bond

Feb 19, 2024

The Back-Story

Unlock the transformative power of joy in business as Tim speaks with James I. Bond, a behavioral management maestro, in a laughter-filled episode that’s as strategic as it is side-splitting. James shares intriguing tales of how small shifts in behavior and mindset can have monumental impacts on financial outcomes. He introduces the concept of ‘brain tricks,’ a method that uses humor to establish connections and create a favorable impression, leading to support and success.

Who is James I. Bond?

James I. Bond is a renowned American marketing figure and a leading Behavioral Management specialist. With a career spanning over two decades, Bond has revolutionized how businesses approach marketing strategies and consumer behavior. His innovative methodologies have been instrumental in shaping the marketing campaigns of numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Bond’s expertise lies in his unique ability to understand and predict consumer behavior, enabling businesses to tailor their marketing strategies for maximum impact. His work in Behavioral Management has provided valuable insights into how consumers make purchasing decisions, leading to more effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Bond, a sought-after speaker and consultant, is known for his dynamic presentations and actionable advice. His contributions to the field have earned him numerous awards and recognition, solidifying his position as one of America’s leading Marketing and Behavioral Management experts.

Show Notes

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In This Episode:
(0:00) Intro
(0:30) James’ story of success
(5:01) Success stories of people who used the same method
(13:06) Roadblocks
(21:45) Sell emotionally
(24:51) Maintaining cash flow
(35:49) James’ guest solo
(37:21) Working with clients
(38:43) Outro


Read Transcript

Tim Melanson: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the work at home rock star podcast.

I’m very excited for today’s guest. That’s going to be a lot of fun. one of America’s leading behavior management specialists and what he does is he helps people get rich and have fun doing it. So I’m super excited to be hearing about how we do that. we’re talking to James Bond. Hey, James,

So are you ready to

James I Bond: Ready to rock. I’m ready to rock the boat for everybody out there who’s in business or wants to get into business. Hey, let’s have fun. Love it.

Tim Melanson: So we always start off in a good note. So tell me a story of success that we can be inspired by in your business.

James I Bond: I help people I work with the small business administration. I’ll be coaching, sometimes 10 to 20 people, sometimes 300 to 500 people. we’re approached by, I was at a grocery store. I do it because I want to make a difference

one of my favorite movies was pay it forward. You know, if you learn stuff and you got good stuff happening to you, you got to pay it forward. And so we’re in a grocery store, my wife and I, and this woman, she’s like 91 years old. And she comes up and says, your husband is so [00:01:00] amazing. I was like, thank you.

You know, it’s just, no, he helped me and my, my best friend, his girlfriend I have. And we have this company that sells Buttons from all around the world, from Iran and from Africa and all this stuff. And we were struggling and he’s told us these two little things to change and suddenly we became rich.

This is so much fun. I’m like, okay, I’m a CIO people, you know, but, but yeah, just. It’s helping tons of people, this thing that I, this, this trick, it’s not a trick, but it’s a brain trick that I figured out that’s blowing people’s minds. And it’s people with like virtually no money. I’ve got lots of stories of people who had no money and then they did this one thing and so they got rich.

Tim Melanson: hey, we have programmable minds, don’t we? just change something that we’ve been programmed that’s, leading us down a path that’s not right and slipping it around.

James I Bond: Well, it’s like, and Joe, it’s jokes.

Brain glue is the name of my book brain glue, it shows you how to create jokes because once you understand how the brain works, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a [00:02:00] frontal lobotomy. I have this one, mommy and her son.

these women are religious. So I have a religious joke. the little girl comes up to mommy and says, mommy, daddy says we came from AIDS, but you see, we came from Adam and Eve. Honey, daddy’s talking about his family. I’m talking about my family. So it’s funny.

It’s funny. But when I told them that they started laughing, then I started pitching my book and they wanted to buy the book. laughers are buyers. I got two friends who are among the top attorneys in the country.

they figured this thing out. Humor is just one of the tools, this guy is one of the top ten attorneys in the country. He doesn’t want me to say his name because he doesn’t want his competitors to know this, okay?

But he makes the judge and the jury laugh. He tells them a joke or says some funny things. if you make someone laugh, they kind of become your buddy in a way. they want to support you.

he has lots attorneys across the country who give him cases. they know they can’t win he doesn’t win every case, but he wins a lot of these cases and in a large part is because he knows if I can make the judge laugh or if I can make the [00:03:00] jury laugh.

There’s a good chance that they’re going to want me to win instead of that other guy who’s so serious. So yeah, it’s fun.

Tim Melanson: that I’m agreed. Totally. Yeah. When you’re talking to somebody and think about it from your own, when you’re on the other side of it too, when you’re talking to somebody who’s making you laugh, you immediately just, you’re having more fun in that conversation.

You want that to continue. you want to help this person. Hey, that person was really, you know, really fun to talk to. Right. And, and that’s what you want to be talking to somebody that’s boring

James I Bond: to talk to. Right. Absolutely. Absolutely. And, and, but products where you’re selling products online, you know, if you can make them laugh while they’re looking at your product, then that helps too.

Okay. So let me give you a couple of examples. A mom and her son in Utah who have no business experience, they were watching Shark Tank and they said, we got to do something like that too.

It’ll be really fun. They both have jobs. she’s his mom and they came up with this product and such a funny name. It’s such a cool name that they went from zero to 100 million in less than two [00:04:00] years. Okay. So I’m going to tell about that. And then I’m going to tell. about this guy with almost no money had to borrow some money from his dad.

He became a billionaire with the help of one word for this stay at home mom. Who’s, you know, she has no money, but she figured she’d create a Facebook page. She created a Facebook page that so became such a blockbuster. She’s got more than 5 million fans and she spent zero on advertising.

So the mom and son, they’re watching shark tank and they’re like, oh, wow, that would be really great. to have a product and to be at shark tank and suddenly become multimillionaires

And so they’re thinking what would be a good product? mom had trouble, she’s constipated and So a doctor told her that, raise your feet six to eight inches off the ground, put something underneath your feet and it changes the shape of your body.

And it’s easier to go to the bathroom. You know, when you think of getting on shark tank or creating a product that’s going to sell, it takes a while. So they came up with this thing and they went like, wow, this is really great. I wonder if we should create this little thing where you can find a manufacturer to manufacture them for [00:05:00] us.

These little toilet stools. That’d be really cool. They said, but we need a name, the toilet stool, that doesn’t really sound good. Toilet stool. Are people gonna buy a toilet stool? You know? And so they’re thinking of, okay, well what’s another word for toilet potty? Okay. Oh, and I’m kind of sitting, I’m squatting Squatty Potty, let’s call it the Squatty Potty.

Squatty Putty went from zero to a hundred million dollars in less than two years. They were selling it online, initially, They did a little bit of advertising. But their sales, exploded. A hundred million dollars, that’s not bad.

But it just, took off like gangbusters. And it was so easy because you have to have a good product, but tons of people have good products out there or a great idea. My wife had the idea. She was thinking, you know, they should have called it the stool stool. I just do it.

So it’s not the best. I get people would laugh probably, but you know, it’s better. Squatting body really works, but it’s just a, so how, so how about this one? Okay. What does billionaire [00:06:00] Richard Branson, Madonna and olive oil have in common?

Exactly. Virgin olive oil. Very good. Like a virgin. But for the very first time, And then, Richard Branson was a young kid who dropped out of high school. He borrowed some money from his dad and he created to create a magazine that was, for musicians.

Yeah. And as he became, you know, musicians really connected with him and he said, so I want to create a record company. And he was thinking of a word and he said, Virgin, why don’t I create Virgin Records? He ended up getting people at the Rolling Stones to become his clients.

And then he eventually had, you know, Virgin Airlines and all that stuff. And, Virgin Galactic, to going into space. But he’s got like virgin hotels. He bought up trademarks for all these different things just because it weren’t virgin. And it’s this one of the things that people have to remember.

I saw an ad on TV. I’m sitting at, my computer. I’ve got one TV, a computer in my room in our bedroom. And, there’s a Johnny Bench who’s, you know, baseball, Hall of Famer. And he’s talking about this product called Blue Emu, [00:07:00] which is for arthritis, anti arthritis cream.

If you have pain in your joints and stuff, you rub it on that. And he goes, you know, I’m not listening. He’s goes, yeah, blue emu, it works fast And you won’t stink? From that point forward, I was glued to the TV

It works fast and you won’t stink. It’s one of the things that people don’t realize is you need to wake up the brain because most of the people you’re talking to, you think they’re listening, but they’re not.

They’re only partially listening. They’re like, yeah, okay. I’m not really interested And if you can wake up the brain, suddenly they go like, oh, oh, that’s really cool. I mean, this guy, I mean, people like Lady Gaga, you’re in music.

Okay. I mean, that’s not her name. And they actually stole the name, from Radio Gaga. And they call her Lady Gaga. So people can’t even remember her name. I forget what her name is, but Lady Gaga is like, how can you forget it? Dunkin Donuts, his company used to be called, Open Kettle.

And he created this whole idea of doughnuts and everything else that it was open kennel because that’s how you cook them. And so he asked one of the guys that worked there. So how do [00:08:00] people eat the doughnuts?

He said, well, they dunk them in coffee. Dunk it, dunk it. Oh, Dunkin Donuts, which is alliteration, a repetition of the sound, Dunkin Donuts. He’s changing the sign on the front of his building, on his restaurant. to Dunkin Donuts, the line is forming of people coming in.

Dunkin Donuts! People don’t realize, there are just so many great ways. Famous Amos! He didn’t have a lot of money. People think, well, Famous Amos was like, it’s turned into a multi million dollar business because of that name. there are these tools you use, you know, that, if the glove doesn’t fit, you have to acquit, okay?

Johnny Cochran getting OJ Simpson off from an almost certain guilty verdict in a murder trial. He was up for, he was going to go to jail for murder. And his, but his lawyer said, if the glove doesn’t fit, you have to acquit.

You have to love how he faked the glove, you know, trigger words that, you know, I mean, who would put the word dirty in the name of their product or their book or their movie

And yeah, we got dirty dancing, dirty Harry. These are blockbusters, you know, dirty, rotten scoundrels. I mean, you know, I mean, it’s just, I [00:09:00] sent an email to these, writers of major magazines because I wanted them to write articles on my book. I sent it to 22, writers at, New York times and stuff like that.

it was my dirty week because I was into all the dirty that people use the word dirty. And so I said, the dirty truth about an article you wrote, that’ll catch their attention. it did. within 24 hours, two of them contacted me and said, okay, you got me.

Let me get a copy of the book? I need to see it. That’s what we want to do. We want to wake up the brain. Cause we have to, everybody you’re talking to is half asleep and if you wake up the brain they go, huh, then you have a better chance of making a ton of money.

And I know this from experience because it started as theory but as I started applying it to clients and then was a small business administration, people come back to me on a regular basis and say, I changed the name of my product or I changed how I describe my product.

Sales are, we’ve become blockbusters. That’s why one of the things I say is we don’t want cash. We want cash flow. That’s right.

Tim Melanson: That’s what we want. Well, for what we do.

So sometimes there’s some [00:10:00] bad notes as well. And I like to normalize that because people do hit roadblocks Now I’m wondering, what about you? Like, is there anything that didn’t work out as planned and you know, how did you recover

James I Bond: Well, there are lots of things that didn’t work out as planned. I discovered brain glue because, it wasn’t called brain glue initially, but I had an advertising agency in Montreal. I’m originally, I live in Southern California. I’ve lived here for about 36 years.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in Canada as well. I’m in New Brunswick. Most people don’t know where that is

I had an advertising agency and I worked my way up and won major clients like Kraft Foods, Timex watches and stuff like that. I had the opportunity to win an anti drug campaign in America I came up with, logical reasons why you should not do drugs.

Then I saw the ad, that beat us there’s a guy holding an egg saying this is your brain. It’s not a brain, an egg. Your brain on drugs. Yeah. Was your cracks the shell and pops it into a sizzling flying pan with exaggerated, sizzling sound.

Yeah. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions? I realized two things. First is that was profoundly more powerful than my [00:11:00] logic. But second is, it was emotional selling. And I was like, how do you do, they don’t teach it at school.

I have no idea how to do that. I realized that somebody who understands emotional selling will make a lot more money and be a lot more successful than I’ll ever make. So more than 10 years later, I moved to Southern California.

I met John Gray. And John Gray was telling me about this book he wrote called Men, Women, and Relationships, and he was frustrated because he said, people loved my book. They said, this is the best relationship book we ever read, but almost nobody was buying the book.

And so he got this crazy idea and he said, what if I change the title to Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? And then just put references to it throughout the book, but keep the same book. What do you think happened? Just by changing the title, almost overnight, he sold half a million copies and a million.

I have a friend in my book, I say he sold 10 million copies and I have a friend, Steve Harrison, who helped him with marketing and he said, no, you’re wrong. I said, I researched it. He said, no, no, no, no. We’ve already sold more than 50 million books. You know, [00:12:00] 50 million, you went from 20, 000 total to 50 million books just as he changed the title.

Yeah. And that made me realize like, wow, that’s a metaphor, by the way, cause men aren’t really from a different planet. but when I got home, I went like, well, this is your brain on drugs. It’s also a metaphor, you know what I mean?

Cause that isn’t your brain, it’s an egg that they were showing. But his metaphor is the secret to emotional selling. I created this passion box for every time I saw an hour, saw something that was emotional selling or even emotional quote, I would put it in the box. Well, when I saw, you know, the men are men are from Mars, one from Venus.

And I started realizing I quickly discovered there are 14 brain triggers and a metaphors is one of 14 brain triggers. And it’s amazing. I worked with, you know, Jack, sorry, Warren Buffett’s, team brought me in because he wanted to explode sales at a bank he was working with.

And I have, because I’m one of America’s leading behavioral management specialists, I was able to do that. he loves these quotes. he said, only when the tide goes out, do you discover who’s been swimming naked. [00:13:00] That’s a great quote, by the way. What’s he saying? Basically only when times get tough, you realize who’s really capable.

Okay. But if he said that you go, Oh yeah. Right. But if we say only when the tide goes out, do you discover who’s been swimming naked? Whoa. It’s like music. You’re a musician. We know that if you could paint a picture so that it’s really clear. So only when the tide goes out. You discover who’s been swimming naked.

You got a trigger word, naked, in there too, okay? Like, naked apes. I got a guy who was a, a restaurant, and he said, you want to come up with a name, the change of name for a restaurant. I said, why’d you call it Naked Lunch? He said, Naked Lunch? Huh? Yeah, Naked Lunch. People are going to stop and go, what?

And naked, he said, means, you know, means, chemical free and all that stuff. Okay. Okay. But yeah, just, I have this guy, he’s a barber shop. And he said to me, so I want to change the name because you’re into that. I got your book and all that stuff. This is really great. What’s a good name? So I said, well, I don’t know.

Let’s come up with rhyme or alliteration. Alliteration is repetition of sound like Coca Cola, Best Buy, TikTok. do you think it’s a coincidence that, TikTok, if they were called [00:14:00] the Chinese social media platform, you think it would be as successful as TikTok? I talked to one of my daughters.

A young daughter and I said, yeah, tick tock is Chinese. It’s off the Chinese platform. He said, no, it’s not. But so the barber says, I’m sitting in a chair and he’s cutting my hair and he says, and the place is full.

They’ve got other barbers there. clients said, okay, he’s the brain glue guy. So I, you know, you think you can come up with a better name for our, Barbershop? And I’m like, okay, fine.

So what are some of the words of barber? What rhymes with barber? Okay. That didn’t work. How about haircut? haircut heroes. Oh, why don’t we call you guys the haircut heroes? And everybody in the place goes, what a great name.

Haircut heroes in the front of the place to change the name heroes. I have this guy who’s in advertising. His name is David Baird I said,

you need to change the name of your advertising company You said what? Bare naked advertising. Bare naked advertising. Yeah, bare naked advertising. People are gonna go bare naked advertising. What’s that? And then they’ll check out what you’re doing.

Tim Melanson: that’s how the bare naked ladies got started [00:15:00] with their band

James I Bond: Exactly. Very interesting. People

Tim Melanson: would show up.

James I Bond: they got what they were expecting but Exactly. But if Eve Ensler, Eve Ensler wrote a play on Broadway, I think it’s just off Broadway, massively successful. And it’s on women’s rights and what women go through.

But she came up with a name that’s so good that even HBO now is doing, a show on her and it’s called, the vagina monologues. Yep. I’ve heard of that. Okay. I mean, yeah, you’ve heard of that. If it was called women’s rights, you probably wouldn’t have remembered it.

I made a mistake with my book because I changed the title twice. The first time I, I called it, your half ass marketing strategy, and I started advertising on Amazon, but Amazon didn’t like the word ass and then they said, we’re now, we’re trying to stop swear words in our promotion.

So okay, I just like to change the title. So they let me change the title, which is good because they rarely do, but I changed the title to a logical title, which is stupid and I called it sell more with the right brain marketing strategy. When I met, [00:16:00] Jack Canfield, who wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul, and he’s forcing everybody to read it and use it, he said, I hate that, you know, I picked up that book, I got so many books to read, and I couldn’t put your damn book down.

So I’m a, sorry. And he’s like, Oh, on one condition, you got to change the title of the book. I said, really? He said, yeah, your whole book’s about brain glue. You got to call it brain glue. I can’t even remember. I want to tell people about your book. I can’t remember the damn title.

It’s so long. Sell more with the


James I Bond: framework. Your book’s brain glue. I had lots of, positive reviews. Amazon helps promote the book. But I was like, okay, do I really have to? He said, yes. So I changed the title.

Now we’ve got more than a hundred reviews and people love it. And because, you know, we are logical most of us, but you sell emotionally. Zig Ziglar, the motivational speaker, He changed my life. I’ve actually, been in his workshops.

And, he said, here’s the secret is to selling. Selling is the transference of passion. If you’re passionate about something, I don’t have to teach you how to sell I can give you some tools to help you, but you know how to sell, if I [00:17:00] saw a movie I love, I, you know, I don’t have to, you don’t have to tell me how to sell.

It’s like, man, you got to see this. This was great. And I’m transferring passion. Well, what we do is, we come up with a logical description and then you want to up your emotion into it and change it.

So, Kurt Cobain, smells like teen spirit. one of the greatest songs of all time, right? What does teen spirit smell like? It was in like a locker room, but he understands. And, a lot of you guys who are musicians and artists understand emotion.

And what we have to do is, but we’re taught in school, right? School taught us, what’s logical, how do you debate with logic, No, that’s not how you debate. I’ll debate with logic about how to stop taking drugs, and then they’ll come up with, this is your brain on drugs.

I said, hey, that’s not the brain. Sizzling frying pan, and it beat me because it’s more persuasive. And that’s why we have to learn emotional selling. When we learn emotional selling, we’ll laugh, our buyers will laugh, but we’ll also make a ton more money and have funding to process.

Tim Melanson: Hey, Rockstar.

I hope [00:18:00] you’re enjoying this episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast. let’s talk about your website for a minute. Most people realize that at this day and age, we need a website. But we don’t really know what the website is supposed to do.

What I do is I make sure that your website accomplishes a goal. there are three main goals. To most websites, number one is to provide information and build credibility. Number two is to schedule some sort of appointment

Number three is to sell something like an e commerce site. Now, when setting your website, you have to provide them with a roadmap that leads them down a path to wherever you want them to go on my website. I want them to be on a free consultation.

So that’s why when you go to creative crew agency. com, you’ll see information about scheduling a free consultation. Now, for you though, I’m going to provide you with an extra link so that you can get your free website audit. And schedule an audit with me and I’ll go through your website live and determine what we can do to improve your conversions and make sure that you’re getting the business from your website.

[00:19:00] Go to creativecrewagency. com and

James I Bond: we’ll see you there.

Tim Melanson: let’s get back to the cashflow situation. how do you maintain a positive cashflow? you’re selling a physical book there, so I’m sure there was some costs that went into it. How did you make sure that you came out ahead?

James I Bond: Well, there are certain, you still have to get the message out. So there are two things that you have to understand. The first one you have to understand is who’s your ideal buyer? And this is, a question that most people don’t consider, It isn’t just who’s your ideal buyer, but when does somebody become an ideal buyer?

I mean, I had this guy who was selling a carpet cleaning. And so the question is when would somebody want. To be looking for a new, carpet type, when they’re pissed off because the carpet is more clean properly, you know, if you were pissed off, or maybe you can say, which we created, trigger word.

And I said, are you poisoning your family? And you don’t even realize it. I got him to focus on, ultra clean, shampoos that don’t hurt. Cause you got a baby crawling on a carpet. if you’ve got poisons that are coming up from the carpet or from the foam underneath the carpet.

it [00:20:00] affects the child. Yeah. And so we started doing that. We ran a campaign using a trigger word and his sales quadrupled. In fact, he started having a problem and the problem was he couldn’t get enough people to clean carpets for him because he had so many more clients than he could get.

He could have people servicing the carpets, but it’s just, you know, you got to understand, like, when is somebody. You know, we can trigger emotion, but when is somebody an ideal, prospect for you? You know, I mean, I, you know, there are just so many things it’s buying a car. Okay. So when is somebody ideal buyer for buying a car?

Maybe everybody on your block or everybody you work with has brand new cars and you’re the only one was an old car. Are you embarrassed? I had to get a new car. did you just go in and get repairs on your car and suddenly it’s like 4, 000 to get repairs and you’re like, for that money, you can buy a new car and then you won’t have to worry about it for about five years.

I mean, when you understand the, when is somebody an ideal buyer, it becomes easier to trigger what your headline is going to be, Yeah,

Tim Melanson: I totally agree. [00:21:00] and that’s something that, Will allow you to set up marketing campaigns, focusing on that moment. And yeah, that’s such good advice.

because oftentimes you’re trying to sell to people that aren’t in a position to buy. Right.

James I Bond: And That’s what you want to understand is like, when is somebody in a position to buy, you know, you’re talking about entrepreneurs,

One is you’re thinking of it. You would love to be an entrepreneur. and maybe you watch shark tank. and it gets you all excited. And so you’re listening to this podcast because you’re going to learn and get excited and get motivated.

Okay. And some of you out there have a business already. you’re not exactly where you want to be. So that’s where you’ve got to listen to this podcast because you want to learn more. You want to sort of get in the headspace of people making a ton of money.

You want to learn the tools and tricks, I’ve got this lady who’s, she’s a stay at home mom. She has no business experience. Okay. and she created a Facebook page and she has more than 5 million fans, including me.

Okay. So what did she come up with? She said, well, I’m a stay at home mom. So I want to create a page, let’s see, Mommy needs [00:22:00] vodka. So she created a page.

Mommy needs vodka. So I’m looking at a post. That’s a pretty good post. I look at it. Mommy needs vodka. I clicked on it, went to her page, I like the post that she has on her page, I became a fan.

she didn’t spend any money and she got more than 5 million fans. it’s just when you understand this, you trigger the brain, I’ve got some pitches, so let me give you three ways that I explain brain glue. First way is our rhyme.

switch your pitch if you want to get rich. I came up with words that kind of relate to what the book is. Then I said, I want to get a little more sophisticated. I’m trying to trigger emotion in buyers, passion

Oh, okay. Passion. What’s another word for passion is desire. you’ll learn how to light the fire of desire in your buyer. Okay. So it’s fine. Okay. That’s one way. But then I’m going, like, I’ve got to get a metaphor, because metaphors really work powerfully. It’s like, you know, John Gray, metaphor for Mars, metaphor for Venus is a metaphor.

You know, Jack Canfield wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul. It isn’t when you buy the book, you get a bowl of chicken soup. so I came up with a metaphor, okay. And it’s, so you get out of your [00:23:00] house and you’re driving down the street.

You maybe have all these homes or apartments down the street. You’re not going to look at everyone and go, Oh, look at that house. Oh, look at that house. Don’t look at that house. You’ve been there so many times you drive past them all. You don’t have to look at them. You’re, you’re thinking of where am I going?

Okay. Going to work or going to a client or going to a fun place or whatever else it is. But today you get in your car and you drive down the street and two houses down. There are flames coming out of your neighbor’s window. Flames. Okay. Exactly. You’re going to stop and go like, what? Does he know his house is on fire?

Should I call 911? Is my house going to burn down? Does he know this? It wakes you up. that’s what Brain Glue does. Brain Glue recognizes that when you look at ads or you look at products, you kind of, you’re half looking at, yeah, yeah, whatever, whatever, whatever. You want people to stop and go, whoa, what’s that?

it’s like Blue Emu. It works fast and you won’t stink. What did I usually say? You know, you want people, you know, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. How did I buy that book? I bought it in a bookstore, but you can buy it online. When I’m in a bookstore, I’m [00:24:00] going to the book, book, book, men are from Mars, women are from Venus, book.

And you say, wait a second, men are from Mars, women are from Venus? What the hell is that? Yeah. Picked it up, which is how buyers, if you want someone to buy it, the first step is to pick it up. I started looking at it and go like, Oh wow, this is really cool. And I ended up buying it.

Online, it’s the same thing. And it worked the same with, mommy needs vodka. I’m looking at stuff on Facebook, blah, blah, whatever. And I, your Mommy needs vodka. It’s flames coming out of her name. Okay. And I’m like, Whoa, I’m going to check that out. And that’s what you have to have.

Paul Tran invented an electric razor for man’s private areas. he wanted to come up with a name that everybody would know what the product is, but it wouldn’t offend people.

So he came up with a metaphor. He’s thinking, it’s like a lawnmower, Why don’t I call it the lawnmower? He changed the name of his company. The man scrape. We’re going to landscape a man with a lawnmower. So I remember seeing, you know, in, in a store, lawnmower, I think it was Bed Bath and Beyond or one of those.

And, my wife is there and it says, The lawnmower was an arrow and it’s showing a razor. I’m going, what? You [00:25:00] know, flames coming out of it. And I started reading. Oh, it’s a shaver for men’s privacy. So I never bought one. Let me start there. If I bought one, I wouldn’t share it with my buddies.

I would call a buddy and say, Hey, guess what? I just bought the lawnmower. Oh, you have to mow your lawn. no. It’s for machining beds, private areas. Are you kidding? And then he called and told his girlfriend. Hey. Mary, guess what James just bought?

The lawnmower! He needs the lawnmower! You’d share it with word of mouth, and you’d laugh like he’s made way over a hundred million dollars with this product because of the name. If he called it the private lawnmower, the private to shaver or something, do you think it would be as successful as the lawnmower?

How would you like to invent the product, invent this incredible product, and someone you hate steals it from you and they make a fortune while you starve to death?

Okay, so post cereals compete with Kellogg’s? Yeah. And so the head of post cereals want to come up with a product that’s totally different from post cereals So he came up with this idea. That was this cake that has jelly inside it.

You know, raspberry, [00:26:00] strawberry, blueberries inside it, If you put it in a toaster. it’s nice and warm. He decided to call it country squares. So as three months before he launched it, he started promoting it to the media.

Say, we’ve got this new product that’s coming out in three months called country squares. The head of Kellogg’s looked at it and went, Oh my, we’ve got to, I want you to figure out how to make that. We’re going to make that.

Then we have to come up with a name. It’s, sense elevation, you know, like, you know, smells like teen spirit, like our plop plop seems to be as though what a relief it is. Yeah. Pops out of the toaster.

Back then, Andy Warhol was really famous as a pop artist. So everybody knew the name pop art, which is, I call this anchoring, where you’re taking something that’s already in your mind and you’re applying it to your product. So he’s just pop art. Pop tart.

Let’s call it pop tarts. He launched it. one week before post launch their country squares it’s the biggest selling product that Kellogg’s has ever had. sold out like crazy and he had to run apologies and newspapers and magazines saying. We are so sorry we ran out of product.

There’s so many of you love this, but hold on just for a few days where more is going to be available. [00:27:00] Nobody bought Country Squares. They waited for Pop Tarts to become available. Pop Tarts became the largest selling product that Kellogg’s ever had, and Country Squares post tried promoting it for six months.

They eventually stopped and dropped it because nobody was buying Country Squares. Everyone’s buying Pop Tarts. All because of the name, because the name was like pop cards. Pops out of the toaster. Oh, I want to get that. Let’s check that out.

Tim Melanson: such great stories.

Okay. it’s time for your guest solo. So tell me what’s exciting in your

James I Bond: business right now. people give me feedback on brain glue. To me, that’s so much fun. I believe in the movie pay it forward, I’ve learned this.

applied this. I’ve made a lot of money from this over seven figures, not from the book. I’ve been from applying this, you know, before the book even, and then it helps a lot of other people. send me feedback. If you get the book, if you’re in business and you don’t have this book, or don’t understand brain, you have a massive disadvantage.

Even if you don’t buy the book, at least go to Amazon and check out the book. Amazon lets you have [00:28:00] access to free parts of it. when you understand this, you start to understand, this is the trigger that makes people rich. it’s really lots of fun. But yeah, just getting feedback from people.

It’s just so exciting. I mean, it’s just, it’s exciting. So we can get

Tim Melanson: the book on Amazon. Is it in stores too?

James I Bond: Yeah. It’s in stores soon. It’s physical books. there’s an audio book. So if you want it, you can actually listen to the part of the audio book.

So it’s really cool. I don’t say it. You get to listen to this really cool guy, Johnny Unitas. He’s hilarious

I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Tim Melanson: do you still work with clients?

James I Bond: you, are you for hire as well? I do some. people, come to me and say, can you help me with this or that I mean, you can’t not when it’s so much fun, but I focus on the marketing side too.

That’s why I do lots of work with the US Small Business Administration. we have filled up, workshops It’s really fun. So how do we find out more then? If you go to yesbrainglue. com, it’ll have lots of information on that. I’m also at jbondedfasterbuyer.

com, because faster buyer, that’s what you want but jbondedfasterbuyer. [00:29:00] com if you had questions, I could bet you could bounce ideas off me, even if you don’t buy them, hopefully you buy the book. I think you’re going to love the book.

Tim, before we got on this guy told me that he was trying to date this girl and she wouldn’t date him. he actually used some of the techniques from brain glue and he’s suddenly on his second date with her. He says this works for dates because it’s about persuasion. It’s not just about, selling your ideas.

Selling isn’t just about selling products, if you’re in business or want to get a business, you want to know how to sell your products. But often you want to sell your idea this shows you how to do that, which is really amazing.

Tim Melanson: Awesome.

Well, this has been a ton of fun rocking out with you today,

James I Bond: James. Thank you so much. Oh, Tim, thank you for having me. I love your podcast. And I was just delighted to be on Awesome. Well, thank you so much. And to the

Tim Melanson: listeners, make sure you subscribe, rate, and comment.

We’ll see you next time with the work at home rockstar podcast.

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