WHR #67 : Lisa Reed - RockStar Virtual - Work @ Home RockStar

WHR #67 : Lisa Reed – RockStar Virtual

Feb 6, 2017

Lisa Reed is the founder of Rockstar Virtual, a company providing virtual assistant services. She herself is a career professional Executive Assistant and serves entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, celebrities, C-suite executives, and more. Lisa is a detail-minded, laser focused assistant, with an extremely direct approach. This has helped her to forge long-lasting client relationships, and to lead the Rockstar Virtual team to success. An Oregon native, Lisa now resides in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

Episode #67: Lisa Reed

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • How Lisa became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Started her journey in direct sales in order to meet people and learn some business basics
  • Lisa shares her best tips for delegating
  • Knowing the top 40 hits is not going to make you money, Lisa listens to personal growth materials
  • Only take advice from someone you’d be willing to switch places with
  • Starts every day by making her bed
  • Coffee shops are a great place to meet like minded home business owners
  • When you start your business you may not get the support and encouragement that you expect and that’s ok

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