Luke Charlton – Should you learn sales & marketing or can you hire someone?

Oct 10, 2022 | Gathering Fans, Keeping the Hat Full, PodCast, Season 3, The Jam Room

Season 3 / Episode #88 : Luke Charlton

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Back-Story

In 2013, Luke Charlton (AKA: The Aussie Hermit) decided to quit his comfortable 6-figure/yr government job, move halfway around the world, and start an online business as a Coach.

Thinking he knew enough about marketing to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world (London), he quickly realized this online thing wasn’t as easy as it looked. Through years of trial and error struggling and nearly going bankrupt, Luke finally discovered the formula for online success now helping over 4,000 Coaches grow their business online.

Along with that, he’s been featured in “6-Figure Coach” magazine, spent in excess of $16 million on advertising, banked $50M+ in sales for his clients, and has been hired by top ad agencies to write copy for experts such as Bob Proctor, Mike Dillard, Neil Patel, Grace Lever, Ryan Moran and many more.

Now he spends his days as a hermit living somewhere near Byron Bay, teaching other Coaches how to get a lot of clients sending just one 15-minute email per day, which he’d love to share with your audience.

Show Notes

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In This Episode:
[0:00] Intro
[0:50] What’s a story of success for Luke?
[2:52] What didn’t go as Luke planned?
[9:45] What was his first business idea?
[11:25] How important is it to learn how to market your business versus finding someone to do it for you?
[14:37] Anik Malenfant, the founder of Mastering Ascension, shares her wonderful experience with Tim Melanson
[17:42] How do you differentiate between marketing and sales?
[20:47] How can someone get clear on what it is they do?
[24:22] How does Luke have his home office set-up?
[27:42] What’s exciting in Luke’s business right now?
[29:47] Outro


Read Transcript

Tim Melanson: Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

Excited to be talking to this guest today. It’s very, very early over there. He calls himself the Aussie hermit, and uh, what he does is he helps coaches get clients with paid advertising. Very excited to be rocking out today with Luke Charlton. Hey Luke, are you ready to rock?

Luke Charlton: I am always ready to rock Tim.

Tim Melanson: All right. Always ready to rock. Do your, your ups and downs here. Let’s get going. , .

Luke Charlton: It’s probably a bit early for that, but . Yeah.

Tim Melanson: You’re gonna wake everybody.

Luke Charlton: I’m about to, I go to the gym, um, excuse me. I go to the gym at this time in the morning, so I’ll be doing that right after this interview. . Okay, cool. Yes.

And for

Tim Melanson: the people who are listening, I, I’m in Canada. He’s in Australia, and it’s, uh, afternoon for me, but it’s very early morning for him. So, uh, we’re gonna get things going with the energy here. Let’s start off on a good note. So tell me a story of success in your business that we can be inspired by.

Luke Charlton: A story of success.

Um, well, I think, I mean, this, you know, everyone here is wanting to, you know, grow their own work from home, right? So growing a business from home. And that was my dream a long time ago as well. So I had left the, In Australia we called the, like the public service, right? So I worked for the government, um, uh, kinda like the equivalent of the FBI here, which is called the afp Australian Federal Police.

And, um, so I quit my job there in 2013 and I moved to London to grow my coaching business. Um, and I struggled a lot in the beginning, which we can talk about if you want, but, um, You know, I, I, I persevered and, and yeah, I, I, as I said, I struggled a lot. I did, I did not earn much for, for many years, but because this was my passion, right?

I, I just kept going and going and persevered and, um, and came out the other side and, and, um, now I’ve been blessed to, you know, have a very successful work from home business where I. Um, you know, work a few hours per day. Um, I finish at noon every single day, and then I go play with my kids for the rest of the day after that, right?

So I have a very flexible life, um, which is amazing. Um, um, and that, that came from basically not giving up. So that’s probably one of the big messages here is like, yeah, you can. You can have whatever type of business you want, um, as long as you persevere. And that’s probably one of the biggest messages.

And I can go into like more details on how I struggled next if you want, but, um, but yeah, you can get to where you want to go if you persevere, is probably the message there. Yeah. Right

Tim Melanson: on. And you know what, that’s exactly how I would define success too, is being able to be spending time with family and doing the things that you wanna do.

Right. And having that flexible lifestyle.

Luke Charlton: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. But now,

Tim Melanson: Okay. So yeah, let’s go into the bad note then. So not everything goes the way you expect it to go. No. So the, for

Luke Charlton: the first mistake, the first mistake I made was leading my nine to five. Just quitting and just diving in with both feet for have my time again, I would, um, I would’ve stayed working nine to five and built my business outside of hours, um, until it got to the, the stage where it was replacing my nine to five income.

I didn’t do that. I was in a lot of, I just hated my job so much that I was just in so much pain that I just had to get out. So that was also my situation. I just had to get out. Um, but in hindsight, it would be much better to just, you know, have some money coming in. Um, so I moved to London and like I, I took.

Spaghetti like with marketing my business, right? Trying to get clients. I took the spaghetti at the wall approach. I just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. And, um, that didn’t work very well. I got, I got one client in 12 months. Like I was running around like a headless chicken. I was doing like networking events five nights per week.

I had my own, uh, Google Hangout show. That’s when Google Hangouts was a thing. Um, I was doing like, um, webinars. I was in like LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups and um, I even got, um, I did press releases. I even got so desperate at some, at, at the end that I had like joined a multi-level marketing company, like to sell pain patches.

Mm-hmm. , I, and that’s not what I was trying to sell. I was just trying to get, that was just cause I was so desperate. I was trying to make money. Um, I went door knocking on restaurant doors to try and get clients. Didn’t get any clients from that. So I got, I got one new client and that client didn’t even come from my marketing.

It came from, Um, and it came from another program, like a speaking program to how to become a speaker, um, program that I invested in. I met this other coach and he needed help with his copy, um, his copywriting and, um, So I helped him. So he was my first client. It didn’t even come from, didn’t even come from my marketing.

So I, I went over there with a lot of savings to London and I came back to Australia with a lot of debt. Cause I got to the stage where I borrowed money from family. My credit cards were maxed out, so I had to come home basically. And, um, and then I got aside to gig in a bar, working in the evenings, a bar while I built my business during the day.

So that side job allowed me to kind of, um, pay off my debt. And figure out actually how to grow a business, take a couple steps back and, and figure out how to grow a business. And, and, and we can talk about that as well, but that’s kind of like Yeah. A bit of background of my struggles. Wow. In the beginning.

Tim Melanson: Well, I mean, you know what, It really does show what type of person you are really to be able to just do all that. Like that’s a lot of work. And especially within a whole, not a whole lot of return coming back at first, like that, that did take a lot of.

Luke Charlton: Perseve. It really was. And, and most people, um, you know, like in my, in most industries I guess, but the industry that I work in is helping other coaches.

Um, they give up right before, like they, they don’t get clients today, just go back to a job, which is, you know, it’s fine. But if you, if you wanna be successful, you have to be able to persevere. Like in business, you’re gonna come up against challenges. And, um, what I found is, like, is weird, like my mindset back then was.

Going back to job did not even come into my mind. Um, I, I was trying, I was thinking about the other day, like we just, it did not even occur to me to go and get a nine to five. Again, I, I just, I think it was because I saw this path as my career. So another piece of advice here is like if you, if you wanna start a home based business or if you’re in, um, if you’re in one now and you wanna be successful, that you really have to see this, your career, right?

It’s like it’s going to get another job. Another career is not, is not an option. Like this is just what you do each day. So you’ve got no other option than to persevere. So I think that’s probably what helped me to get through that. Cause I just didn’t, didn’t see anything else as, as another option. Cause I just saw this was as my career.

Right on.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, me too. I actually know, uh, a little while into it, I think I did. I, I thought about going to get another job. I think I might have even been taking a couple of interviews and just sitting in that interview room, I was like, Yeah, no, not gonna, no . I think it was enough for me to go back to the, to working hard and actually I joined a network marketing company as well and, uh, during my struggles as well.

So, yeah, I mean, anything you can do. And in fact, actually that was a really good experience for me cuz I, I learned a lot about sales during that, that, that was for sure.

Luke Charlton: Yeah. Actually, one of the things that I did after, after I joined, um, like I stopped working at the bar and I bought this other guy’s, um, uh, Facebook advertising program.

Cause I knew I wanted to learn advertising and he put a um, a post up in his private Facebook group saying, Hey, I’m hiring. For my agency, you know, apply here and you’ll learn how to run advertising. So I thought, well this is a great way, great opportunity to learn from him part-time. And he pays me, right.

I don’t have to pay him to learn from him. He’s actually paying me now. So I applied and out of 50 people, I got the, got the gig. So I worked in his agency a couple hours a day for about two, two and a half years. And I went from spending like 20 bucks a day on my own ads to like a hundred thousand dollars a month, like literally overnight.

Like I was just thrown in the deep end on these client campaigns. And so, um, going back to what you said, like I, I learned it was such an amazing opportunity to learn from, uh, like an expert. So I would say like, if you’re gonna. For business, like a really, really smart thing to do is go work for someone part-time, like as a contractor or something.

Cause all these successful coaches and experts or businesses, they, they need employees, right? And they want motivated employees. So if you can go work for someone that’s already successful, um, again, you do it parttime, ideally so you can continue to run your own business. It’s such like, that’s the, one of the things that really transformed my life very, very quickly was to learn from him.

And then I went out on my own and I run my own agency now based on all the stuff that I learned in his agency, I just, I just do all the same stuff. Um, and so my, my skill level went from like, you know, 2% in on how to run paid ads to like, you know, 95% very, very quickly. Just cause I was just downloading all of his expertise.

Yeah. And I was working in the trenches. And that’s another thing with. Like, you know, when you’re starting your business, you don’t have that many clients, so you don’t, you’re not building your skill set very quickly because you’re just not doing that much. But if you work for someone who has a lot of clients, you’re just, you’re just doing it over and over again each day.

Um, and you’re seeing, you’re just seeing a lot of different challenges and problems that you. Would take you a lot longer to see if you are working just with your own clients, if that makes sense. Cuz you’re just not getting that many of them in the beginning. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tim Melanson: Well, so what was your first idea, your first business idea when you decided to quit the job and start a

Luke Charlton: business?

That’s a great question. I was actually, um, Uh, I got certified as a personal trainer like a maybe two years before or so. Um, I two, uh, maybe a longer about me three years. So I’d already always been into health and fitness, so I actually moved over. Uh, and then I kind of. I didn’t like the with personal training, right?

You have to like get up really early and then you’ve got kinda like not much in the middle of the day and then you’ve train people again later in the day cuz of the most people work nine to five. So I didn’t really like that. Um, but then I stumbled across coaching and I, um, And then I thought, Well, why don’t I help people like with more of the mindset side of like getting in shape and losing weight.

And, and so when I moved to London, I actually moved over as like a, kind of like a health coach, right? Um, health weight loss coach, fitness coach, but more of the mindset side of things. Um, and again, I didn’t, I just didn’t feel. I like doing it for myself, right? Um, I like working out myself, but then training other people is not something that I was passionate about.

But what I realized through this journey of doing my own business is that I really love the marketing and, and sales side of things. Um, so my first idea to answer your question was to be a health and fitness coach, and then I transitioned to, um, I really like the, you know, copywriting and all that. And so I just transitioned to a, a business coach, um, and.

So that was, that was my first day, so I, I’ve always been a coach. Um, but initially it was a health coach

Tim Melanson: Right on. So. Okay. And, and I think that, So when someone’s, you know, looking to start some type of home business, they have an idea and, you know, it’s, it’s not uncommon for them to not really understand the whole marketing bit of it.

Right. That’s the piece that kind of catches a lot of people by surprise

Luke Charlton: all of a sudden. Yeah. What I have to,

Tim Melanson: Okay, now I have to learn this whole thing. I, I, I actually have a question before we get into it in detail, but like, how important do you think it is for a person who’s running the business to actually learn that stuff versus find someone to do it for them?

Luke Charlton: Uh, that’s a great question. Um, if you are just starting out, like if it was just you as a solo person, like you, you gotta learn it yourself. I would say, um, uh, for a few reason. Um, you wanna learn marketing and selling because as a business owner, that is actually your job, . It’s not, um, you know, you, you get into business to deliver a service or a product or whatever it is, cause that’s what you’re really passionate about.

But as soon as you start a business, you take on the responsibility to market and sell, right? To get the message out there and whatever your product or or service is. And so you want to have an understanding of how to market and sell your product. Especially later when you go to hire someone, you’ll understand whether they’re any good or not, right?

So it’s your responsibility to know how to market and sell your product. Um, so I would say, yeah, you wanna, you wanna do it yourself and it’s, it is something that, um, that a lot of people struggle with, although it is, um, I think one of the reasons why people seek out me to help them with their marketing is just cause they keep things.

Pretty simple like, um, So, for example, you know, all marketing, So this is all businesses, right? And we get, we, we lose sight of this because of all the technology and, um, all the complex stuff that you can do online, but really all businesses is like, okay, someone’s got a problem, right? So they need more clients or they’re, they’re overweight or they, you know, want to clean their teeth or whatever.

It’s so they’ve got a problem, right? And then you have a solution, right? That’s all, that’s all businesses like you, they’ve got a problem, you’ve got a solution, and then they pay you for your solution. And so all, all marketing does is just, it just tells people about your solution. Just helps connect, um, connect what, what that is, right?

And so when we keep it down to these basic principles, it actually makes it much easier to craft, um, our message. It’s when the technology that gets in the way, it makes it confusing as to, you know, we focus more on the tech versus just having a simple message that says, Hey, do you have this problem?

Right? So for, I’ll give you a case study example. This lady hired me to run her advertising the other day and she helps. Um, she’s a coach and she helps, um, mar like men and women who are married, who are going through infidelity, right? So the man has cheated, all the woman has cheated. And um, that’s a very kind of specific like niche relationship problem.

And, but it’s very clear, right? It’s like infidelity, like you just, there’s like a one word problem. It’s very clear about what the problem is, right? And who it’s for. People that are married.

Anik Malenfant: Hi, my name is, I’m from Mastering Ascension and I’ve been working with Tim Melanson and the Creative Crew Agency for a number of years now.

Tim is my go-to guy for all things technology, and his team have helped me to really. Create the platform that I need that represents my brand, my message, and connects me directly to my ideal clients. What I particularly love about Tim is before he starts to dive into the technology, he always makes sure that he understands what your global view is, what your ultimate goals are, so then that way you’re not wasting a lot of time back and forth.

Switching around technology or platforms, he creates something from the get go that is scalable, which is highly, highly, um, beneficial for any business. What I’ve experienced from Tim and his team is they’re highly responsive. They are a wealth of information, and they’re gonna offer you the tools that you need to really make the mark that you wanna make in the world.

So that’s my recommendation for Tim. He’s awesome. You’re gonna love every. You won’t regret

Luke Charlton: it. And so I said to her, Look, we can literally just run advertising to this offer because it’s so clear and so specific. So all we have to do is put up an ad that says like, you know, Hey, are you, you currently going through infidelity in your marriage?

I’m an expert in this. I’ve been featured on, you know, in this media, if you’re interested in finding out how you could save your marriage, let’s have a chat. So that’s the ad. We’re literally just running, just promoting her , her offer, right in the ad. Cold, cold prospects. And we’re getting people applying to work for her for 50 bucks.

Right? $50 per application, like people actually applying for. And all I’ve done there is I’ve just, I’ve just figured out, okay, what’s the problem? Right? What’s her solution? I will help. Fix your marriage and I’ll help you resolve this problem with infidelity so you can come back together and, you know, stay married.

Right. So, um, so all I did was look at, okay, what’s the simple problem and what’s the, her solution? And I just, I just communicated that in, in an ad. And that’s probably the biggest thing that people struggle with the beginning is they don’t get clear on their problem. They think that they think that they know what they’re solving, but often they’re just talking about their product.

They’ll come to the market for coaches as an example. They’ll say, Hey, do you need coaching? It’s like, I don’t know, do I? And then it’s like, cuz they start talking about their solution. They’re so focused on their product or their service that that’s, Cause they’re passionate about it. That’s all they talk about.

And the prospect is going over their head cuz they’re like, Well how does this even help me? And they go, Oh, do you need to lose weight? Yeah, I do actually need to lose weight. Oh, okay, well this is what will help. So you need to, you need to start by talking about your prospect first. It’s always starts with the market.

What’s the problem? Start there. And then, You talk about your solution? I don’t know. I think that answers your question, . Totally. That’s .

Tim Melanson: No, I, I, I, I agree a hundred percent. Like it’s, uh, yeah, and I think, I think it’s because what you just said, people are just super excited about their product themselves, that they just keep on talking about that and doesn’t really connect with the, with the person on the other side.

Right? Yeah, exactly. So, so now how would you differentiate between marketing and

Luke Charlton: sales? Yeah, that’s a, that is a really great question. So marketing, I see, I think everyone will give their own probably definition. Um, marketing I see is what you do to attract people to you. Right? So a really simple example of this is, um, You, everyone’s kind of opted into an email list before, right?

So you put in your name and email and some, you know, someone gives you like a free guide, like your free guide on how to lose weight or how to get more dates or, um, whatever it is, a free report, free ebook on any subject, right? So they, they promote this in an ad as an example. You can promote it anywhere on the agenda, but does just say, advertise, it’s advertised.

You click on the ad and then you put in your name and email address. Cause you’re like, Yeah, I want this free ebook. Right. Um, that’s what I consider as marketing. So now I’ve, you know, I’ve, it’s like lead generation basically. So I’ve put in my name and email cause I want to lose weight. Now I’m on the person’s email list and now they start emailing me right about their products and their services.

This is where you start selling them, right? This is where you, um, Educating them on, you know, your products and services, how they can, what, what the benefits are, like, what the features are, what the benefits are. So, um, I see marketing as attracting or lead generation and then selling as like, you know, once you’ve kind of, once you’re in front of them, once you’ve got your audience there.

It could be an email list, it could be in a Facebook group. So once they’re inside your Facebook group, once they’re listening to your podcast, right? So that you, we’ve, you know, you’re got a podcast here, Tim. So, um, now people are listening in. You can, you’ve attracted them to the podcast. They’re subscribed.

That’s the marketing, now they’re listening in. Now you can sell them on why they should work for you, all the benefits, et cetera, et cetera. Now, is that

Tim Melanson: so, And that’s also something that we should learn how to do ourselves, and not, and not hire someone to do, right?

Luke Charlton: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s your most important job as a business owner is to generate sales.

Cuz if you can’t generate sales or if you can’t attract and you generate leads and sales, then you’re not, you’re not in business. Um, and this is, you know, particularly if you’re a solo, like work from home, um, You know, you’re not gonna be hiring an agency to do this for you. The other reason I didn’t mention before is like, you know, you could go out and hire an agency and, you know, spend 15, 20, 20 $5,000 depending on what the agency is, maybe even more, to get them to do your marketing and selling for you.

But what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna go, What’s your offer? Right? What, what are you actually selling? What’s your service? And if you don’t, A clear picture of like getting your solution and how it helps people. They’re just gonna be getting you leads and it’s not gonna convert cuz you offer. So again, this is another reason why you wanna do things in the beginning.

So you work out your own message, what works and what doesn’t with your market. And then so when you go to hire an agency, you already have a converting message and they just take it to the next level and you can tell them, this is what works in my market. This is the message that doesn’t work. This is the offer that’s converting for me.

So again, more reasons to Yeah. Do or to learn marketing and selling, um, yourself before you hire anyone to do it.

Tim Melanson: So, I mean, you mentioned that this is a struggle that a lot of people have. So is there something that, like, is there a tool that you use is like, what is it that you can share or is there anything you can share to help someone to get clear on what it is that they do?

Luke Charlton: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. This is the simple, this is the worst part that I, this is probably the first thing that I learned going into business and maybe even people that aren’t in business of, like, I’ve heard this before, right? And I wish I had kept doing this from the beginning, but I went away from it.

Cause I got distracted by all the complex, we call them funnels in our, you know, complex marketing and sales strategies online, all the tech. Um, but remember business or what’s business, right? It’s you’ve got a, a market with a problem and then you have the solution. So, What’s a really simple way to get, to get in front of your market?

For me, it’s just building your email list, right? So you just put up an ad as an example that that advertises a free ebook, a free, like a short, don’t I say ebook, It’s short. A short guide, like short pdf. Pdf, like a three to five page pdf. Um, so I have a free guide called the nine Email Office that get clients for free.

So I advertise that, right? The nine email offers that get clients for free. So it’s a list, literally just a list of nine. Email office. Um, So I advertise that. And the people who want more clients, um, are the coaches generally who want more clients. They click on that and they put in their name and email address, right?

So now I’ve just generated a lead and that’s just such a simple way to generate leads. There’s, there’s much, there’s other ways I dislike that. Cause it’s simple and it’s autopilot, right? So you can spend 10 bucks a day generating leads or you can spend a thousand dollars a day on that, you know, whatever your budget is.

Um, so now I’m generating leads an autopilot. All I do from there, Is send one email per day. Okay? So it literally does one email per day. So that email, um, builds the relationship, right? Establishes my expertise. It, um, and then it has a small, like a soft call to action, to, hey, if you need more help getting clients, come join me.

My program, that’s basically my main client attraction strategy. And you can do other stuff after that, like have a podcast or whatever, but. I wish I had just started with that in the beginning when I heard about it. Right? Build your list, email your list. That’s what we’re always told. Your email list is the foundation.

So, um, um, that’s where I, I wish I had start. Now the tools that I use for that, really simple, um, you need a landing page builder. You don’t even need your own web website for that. Really. You just need a landing page builder to get going, which is, um, ClickFunnels or Lead pages, um, are the two kind of main ones.

Um, Uh, just to get a simple Optin page up for your free guide that you’re giving away. And then an email system I use is called, um, active campaign, right? So that’s like an email order responder. So that’s how you, that’s how you send out the emails to a list of like, you know, a thousand, 10,000, a hundred thousand, a million people, right?

And depending on how big your list is. Um, so that was my once. Once I came back from London and after I failed, I’m like, I just need to keep things simple. That’s all I did. I’m like, I’m just gonna focus on email, build my list, email my list. That’s all I focused on. And I didn’t even have any, a website at all.

I got, I got rided by website. It was literally just an an opt-in page for my, my free guide. And, uh, sending regular emails. And when I kept things very simple, it, it allowed me, you know, being a home based business owner just to actually save a lot of time, right? So all I had to do was send out an email per day and then I can go, you know, spend more time with clients, create more programs.

Um, more content and, and spend more time with family as well. Right on. That’s

Tim Melanson: awesome. Okay, so next topic is, you know, the jam room is, you know, your home office, so you know, what’s your, where do you work, ? How do you have it set up?

Luke Charlton: I call it the Homeit Hall . This is a, Where do I work? Just in here. So actually you can see behind me, I’ve got, I do some music stuff like you, Tim.

Um, so I do some music stuff in here, but this is where I work, like from this desk right here. So I start at, um, two in the morning. So , I go to bed. Excuse me. My, what I realized after a long time, again, I’m a slow learner, my body. I go to, um, my, my rhythms, right? So at 7:00 PM at night, like my energy just dives off a cliff.

And I, I’d always tried to like kind of last all about 9, 9 30 and I’d just be really tired. So I thought at the beginning of this year, like, why don’t I just go to bed when my kids go to bed at like 7, 7 30? And that’s been like a revelation for me cuz I’d go to bed when I’m tired and then I wake up, I wake up at two every morning and I’m not, I’m not tired at all.

Um, and that allows me to. Um, I work from about two 30 and, um, get a lot of work done cuz everyone’s asleep. My kids aren’t screaming. And, um, yeah, it just allows me to be more productive. And then I have, um, phone calls later in the day, coaching and, and all that stuff. Um, I’ve got a, um, a girl who works for me do it, that runs the ads lecture.

She, I manage her like she’s a, she’s my campaign manager, um, that does the ads for me and I do the, all the copies still. So, um, Do I just work from this office? Just have two screens here. I’ve got a keyboard in front of me for my, for my music. Um, but it’s, it’s pretty simple. So I just, um, review cl my client campaigns with each, each morning with my campaign manager, um, do my daily email.

Um, what else? It’s pretty basic. I might have an interview like for example, you, Tim, and, um, what else am I doing? Just having sales conversations for people to sign up to. To my agency and my coaching program. So I have a very efficient, um, business. Right. So I have, and that’s probably a big piece of advice for those running it, you know, have trying and have the least amount of like, um, you know, people working for you.

Right. I have a VA and a campaign manager, and I only just brought her on after, since I’ve been running out since 2016. And you brought her on in the last month. . Um, until then it was just me doing all of the ads and stuff. Um, So what I would say is like outsource or hire for the stuff that you really do not like to do in the beginning.

You need to learn how to do it, um, so that when you outsource it, you know how to train them properly. Um, and if something breaks or their person leaves, you can kind of take back over before you hire someone. But yeah, in terms of my office, it’s really, it’s really basic. It’s just. Two screens, my computer and a camera here.

I do all my marketing videos. I have a couch here that I do some marketing videos from. Um, so I set up a dslr, I’ve got DSLR camera in there that I do like more professional marketing videos. But other than that, it’s just, that’s just this, um, this computer. Pretty simple.

Tim Melanson: Love it. Right on. Well, I’d like to know a little bit more about your business, so time for your guest solo.

Tell me what’s exciting in your business right now.

Luke Charlton: What’s exciting, So I’m, um, I have my own podcast actually called the 15 Minute Client. It’s a daily, daily podcast, which if you are like a service service professional or you’re looking to become a service professional like a coach, um, it’s is mainly aimed at coaches, but really it’s, you know, you could be an accountant, a lawyer.

It’s about helping, you know, coaches and service professionals get clients, basically high paying clients. So if that’s what you need, check out a 15 minute client. Um, I also have another, um, Podcast that I’m launching called, uh, Six Figure Coaches. That’s with Luke Charlton. So that’s where I interview other six figure coaches, other very successful coaches, um, finding out like what has made their marketing and sales process so successful.

And I break down their, um, the system. So by the time this episode, this podcast goes live, this interview, um, which I think is gonna be mid-October, you mentioned then, um, Um, this, that podcast will be, will be, um, live as well. Um, so I would say go check out, um, the 15 minute client. Go check out six figure coaches with Luke Charlton and also, um, my website.

Come on my email list and see how my daily emails work. It’s a really simple, as I said, very simple way to attract clients who just send one email per day. And if you jump on my list, so I go to luke You’ll see how it works. You’ll, you’ll get an email. And don’t worry, they’re not kind of like spammy emails.

They’re entertaining emails. People really enjoy reading them. And that’s one of the things that makes what I do different with my emails is they’re, they’re entertaining and you’ll see how I do it and you can model it in your own business if that’s a strategy that you wanna do. And I kind, I teach you how to do it in the emails as well, so they’re valuable as well.

So go to lake, check that out. And um, the other podcast,

Tim Melanson: Right on. So much fun to rock out with you today, Luke. This has been a good time. You too, Tim. It’s great. So to the listeners, make sure you subscribe right and comment, and we’ll see you next time when the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

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