Strategies For Leveraging Social Media In Business with Manicia Reneus

Jul 17, 2023 | Instruments of Choice, PodCast, Practice Makes Progress, Season 3, The Jam Room

The Back-Story

Manicia Reneus is the co-owner of Your RX Social, a social media marketing agency specializing in helping realtors and small businesses. As a content writer/strategist, she has helped hundreds of companies in various industries, including home remodeling, tech, retail, and medical. She noticed that many realtors, in particular, need help figuring out what content to post and how to maximize their use of social media, often leaving valuable business opportunities on the table. Manicia and business partner Sergeline are assisting realtors in getting the most out of their online presence, so they can reach more potential leads while staying true to their brand and relevant to their target market. With six years working in the industry, Manicia and Sergeline are constantly updated with the ever-changing algorithm across all platforms. Their expertise has enabled clients to use social media to their advantage.

Mancia is on a mission to assist 1 million realtors and small businesses in leveraging social media to reach a bigger audience by 2033.

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In This Episode:
[0:30] Manicia’s story of success
[1:20] What’s her bad note?
[7:00] How does she get good at what she does?
[10:35] How did she set up her home office?
[11:20] How does she stay organized?
[16:18] What are the tools that bring her success?
[25:07] Guest solo: What’s exciting in her business right now?
[26:09] On being an introvert
[28:24] Where to find Manicia
[29:13] Who would be her ideal client?
[30:05] Outro


Read Transcript

Tim Melanson: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

Excited for today’s guest. She is a content writer and strategist with your RF social, and what she does is she helps people to brand themselves and their businesses. On social media. Super excited to be rocking out today with mania. Hey, you ready to rock?

Manicia Reneus: Hi, yes, Tim. Thank you for having me.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. So we always start off here in a good note.

So tell me the story of success in your business that we can be inspired by.

Manicia Reneus: So, um, a story of success is that like I’m, I am fairly new in business, but um, I have had success like in corporate, um, just helping franchises, like working with franchise and working with, um, new startups and just seeing how passionate I was about that.

Um, that drove me to go into business for myself and just to help clients to build their brand on social media. Um, so I would say that’s a success just. Of the clients that I had in [00:01:00] corporate and realizing like, I truly have a passion for this, so let me, let me start something of my own.

Tim Melanson: Okay, cool. Right on.

So now on that journey though, was there any bad notes that thi things that just didn’t go as planned that we can learn from?

Manicia Reneus: Yeah. Um, sometimes when you go into business, like you are very excited, you’re very passionate and you don’t really look at, um, sometimes everything. And I will say like, something that I, that I would probably prepare more is just learning more about like my target audience, learning about their problems, so that way, like I could better be equipped.

And I learned, I’ve. I’ve learned that you always have to think about the target audience and think about what is it that they want? What is it that they’re need That

Tim Melanson: they need? Yeah. Yeah. Cuz uh, when you start with your business, a lot of times you’re not really sure about what your target audience is, but also mm-hmm.

You wanna get business, so you’re open to pretty much anything, [00:02:00] right? Yes. Yes. So would you suggest that, like out of the gate, you, you try to find what your audience is, or do you sort of pick something and go straightforward? I.

Manicia Reneus: Yeah, I think it’s best to like know, like what’s your target audience. I know some people don’t like the word niche, but I think it’s best to go with that mindset so that way you have a target and you know, like where you’re going to, um, if you try to make everyone your target audience, then it’s kind of, it’s kind of hard because people don’t know like, okay, what is she good at?

There’s so many other people that do social media management. Um, so to kind of stick out, you kind of do have to have like a target audience. So that way people are like, oh, okay, I do that. I, I, I think she might be a right fit for where I wanna go.

Tim Melanson: Hmm. Yeah. And I think a lot of people would probably say that, uh, doesn’t that mean I’m turning away business?

Manicia Reneus: I mean, yeah, some people would look at it like that, but, um, I would say like as long as, as long as people align with, with your goals, and, um, for [00:03:00] me, I, I’ve learned that I’ve had to like, you know, really sit down and think, okay, what is my core values? Um, what, what is, what does my business represent? I had to really think about that because I want the clients that, that.

Align with my core values, and if they don’t, then I know it’s, I don’t wanna, you know, waste my time or waste their time knowing that it’s not gonna be a good fit for us. So it’s just best to know like, what, what does your business stand for? What are your core values? So that way you could attract the people that has that same mindset and it’s easier to like to work together.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah. And also like you get into like a groove. You get into a pattern when, when you know exactly what you’re trying to do, right? If you work with the same types of people every time, well, then you understand their business and you understand like, there’s no, let me figure this out. So, okay, here’s what you, you know what I mean?

You, you can kind of just jump right into it, right? Because you, you’ve done it. This is what you do, right?

Manicia Reneus: Yeah, because like with a target audience, like you said, um, you are gonna start to notice a [00:04:00] pattern. You’re gonna start to notice, okay, they have similar problems. So it kind of puts you in a, in a place where you can be an expert even within that field.

So people now, they trust you because you work with so many people with, with their field. They’re like, oh, okay. She, I seen the work that she did with. Another realtor or another small businesses, and that’s the same problem that I have. So it, it builds a lot more credibility, um, when you, when you work with a target audience and you have a specific niche.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. And it tends to be nowadays too that, um, A lot, the internet has just made it so much easier to communicate with other people. And it also is made it, um, mean a lot of businesses, a lot of people go out to the internet, like this podcast, right, to go find information about how to build their business.

So you end networking with people in similar businesses, much easier now than you ever might have before. Mm-hmm. And then when that happens, you know, when there is somebody who is a service provider to your business, you’re more likely to just. You know, [00:05:00] refer ’em to everybody else in your group. Right?

And so, you know, the, the, you know, choosing a niche and saying, Hey, these are the people that I deal with can help you in that way, it can actually get you more business. Because now once you kind of break in and do a good job for one person, there’s now a whole bunch of other people that are also connected in that person that you can do work for as well.


Manicia Reneus: Yeah, that’s so true. Like, um, you know, if I’m just putting this out there, if my target audience were, were lawyers, then if I, if I do a great job for one lawyer, he has a whole network of lawyers like that. He’s, he, he’s known for maybe as soon as he got out of law school, he’s been. Networking with them, connecting with them.

So because like he tr um, that lawyer trusts me, I’m able to go into their network and create more, more opportunities. And also, um, sometimes people don’t wanna niche, don’t wanna have a niche because it’s like, oh, um, I’m like you mentioned before, I’m kind of. Limiting my options, but even in one field, there’s still a lot of [00:06:00] different variety.

Like for real estate, there’s um, re residential real estate. There’s commercial properties, so you don’t, you still have options even when you go down into a niche because then there’s another niche. There’s none niche. So, yeah. Yeah.

Tim Melanson: And you could always change, right? Yeah. I mean, you can, you can decide that, oh, you know what, this is, uh, this is just not the right niche for me.

And then move to a different one. I mean, you know, it’s just a matter of just choosing a direction to go in and trying to get a few clients in that, in that same area, rather than just going, anybody I’m hoping for business, anybody who wants to hire me. Right. And plus, I mean, when you think about it, that.

Sounds a lot better on a website. I specialize in this versus I can help anybody, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, yourself works better for SEO too. Cause now you’re, you’ve got keywords just to go on. Uh, so many reasons, right? But, uh, but now let’s talk a little bit about practice makes perfect, or practice makes progress.

Tell me a little bit about how you get good at what [00:07:00] you

Manicia Reneus: do. Um, for me, I, I always like with social media, it is always changing. So for me, like I have to go into the app, play with it. Yes, I do read articles and I do try to stay up, stay up to date with what’s trending, what’s going on. Um, especially with TikTok, I am, um, exploring in that area of TikTok and just going in there and using the apps.

Um, I think that’s the most important thing for me. I’m a very visual learnings. Learner. So playing with things and just being hands on is always the best practice for me.

Tim Melanson: Cool. Okay. And so would you, uh, you mentioned TikTok, like, so is there, is that your go-to social network?

Manicia Reneus: Um, I would say, I would say Instagram is like my go-to network.

I am learning the power of LinkedIn. Um, so I am, um, learning like the algorithm on LinkedIn. Um, but TikTok is, is very new. It is very new, but I’m just trying to like, [00:08:00] Make sure that I know like different aspect of, of social media and not just go into like Instagram, Facebook, although those are great, but always learn about what’s coming, what’s trending, cuz there could be another social media platform that comes tomorrow.

And so for me, I just feel like it’s just always good to learn new platforms and it just makes you better.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, it does make, yeah. Cause a lot of the platforms have similarities between them and some of them have strategies that can be implemented into a different social network that maybe isn’t being implemented by many other people.

That might get you a little bit of a leg up to now. What about like, does that relate at all to your target market? Like would you focus on networks where they would be, I guess,

Manicia Reneus: Yeah, I just focus on networks where their target audience would be like real estate. Um, I would say like Facebook, um, especially like groups, Facebook groups, like going in there and, um, networking myself.

I, I guess that would be like more [00:09:00] like how to, how I. How I network and how, um, I, I try to build more awareness about my business. Um, so Facebook, Instagram, um, those are platforms I feel like are really good for my, for my target audience. Um, TikTok, it, it is a younger crowd. Um, but I, I try to think ahead. I know that even though.

A lot of Gen Z are on, on TikTok. Um, you never know, like those, that generation might be the next generation that goes into like, um, ownership. Like there might be get to a point where they’re thinking about, okay, what’s, what do I want to do? Like, what’s the next step? So like just looking at that and looking like at the trends when it comes to generations, um, and, and trying to be ahead in, in a sense.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, for sure. So now, okay. A lot of people are working from home now. Yeah, now and, and maybe, uh, a lot more than before. I mean, before the lockdowns, I, uh, remember it was, uh, [00:10:00] I had to convince people that you could actually run a real business from home. But now I think that we’ve all kind of, you know, been through it and now we know that hey, lots of, you know, lots of things can be done from home.

Yes. Um, but one of the, one of the hardest things I found when I was first getting started was really just getting, uh, a place in my house where I could work. And that’s even harder if you’ve got a small apartment or you’ve got a small house where you don’t necessarily have a room where you could just obviously have an office.

Right. But Right. Um, what, what did you do? Like how did you, you know, set up your jam room or your home office?

Manicia Reneus: Well, for me, I like to have like a, like my, my room, um, has to be like aesthetically a pleasing to me. Uh, so for me, like sitting by a window, that helps a lot. Um, you know, sunlight helps you with your energy, helps you with your mood.

So I like to sit by sunlight. Um, and if I get stuck, if I feel like, okay, I’m [00:11:00] getting bored with this space, you know, not being afraid to like get my laptop and go somewhere. And being an open, open scenery and just like switching it up and just making sure that I’m organized because I think sometimes working from home, it could be very easy to be, um, be not organized.


Tim Melanson: Mm-hmm. Yep. Oh, I, I hear you. So, so how can you stay organized then? Um, for

Manicia Reneus: me, I feel like, you know, everything is digital now, so like certain apps, um, having like a to-do list, um, helps me stay organized with, with tasks, um, putting things in fire. I, I love, um, Google Drive because you can put things in different files and, and just be organized like, In that way because you can put different documents, um, you can have a folder for your important documents.

For me, um, since I do work in a creative space, I like to have a, uh, a brainstorm folder. And it’s just like, helps me come up with ideas because sometimes if I keep the ideas in my head, [00:12:00] I’ll forget ’em. So, um, just having a brain, a brain, um, dump. Folder kind of helps me. Oh, I remember that idea. Okay, let’s revisit that.

How can we make that, make that a reality? So just doing little things like that.

Tim Melanson: And for your brain dump folder, is that like a, like an audio files or is it, do you type them out like you do like phone, like. How do you do that?

Manicia Reneus: Well, I’m, I’m a writer, so, um, I love like, to just type things out and, um, just put it out so I don’t think about, you know, sometimes as a writer, you know, I, I don’t try to edit it.

I just put it out there like, You know, I don’t think about the grammar, like the punctuation, all that. It’s just me putting my ideas out there so that way when I come back at it, I could, I can understand like, okay, yeah, that was, that was a great idea. Or maybe make it better. Cuz sometimes, you know, let’s be honest, um, sometimes when you first put an idea out that out there it may not be the best ideas, so you may have to [00:13:00] tweak it.

Like, okay, how can I make this better? So it’s just, it’s just any ideas. And sometimes I’ll put ’em into categories, um, like, okay, real estate, or if it’s an idea for my business that I wanna implement later on down the line, then I’ll, I’ll write it down.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah. And sometimes it can lead you to another idea.

Maybe that idea isn’t actually a good idea, but when you read it later on, you’re like, oh, but that reminds me of some. That’s right. And you wouldn’t have gotten there if you didn’t reread that idea. So, so now I, I do a question because I do brain dumps longer time, however, I don’t go back and look at them again.

Yeah, until month after. Do you have like a, like a schedule? Like do you have like a system in place where you, you you go check them out or?

Manicia Reneus: Um, I don’t, it’s just like sporadically. Um, I don’t like check it every week. Um, sometimes I’ll forget about it. Um, but then I’ll go back to it and I’ll, I’ll remember like, okay, oh, that was a, that was a good [00:14:00] idea.

So it’s just something that’s, I don’t try to plan it out, um, because I feel like. I know, like I just mentioned, or organization, so this might be like a contradiction. Um, but when it comes to brain dump, I try not to be as organized. I try to, try to let myself be, be a little bit more free spirited. Um, Because it is, it is my ideas.

And sometimes, you know, when you work in a creative space, you can, it can, you can be sensitive and feel attached to your ideas. So I try not to take them too seriously so that way it could just, it could just flow. And once I do wanna implement them, I’ll probably put ’em in another folder so that way it’s a lot more organized.


Tim Melanson: Yeah. Right on.

Anik Malenfant: Hi, my name is En Al. I’m from Mastering Ascension, and I’ve been working with Tim Milson and the Creative Crew Agency for a number of years now. Tim is my go-to guy for all things technology, and his team have helped me to really create the platform that I need, that represents my [00:15:00] brand, my message, and connects me directly to my ideal clients.

What I particularly love about Tim is before he starts to dive into the technology, he always makes sure that he understands what your global view is, what your ultimate goals are, so then that way you’re not wasting a lot of time back and forth switching around technology or platforms. He creates something from the get-go that is scalable, which is highly, highly, um, beneficial for any business.

What I’ve experienced from Tim and his team is they’re highly responsive. They are a wealth of information. And they’re gonna offer you the tools that you need to really make the mark that you wanna make in the world. So that’s my recommendation for Tim. He’s awesome. You’re gonna love every minute, you won’t regret it.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, and, and I mean, sometimes like for me, I know that I go back to those ideas when I’m like blocked. Right? When there’s something that, you know, cuz you don’t necessarily need them if things are going great. It’s, it’s just a matter of [00:16:00] like, oh, I’m kind of like, I’m kind of running out of ideas to put on my, you know, blog or whatever it is that you’re doing.

And then you just go into that folder and all of a sudden you see a bunch of stuff. Right. Yeah. So this kind of like, I mean, this is really talking about the next topic, which is the instruments of choice, which is basically tools. So are there any other tools or is this, uh, your, your main go-to tool?

Manicia Reneus: Uh, I would say recently I have been using chat, um, chat, G p t, um, especially like you just mentioned, um, when you have brain dumps sometimes, like having chat G G P T has been a lifesaver.

Um, when I’m thinking about, okay, um, I want to talk right about this. I wanna talk about this. So just having that and it’s kind of like an assistant in a way, um, when I do have those brain dumps, cuz I can ask, I can ask the, you know, the system a question and it’ll answer me. So yeah. So I’ve been loving chat c p t lately.

Tim Melanson: Me too. Uh, and it’s one of those [00:17:00] things where you feel, in a way I kinda feel like it’s cheating. Right. Uh, but on the other hand, I mean, like in my background, I have a degree in computer science. When I used to do programming, I very rarely wrote something from scratch. You, you sort of go and find a, a, a, someone who wrote that little piece of code and you just use that and then build upon it.

And I’m using chat g bt in a very similar way. I use it as like my baseline, right? It’s like, hey, uh, you know, you know you got a blank page. I mean, I’ve always heard writers say that the blank page is the hardest part, so you just plug it into J chat, g b T, and then now, now you don’t have a blank page anymore.

Now you can start to move those things around. Right? Is that how you use it too?

Manicia Reneus: Yeah. I, I use it in that way. I feel like, um, a lot. I feel like. A lot of people get intimidated by it, but I just look at it as like a assistant and for my base, like certain things, it doesn’t have that, um, [00:18:00] human, human quality.

So I just use it as a base and then I, I bring it to life by, by either my writing style, my personality. I, I, that’s how I bring it to life. I don’t just take it verbatim. It’s like, okay, I like this, but I wanna make it, I wanna add a personal touch to it.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah, and you can try to get to do a personal touch.

You can actually ask it for that. It, it’s okay. But, um, but like I say, I, I, I, I agree with you and I’m totally cool with that too, cuz really when I wanna put it out there, eventually, I, I don’t want it to be me. Right? Like, I don’t want it to be Chad g Bt, and only Chad g Bt, right? Yeah. Yeah. But AI tools are, have come a long way and there’s so much you could do with them.

And I find that for small businesses especially like, can be huge. You can’t, I mean, you can’t always afford, you know, an assistant or whatever it is to help you with some of those things. So [00:19:00] getting a, an AI. Tool to help you with just a few things here and there. It’s super cool,

Manicia Reneus: right? Yeah, yeah, it is. And I’m really excited to see how it advance and um, just to learn more about it.

I’m really excited about, about the future and where it’s going.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, I think it’s gonna be, uh, and, and this just sort of my, my feel about it, cuz I know that there’s a lot of people that are sort of saying that, oh, it’s gonna take jobs away and all that kind of stuff, but, You know, I don’t, I don’t know. I feel like, uh, I feel like it’s just like someone just invented a better wheelbarrow, right?

Yeah. I mean, you know, no one would say, well, I’m not using that. I’m gonna carry it by my own two hands. Right. It just doesn’t make any sense. Right. You use a tool to carry it, cause it’s way easier than carrying every brick one at a time. And that’s similar in this sense, right? Mm-hmm.

Manicia Reneus: Go ahead. Oh, sorry, go ahead.

No, I was gonna say, you’re absolutely right. Like I [00:20:00] look at it as like, um, you know, before Photoshop people were pro, well, I don’t know what they were doing, but they, maybe they were drawing like with their hands, like, you know, with watercolors, acrylics and stuff like that. Um, but then Photoshop came and people were able to create illustration digitally.

I just look at it as chat, g p t, as like, okay, it’s another version of that. It’s like, You just, you just have another tool. That’s, that’s all it is.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. And I think because, I mean, my space, my mission really is to help more people start businesses from home and be successful at their own future, rather than relying completely on an employer.

And mm-hmm. I mean, this kind of like falls into place because a lot of the limitations of a small business is, You have to get to a certain level in order to start to hire other people and to start, and to start to grow that team. And, uh, it takes you some time to do that. Cause you’re wearing [00:21:00] all these hats all at the same time.

Yeah. You gotta do it all. You gotta do the accounting, you gotta do the sales, you gotta do the marketing, you gotta do the work. Right. And uh, and everything else that comes along with it. And, you know, for you to do all that and get to the point where you’re hiring some people, you know, it can take, it can take years.

Um, yeah. Oftentimes sometimes, or sometimes you don’t even necessarily even want to. Like, I mean, the whole point is that this is supposed to be your future, so maybe you just want to be able to make ends meet. But you just don’t wanna be, uh, you know, working for somebody else. You want your own thing, right?

Well, I think that chat, G p t and, and all the AI tools is gonna be the playing field leveler. Now all of a sudden you can have some employees that are, that are, you know, AI tools that can help you with some of those other things just to help you grow a little bit faster, and then to help you pull off some of those monotonous tasks.

That really you [00:22:00] should have been hiring an assistant to do, you just can’t afford to do it. So now you’ve got an assistant to do some of those monotonous scores. So I think it’s gonna level the playing field. I think it’s gonna help a lot more people become self-employed and work for themselves. And that’s my crystal ball.

I don’t know.

Manicia Reneus: No, I definitely, I definitely do agree with you. Like it’s definitely gonna help a lot more people become business owners, um, and, you know, have more time to do the thing that, that actually matters to them.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Which I think is the, I think that’s the big, the big difference is that, you know, a lot of people when they think about, like the people in the, in the, in the, I guess, you know, being employed, when you think of someone who owns a business, you automatically just think of someone who owns a big business.

Yes. You don’t think of somebody who’s just, oh, no. I, I don’t, I don’t wanna, that’s not what I want. I wanna spend more time with my family. I don’t wanna be working around the clock. I just want. A more flexible life, work life [00:23:00] balance. And you know, when it comes down to it, I think that’s why a lot of people choose employment in the first place is because, you know, they don’t own the business.

When they go home, they go home. More and more businesses nowadays are now really that if you are taking your, your work home from you right now, especially now that they know you can work from home. Yeah. So, uh, so now I think that, that, uh, you know, I’m hoping that we can create some awareness that no, no, no, you don’t have to, you know, be a multi-billionaire working from your home with your business.

You can just have a normal business at home where you’re working regular hours and you have time to, you know, flexible time where you can. You know, attend your child’s recital if you choose to in the day, work a little bit later that night. You know, all, all that stuff, that flexibility is available working from home for yourself.


Manicia Reneus: Right. Yeah, that’s so true. It’s, it’s, it’s a whole different, different world that we living in today, and a lot of times people just can’t be afraid. We just have to like, jump into it [00:24:00] and learn about it because if we just stay on the outside and we don’t take the time to learn about it, then we’re, we’re the ones that’s gonna be missing out on what, what we’re capable of doing.

Tim Melanson: Yep. And a lot of people talk about risk, but to me, I don’t buy it. I mean, when it comes down to it, You, you decide, okay, I’m gonna start a business today. What happens if, if that doesn’t work, we’ll get a job just right. Like, and now you’re no further back than you were before. Yeah. You can just, you know, try something, see if it works out.

Uh, but nowadays, I mean, with, you know, lots of podcasts out there, lots of coaches like you, there’s lots of places you can go to find help, to help, to build your business, and people are totally willing to help you, right?

Manicia Reneus: Yes. Yes, yes. You have so, so much options today. Like, you don’t, you don’t necessarily have to work a nine to five if you wanna be even an independent contractor and, and work from home and just get clients, um, you know, work with businesses and, and [00:25:00] work with them as a contractor, you can.

Mm-hmm. It’s, it’s so many options today and there’s so much resources to get the help that you want.

Tim Melanson: You bet. So, Monisha, it’s time for your guest solo. So tell me what’s exciting in your business right now.

Manicia Reneus: Right now I’m really just excited to, um, just work, working in South Florida, um, getting to know South Florida businesses.

Um, I’ve been doing a lot of networking and, you know, I’m, I’m really an introverted person, so getting out there in my community is been very rewarding because I actually getting the chance to learn about other people’s story, learn about what people are passionate about. And I’m just really excited to learn to learn more about what’s going on with South Florida businesses and how can I help them create original content.

Um, because that’s one of the things that I feel like, um, we, we can work in, in the advertising industry is creating more original content. Um, I do understand the power of stock photos and how they save time, but if you wanna tell your brand story, I just feel like having original content, [00:26:00] um, is the way to go.

Tim Melanson: Hmm. Right on. So you mentioned that you are a introvert. That’s interesting because a lot of people think that to be a business owner and to go do sales and marketing, you have to be an extrovert. Tell me more about that.

Manicia Reneus: Uh, well, me, with just me being an introvert, um, I, it is, it is uncomfortable to get outside of my uncomfortable un.

To get outside of my comfort zone. Mm-hmm. Um, but some of the power of being an introvert is that I’m, I’m a good listener. Um, and I pay attention to a lot of details. I’m very analytical. Um, so that serves me well in business because I look at, at problems from another different angle than, um, maybe, uh, the person may not be looking at.

Um, and just being aware. I think that’s very important because when you’re working with someone, you have to be aware of what, what is it that they’re really going through? And because I’m, um, introverted, I take the time out to listen and really understand what their problem is so that way I can

Tim Melanson: [00:27:00] help them.

Yes. Yeah, I agree. I think that there’s a lot of business owners that are introverted. I’ve, I mean, I’ve interviewed over probably coming up on 300 people on this show, and most of them are introverted. And it’s totally opposite to what we’ve been taught. We’ve been taught that no, no, no, no. You gotta be an extrovert to go to these, you know, networking meetings and be all, you know, flashy and stuff.

But you can, you can do all that stuff as an introvert, and actually you can be more, uh, mindful about how you do it, because you need to prepare a little bit more. You have to figure out who it is you’re gonna go talk to, because you’re not the type that’s gonna probably talk to everybody in the room.

You’re gonna, you’re gonna choose the right person to talk to. Right.

Manicia Reneus: Yes, yes. And even like this past weekend, I went to a networking event and uh, you know, I went by myself and I know a lot of people, sometimes it, it can get kind of intimidated to go out to networking events by yourself. Uh, but I learned that just be genuinely like, interested in what.

Other people do, um, just ask [00:28:00] questions like, oh, what do you do? How did you get started in this? And also being helpful. Um, the event I went to was like a women’s brunch. Um, so just taking pictures. Women we love, um, taking pictures, so taking pictures for them that helped them to like, um, be interested in me, like, oh, thank you for taking my picture.

Like, what do you do? So, um, I was able to spark up conversation in that way.

Tim Melanson: Okay, cool. Sorry, I hijacked your solo.

Find out more about your business.

Manicia Reneus: Um, you, I’m on Instagram, I’m on LinkedIn, uh, YouTube. Uh, you can message me, you can message me at your rx social Um, we can set up a discovery call that way. Um, I could just find out more about you and the discovery call is completely free. Um, it’s just for me to see what ways can I help you?

What, what is something that you’re struggling with when it comes to social media? And I’ll just give you, um, I’ll just give you my tips whether you decide to work with me or not. Um, you’ll definitely get [00:29:00] tips and I’ll definitely make sure that I point you in the right direction so that way you can promote yourself and build your brand on social media.

Tim Melanson: So, who would be the best people to get the most out of a, a call with you? Like who, who do you, who would be, uh, your. Niche mark it, I guess.

Manicia Reneus: So. Um, I work with real estate professionals. Um, if you’re looking to use social media to, to build an audience for yourself so that way you can, um, get more potential leads from social media, I’ll help you with that.

Um, if you’re a small business owner and, um, you’re looking to get a certain target audience from social media, um, I help you with that. Like just creating a strategy so that way you know, what type of content, um, would be best for you, what type of content you should try out. Uh, to, to gain more awareness with your, with your target audience.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. And so what was, uh, do you have a website or anything like that? What,

Manicia Reneus: uh, yes. We have, uh, a website. Your rx social, um, dot com.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. Thank you so much for rocking out with me today. This has been a lot of fun. [00:30:00] Thank

Manicia Reneus: you. I appreciate, thank you so much for having me. Cool.

Tim Melanson: And to the listeners, make sure you subscribe, rate and comment, and we’ll see you next time on the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

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