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Apr 18, 2022 | Gathering Fans, Instruments of Choice, PodCast, Practice Makes Progress, Season 3

Season 3 / Episode #63 : Nancy Badillo

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Back-Story

Nancy Badillo has been in the digital space for 12 years, helping small business owners build and scale their businesses by leveraging the power of online marketing. With a focus on e-commerce coaching as well content creation, she is able to provide her clients with valuable expertise from start-ups all through growth stages – making sure they’re equipped with everything needed so that success can thrive.

Show Notes

Guest, Nancy Badillo is an Etsy coach, a marketer, and a YouTuber, and she helps Etsy sellers to turn their passions into profits by teaching them the exact steps to take their shop to full-time income.

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Show Notes:
[0:00] Intro
[0:44] The Good Note – Story of Success
[8:25] The Bad Note – Story of Failure
[14:01] Practice Makes Progress
[16:17] Gathering Fans
[21:12] Instruments of Choice
[27:44] Guest Solo


Read Transcript

Intro / Outro: Are you a work at home rock star, or do you dream of becoming one? Then you found the right podcast, your hosts, Tim Melanson talks with successful work at home rock stars to learn their secrets and help you in your journey. Are you ready to rock? Here’s Tim?

Tim Melanson: Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of the work-at-home rockstar podcast.

Very excited for today’s guest. She’s an Etsy coach, a marketer, and a YouTuber, and she helps Etsy sellers to turn their passions into profits by teaching them the exact steps to take their shop to full-time income. Very excited to be rocking out today with Nancy, Badillo Nancy. You’re ready to rock?

Nancy Badillo: Yes, I am.

Thank you so much for having me. I really, really appreciate it.

Tim Melanson: Well, thank you for being here. So let’s start off on a good note. Tell me a story of success in your business or your personal life that we can be inspired by.

Nancy Badillo: Well, I guess how I originally started with the digital space. Um, so about 13 years ago, I have bought my first home in 2009.

And in 2007, you know, the recession hit and I was hit with that. And I actually started Googling how to make money online because my job at that moment, I was working at valleys. We’re going through bankruptcy because of the recession I had to quit school. I was going to DePaul university getting my bachelor’s in biology and I was paying for everything.

I was paying for schooling. I was paying for my home and because of the recession and everything hitting me hard, I literally remember like Googling online. How to make money online. Because at that time I remember people were making money online. I just didn’t even know really of anyone I’ve never met anyone.

And back then was a lot harder than now to find people. And I started Googling how to make money online and just kinda like fell in love with digital space. It started with going through the worst hardship of my life. And it turned into an actual career. So I started Googling how to make money online.

Um, obviously I didn’t figure it out quick enough to save my home. I still lost my home. I still went through bankruptcy. I was working three jobs to. To try to save my home. And then I ended up losing my home. I was working at chemo overnight. I was working out at a bar called funk over the weekends, and I was working at a company called antenna in a prices, selling cable to my community, Hispanic people.

And I wasn’t making any money. I couldn’t save my home. And eventually. I ended up working at Verizon for seven years. I worked there and I went back to school, got my bachelor’s and master’s in business administration because I figured if I couldn’t make money online, I wanted to work in the digital space.

I wanted it to be a digital marketing and I started. Dabbling with, um, the digital space. And I was a little bit of everywhere. I was doing like blogging and I was doing affiliate marketing. I would create a blog and then flip it and sell it. But I was never making enough to quit my job and make this a full-time income.

And that’s kinda how it started with me in the digital space. It started with. Losing my home recession hit me hard. And then now I work from home as a full-time XC coach, YouTube recreator, um, blog creator as well. Um, and I teach people how to start a business on Etsy and give out small business tips. So that’s kinda like my success.

It came from the hardest time in my life, and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened.

Tim Melanson: So, what was the, what was the catalyst like? Where did you go from not making enough to do it? Full-time to being able to do it for the.

Nancy Badillo: I think for me, it was, um, when I got married, um, when I got engaged in 2014, a friend of mines was like, you need to shop on Etsy.

They have like handmade items for weddings. And before that, I’ve never heard of Lexi. And I’m not a, I’m a crafty person. I’m not one of those people that souls or knit or, or do anything like that. So ECC, wouldn’t be one of my top places to shop, I guess, because I’ve never been crafting, but I remember the.

When I went in there to buy stuff for my wedding, because I was already doing digital marketing for social long time. I went in there looking at it as a marketer, and I remember saying, wow, these people are making a killing in passive income because I ended up buying like these files from a customer. I buy like a sign or wedding sign, table numbers, or seating chart, a whole bunch of stuff that I pay her, like $65.

I downloaded the files and then I had an edit the file, print them out myself. And I thought to myself, Wow. Let’s you just make $65 out of me. She didn’t ship anything out. And then I, at that point, that was like my turning point. I was. Let me do an XC store for my blog as a case study. This was another project.

Another thing I wanted to try out to see if I could make money, right? This is another thing out of the thousand things I’ve already have done and kind of made money or fail that, or maybe didn’t give it, give it a hundred percent my full energy, like I should have, you know, so I try this and then my first year maxi, without no experience, no handmade experience I made about $21.

And that’s when my turning point when, because I was like, okay, I just made 21,000 the second year. May I triple? I was able to triple my income. And that’s when I decided, okay. Instead of being all over the place and trying to be like, teach people how to do so many things, let me niche down and, and become an ECC coach and use my experience I already have with the digital.

Towards that. And that’s how I started to become an ECC coach. And that’s how it was able to start making enough to support myself and my family as well.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Wow. That’s a great story. So you literally just went up there shopping and realized, Hey, something’s going on here? Maybe I need to be doing something like this too.

And then you did it and then started teaching other people how

Nancy Badillo: to do it. Exactly. And I will say this because I was in craft. When I started, what I did was I wasn’t selling like wedding stuff. What I did was I saw other stores. I started like researching and I saw stores that were selling like quotes, like music quotes, um, movie quotes.

And I was like, oh, I could do that. So I went to word document, I would create a quote. I would save it as a PDF. I will upload it to my store and I will sell it. So like, I would take a song from like Alicia keys, this girl on fire. And I will sell that for like $3 and people were buying it. I would have had no graphic design skill.

I wasn’t using Photoshop illustrator, nothing. Now I will say this, the downside of doing that was that I didn’t realize that just because everyone else was doing that on Etsy, it wasn’t right because I was, um, doing copyright infringement. So that’s the first thing that the first mistake I made on Etsy and after.

Doing thousands of listings, because it’s really easy to do quotes. I was knocking like 20 listings per day because it’s just a line, save it and upload it to ECC. It was pretty simple. But after I got hit with infringement notices from Maxine and my store was about to get shut down and I was like, okay, let me, let me pump the brakes and learn all about intellectual property.

So I taught myself about it. I had to start all over again, literally took everything out and I was like, you know, I just planned my wedding. I just got married because after this, I already, I started my Etsy store after I got married. Um, even though I went in there looking at it when I got engaged. So I was like, you know what?

I have experienced with weddings now. And I’m kinda like it. So I did a lot of research and I started learning how to. Wedding principals, et cetera. And that’s how I was able to triple my income because I went from like a $2 print, a dollar print, $5 prints to $40 for the sitting chart, $25 for a poster sign, but that’s kind of how my transition went.

It didn’t go as smooth, but to be quite honest, I’m really happy with it because for, for me to do that for my first time in one year to make 21,000 passive income while still working a full-time job, I mean, that was pretty amazing.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, absolutely. I was going to say that when you mentioned the quotes, I’m like, isn’t that copywrite infrigment but, uh, but yeah, I mean, if you see other people doing it, then you’re just like, oh, maybe it’s okay.

Uh, but now, I mean, I was going to talk about the bad note and the, you know, the mistakes in business. Is that, is that the biggest one or do you have another one you wanna share with us that.

Nancy Badillo: Yeah, that has been like one of the biggest, I think the, the biggest mistake, I would say it’s not so much like copyright was small is more of being all over the place.

I think that for me, the reason why it took me so long. To be successful in the digital space was because every time I saw someone else do something, I jumped into that, oh, they’re doing that. Let me try that. Or if you’re not focused on one thing and you’re stretching yourself out to them and you’re trying to serve too many people, um, is a lot harder to grow.

But when your niche. And you just focus on that. It’s so much easier to grow. As soon as I did that, I was able to grow my business. I was able to quit my full-time, my full-time job. And. My new job where my ECC career as a full-time, I was able to make money. I was able to grow my credibility online a lot quicker.

But before that I was doing too many things. I know a lot, which is not a huge mistake, because to be honest, adversity gives you a lot of valuable insight and it’s all of those things I went through. Has made me who I am today. It has given me all these tools that I know about digital marketing, like how to grow a Facebook group.

I’ve been able to grow up to 200,000. My group now has, is about 89,000. How to grow a YouTube channel. Um, hopefully this year we’ll be at a hundred thousand. I’m almost at 91,000. So all of these experiences has helped. You know, for the better, but if I would have probably focused on one thing back then, whether it was blogging, affiliate, marketing, and website creation, whatever it was, I probably would’ve grew a lot quicker and then maybe open different avenues of different things that I wanted to add to it.

That’s I think that’s the biggest mistake. Um, but I always tell people you either win or you learn everything you do online for your business. It’s never really a complete failure because all of these things have prepped me to be where I’m at today. And even though it took a little bit longer than I would’ve liked to, um, I’m actually more mature not to handle everything that comes along with growth as well.

So I’m actually glad that it happened, how it happened and it is what it is. This is my journey. Yep.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. I mean, so valuable everything you just said, because I mean, eventually you’re a hundred percent, right. That you’re going to have to pick something because you can’t just keep on flipping around.

However, flipping around is not necessarily a bad thing because it helps you figure out what it is that you want to do. Right. I mean, if you hadn’t done that, you might’ve ended up choosing something that could have been successful, but you might not have loved it.

Nancy Badillo: Right. Yeah, exactly. And another thing too is when I did XC originally, I didn’t do it because I was passionate about it.

If I’m completely honest, I did it because it was another string of income. It was another way of possibly making money. So what I tell people is like, do you have to be passionate about what you want to. No, but you kind of have to either you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. So you could keep going when those moments that you’re not making any money or you have to be passionate about the outcome, that you will get something, you have to be passionate about something, because if you’re not passionate about it or the.

Then you’re going to quick, easy. It’s going to be, you know, when you don’t make money or things go wrong or you did something you weren’t supposed to do, like a thousand listings of copyright and you got to start all over again. You’re going to be like, oh, screw this. It’s not even worth it. And they’re like, you’re not going to push yourself.

Yeah. I

Tim Melanson: think it’s what, what is it starting with your, why? I think, I think if you don’t have a reason, then you know, anything’s going to knock you over. But, but I think what you say there is really important. Yeah. You may not be passionate about what, the thing that you’re doing, but you can always. Change that in your mind to make it into something that you are passionate about.

Right. And you know, like you said, the outcome. Yeah. Am I super excited about going in and doing Etsy stores? Maybe, maybe not, but I’m super excited about the outcome of being able to provide for

Nancy Badillo: failing. Exactly. And passionate could always grow later for me. That’s what happened originally. I went in with it with the mindset of making money.

And I was going to do whatever it took to make the money. And then afterwards I developed passion. So passion could always grow as well. You could start something that maybe you’re interested or you think will be fun and that it could grow into something that you would’ve never thought. So now I am passionate about principles and digital products is, is pretty amazing to be quite honest.


Tim Melanson: And I think that like a lot of it too comes from. Passion of, you know, seeing the result for the client that you’re helping to, because you know, they’re there, or, or the, the customer that you’re serving because when they get something that they really enjoy and they really love, and that you get that testimonial, that’s, that’s pretty awesome.


Nancy Badillo: really is especially because for me, it was even to the next level, because if I made the physical product, I could actually see it, but with digital products, because that’s what I sold originally. I can never see the D the actual product. So the customers will actually review. With the actual product printed.

And it was such an amazing feeling to see an actual printer. Cause I, I didn’t print it. I just sent you a file. So just to even see it, it was so rewarding and it’s still rewarding till this day because I still have my XC stores, but it was so rewarding to see that. And you’re absolutely right. I love it.

Tim Melanson: Let’s talk about practice makes perfect. Their practice makes progress. I mean, you know, you got to get good at what you’re doing somehow. So how do you approach that?

Nancy Badillo: I think it’s just with time, I think, um, what you have to realize that no matter what niche you go into, you’re going to suck at first, you know, your first video is gonna suck.

Your first XC listing is going to suck. Your first podcast is going to suck. And like originally, like when I started my YouTube channel, because I am an internal. Like all of my videos were screenshare. I never really showed my face. I was actually pregnant at the time as well. And that’s how I started just baby steps.

And a lot of the videos are not sys the right way. You see the little black lines on the, on the side, horrible audio, horrible lighting. But your first of anything you do is going to suck. And as you start doing it more, Your confidence builds up. You, you learn, you know what to do what not to do. You get better at it, but you just got to start.

So you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. So that’s the, the progress, you know, just start where you are. A lot of people over-complicate things. So I don’t have an audience. I don’t have an email list. I don’t, I know so many people that have less followers than me that were making more money than me at one point.

And I was like, eh, and it has nothing to do with the following. It has to do with the connection that you currently have, because you can have a whole bunch of followers and you don’t have no genuine connection. No one’s going to buy from you. Okay. Just Bart where you at don’t compare yourself to know what else.

That’s another one. That’s a huge one for me that I struggle with years. And. Keep going at it and you’ll get better and better and better as you go.

Tim Melanson: Hey, rockstars, it’s Tim here. Hope you enjoy this episode. And if you are, feel free to leave us a review while I’ve got you here, I want to tell you about my business.

Clean crew agency is a one-stop shop for your online business. We provide graphic design websites. Ongoing support hosting and so much more. If you’re looking for a shiny new website or you need some technical help with your current platform, feel free to visit creative crew and book a time to talk now, back to the show.

Absolutely. So now what about getting fans? You mentioned that, you know, how do you go about building that audience, especially, you know, maybe let’s, let’s take ourselves to the beginning when you know, you’re feeling like your stuff is not really that good. How do you go about getting fans when you’re not even really confident about what you’re

Nancy Badillo: doing?

So my strategy, and I think I hear a lot of people talk about this. Like Gary B talks about it and other big bloggers talk about it is give, give, give, give value, or you can like, if you go to my YouTube channel is ridiculous. I have over 780. If you go to my competitors, they got like 40, 50, maybe 80 videos on top.

Why do I have so many compared to them? Because I decided I was going to create this HubSpot of everything in anything you must know about Etsy on top of that for three years straight, not one year, not two months, three year straights I gave free critiques. So people will sign up for my email list. Boom, I’m growing my email list now because they want a free critique that I will go take their store and I will do a full critique on Etsy.

So now other people are learning about how to grow their Etsy store. I’m building credibility, I’m giving stuff for free and I’m giving value. That’s all I did for three years. If you go back, I have over 150 stores that I did for free. I didn’t charge anything. What people now charge now I stopped doing it now because I’m in a stage where I’m growing and I don’t have the time for it because I have over 5,000 students, but that’s what you do in the beginning.

You give. And another thing is. Don’t feel like you don’t have nothing to offer or no, one’s going to listen. Always. I, I forgot who said this, so I apologize. I can’t quote the person always remember, you’re not trying to get the person that knows more than you. You’re trying to teach to the person that knows less than you.

There are going to be so many people that don’t know anything about ECC that will listen to me and be like, oh, she’s an expert. And there’s going to be so many people that might know more than me might have more sales than me, right. That might not necessarily buy from me or think that I’m so special.

So you always have to think always remember that you’re teaching to the people that know less than you. So therefore, when you are teaching, they’re going to feel like, wow, she’s amazing. But if you always provide a lot of value, Then people are going to start following you because at the end of the day, they don’t want fluff.

They want to go to your channel or to your blog or to your website, whatever you’re offering, all they want is value. So start with value that will help you build credibility. That will help you build a loyal fan and, and start providing something. Whether it’s a free critique of their website, if you do website creations, or maybe you do something else, right?

Like you help people grow their Instagram, maybe. Um, you help people take their music take off, right? And you want to give them advice on how to do that, whatever it is, just do that provide a lot of value. That’s all you have to start with. That’s just enough to kind of get you going and be consistent. I mean, I was pregnant and still doing videos.

I mean, the day I got induced to have my son, I was still working. I stopped because the contractions kick I’m like, okay, now it’s about to let me turn off. I even have pictures of it. I’m like working induce about to have a baby and I’m still working. So just be consistent with it. Right.

Tim Melanson: That’s amazing.

That’s that’s so good. And like the analogy with music is so good. Like if you know how to play a few songs and you’re, you know, you’re an okay guitar player, you’re not going to teach anything to Eric Clapton. And, but there are a lot of people that know less than you. So when you think about the market There is a far larger market of people that know less than you than know more than you.

Nancy Badillo: Yeah. And now that you said music, I was, um, I, my, my courses on teachable and, um, I always interact with them on Instagram and I was watching this lady story is, is actually up right now. If you guys go to it, um, this week they, they put it up like a regular post that you could see this lady. I went to her Instagram.

She has like less than 2000 followers, but she teaches piano like how to play piano. And, um, she has shown her revenue on teachable and she was making like six figures, like over 200, like 50,000 or maybe a little less than that, but around. And I was like, wow, like I wish I could just share this to my audience because a lot of people always tell me, oh, it’s easy for you because you have a large following.

I’m like, it doesn’t matter. There’s people that have less than me, a fraction of me. And they’re making more than me when I had more than them. At one point I have more followers than them and they’re killing it. So yes it is it just about value and like you said, you know, there’s so many people out there, they know a lot, like.


Tim Melanson: Yeah. And it’s about courage and getting out there and doing it and, you know, you’ll find out. Right. So let’s talk about instruments, success. Like what, what do you use for instruments or tools to get success?

Nancy Badillo: I think, um, this goes for majority of businesses out there. Um, one of the most important things to do is have an email.

Because when you start building your business, um, and you’re using different platforms, whether you’re using ECC, you renting a space there. Whether you have Instagram, you renting a space there. Whether you have Tik TOK, you renting a space there at any given moment. If you’re a Congress suspended or you do something that you weren’t supposed to, you literally almost have to start all over again.

But if you have an email. That you have built some type of following. You could always say, Hey, I have my own website. I’m going to be using that instead of XC. So follow me there now. Or I’m still, I don’t have Instagram no more. You don’t have to tell him he got suspended, but, um, we’re gonna be using more Facebook we’re there, you know, and then send them an email there.

Email marketing is really important. I think that for many people, they don’t really understand that because they’re never had success with it, or they never really tried it. And it just goes with anything in life. When you don’t understand the value of something, you don’t take it as serious. For me, email marketing is crucial.

It’s like, it is something that I have for years that I, I knew that I gave that advice to other people. This is another thing we tend to do. Self-sabotage our own selves. We give advice to other people like, yeah, you need to do that, but then you don’t do it yourself. Right? Because you’re scared of emails.

Like me, English is my second language. So grammar is not the best or you don’t know what to write or whatever excuse it is. But email marketing is really crucial, is important for any type of business to grow. Um, I think the second thing is. What I realize is the power of video, the power of coming in video, like in the beginning, I didn’t want to put my face on anything.

My, all of my thumbnails, if you go back to my old videos and I’m not lying, just go back to my channel is thumbnails of other people. I never did it because one I’m an introvert too. I don’t look a certain ways. I’m like, self-conscious, you know, obviously that’s a woman and then it’s like the introvertness took over me.

And it, the moment that I started showing my face. The moment that I started putting my pictures on thumbnails. The moment I started doing Instagram stories, the moment I did all that, my audience told me I am so happy to see you. The moment I did that, my business grew even more. I got more followers, I got more money.

I got more credibility. I got more comments. I got more people actually telling me it’s so nice to see you in camera because. You know, I seen I’ve watched the last year and never seen you on camera, maybe one or twice. So video is powerful. It’s not going anywhere is growing. So the faster you do it, the easier it will get.

And yes, many people are so scared to put themselves out there. They’re scared of what other people would think. They’re scared of. Whatever, you know, reasoning behind it, maybe by their looks, whatever, but video marketing is so important to make a real connection with your audience. That’s the second thing.

And the third thing that I would say tools is connections. That’s my. Of the years, connections, making sure that I’m making genuine connections instead of saying, Hey Tim, thanks for watching my video saying, Hey Tim, thanks for watching the video. What part of it did you like? How can I help you? How can I serve you?

What is something that you would like me to do on my next video? That’s what I’m doing this year is how can I genuinely build a relationship with someone versus trying to rush to the next person? The retention, whoever follows you right now is really, really important to focus on retention. We’re always trying to focus on the new lead, the new sale, the new, this, the new that focus on is important to get new leads obviously was important also to focus on that retention on that person because that person could drive more people back to you as well.

Word of mouth reputation, brand awareness, addition to that, they will start liking your videos all the time or whatever you’re posting Instagram. Your new block poles or new product that will refer for you for free, just because you made a genuine connection. Everybody out here is trying to, you know, I’ll do each other, but if you just focus on connecting with people, it makes such a huge difference.

Um, so video connections, email marketing, and just getting yourself out there. Um, don’t try to master every platform. Pick one platform. That you like or peak the platform that you notice. Okay. I get more interaction on Instagram than I do on Facebook or here or here, focus on that, master it. And then once you feel confident, maybe work on another platform, but don’t overstress yourself too much.

Don’t get overwhelmed, do little things. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Tim Melanson: Wow. That was so much value so quickly. And you know what I figured just explained why not everybody is. Because all of those things you just said are like, not really, they’re simple, but they’re not easy. You know, it’s simple to set up on me an email list, but it’s not easy.

It’s simple to take a video of yourself and show your face, but it is not easy. And it’s simple to ask someone a question rather than just thanking them, but it’s not easy. So. Well done. I hope people are going to be listening to that and going, okay. I get it now, right?

Nancy Badillo: Yeah. But it definitely makes a huge difference and I struggle with everything and I try to.

As transparent as possible because I don’t want you to look at me and be like, oh, well she grew her shine on the last three years, she saw three three-year success. No, I’ve been at this for 13 years in my March and for the first like nine, eight years I’m I didn’t even make enough to quit my job, but something inside of me, I knew I was gonna, my plan a is make money online.

Plan B is, let me get a marketing. On marketing. So if this doesn’t work, that’s how much I love marketing. I want to stick with this. And I actually ended up working at an ad agency for five years. So I got more experience in the digital space. So that’s how much I loved it. I just kept going through it, even though I was making mistakes or not focusing, which was my biggest mistake, like writing, not niching down and focusing on something, growing my brand and then pivoting and trying different.

Tim Melanson: Oh, okay. I think people are starting to think, Hey, when’s Nancy’s guests solo. So let’s do that now. It’s exciting. Nearby.

Nancy Badillo: So it was exciting. And my business is that I like, I, like you mentioned him. I help Etsy sellers scale their ECC shop to the next level. What makes me different from everyone else that, and I don’t say this to brag.

This is a humble brag. Is that one? I actually have a private Facebook. Where I’m there Monday through Sunday. You read it, you heard it right on there. Monday through Sunday. I have, I have a pin thread on top of the group. So whenever you’re, if you end up signing up for my Etsy mastery course, and when. You know, stuck in a lesson or you have a question directly for me, you could add it in that thread.

And I will answer within 24 hours or less that’s guarantee Monday through Sunday, I never missed if something happens, like my son was sick. Um, this whole week I will let you guys know, you know, my son is sick, but I’m still checking in and what was in there for some reason. Um, so that’s one thing. You get a lot of support from me.

I’m not one of those admins that you see, you know, I sign you up and then you never see me. So I’m there. So that’s what makes me different. Another thing is my course is eight course or nine courses. In one. So you get the ECC course, which is basically how to start Madison girl. So whether you are just starting and you have no idea what to sell, or you are a seasoned seller, and you’re trying to scale it to the next level, this course is for both people.

In addition to that, you get eight additional courses on top of that. So you get courses like how to use a Facebook group to. To, um, grow a rating group of members that will love your products. I have, I have grown groups up to 200,000. My largest group right now has 89, 90,000 around there. So I have a lot of experience in that.

Um, I have another course on Instagram. I have another course on how to use your Facebook profile as a sales funnel. I have a course on that. Um, I have a course on Pinterest that you get, I guess. 1.5 million monthly impressions on Pinterest. So I have a lot of experience with it. Um, you get that in addition in the future, I’m going to be adding email marketing on the course as well.

So any additional stuff I add you get, so you get a whole bunch. And to be honest, um, I used to charge five and 97 for my course, which is a steal even I find 97. And when my husband in 2019, got diagnosed with cancer, bring how to bring to. Went through our operating. Um, I actually lowered the price because I didn’t have the time to, um, launch and close launch and close, and I was going through a lot.

So I lowered the price on this. Probably the best thing to have done. Um, for many people, a lot of people told me you should be charging a way more, but I only charge $47 for my course. So not only are you getting nine courses, you get the support of me 24 7 plus, you’re getting it at a very affordable.

Now I am planning to raise the price in the future. Um, but as of right now, it’s still at 47 for anyone out there that is in need. And I did that because of COVID. And I did that because I’m fortunate enough that I make enough through affiliate marketing. That I wanted to do more for my community. So some people might call me dumb for doing that.

For me, it’s just like helping as many people as I can. So that’s what makes me different. And that’s what I’m doing. I have, um, for those that cannot afford it, which I, I understand I need 47 is really cheap, but if you can’t, I understand. Cause I hit bank. I was bankrupt. At one point I had lost my house.

At one point I had so many parking tickets for. Parking places where I couldn’t park because I had three jobs and I had no other shot, no the option, but to park there. Um, I understand. So for those of you that can’t afford it. I have so many free resources. Like I said, in the beginning, I have a shadow that has over 700 videos.

I mean, I don’t know anyone else in my niche that had that much free content for people and I post regularly on my Instagram everywhere else as well. So I have a tons and tons of content for you. Yeah.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Wow. I was not expecting you to say $47. I really wasn’t. So, I mean, if you’re listening to this, that’s that it’s a crazy, crazy deal.

I’ve never heard anything like that before. Um, I wouldn’t say dumb, maybe crazy.

Thank you so much for rocking out with me today. Oh, wait. Before we go, where do we find.

Nancy Badillo: Oh, of course. Um, I do apologize. Um, you could just easily just go to my website, Nancy, but And when you go there, you’ll find everything we talked about from YouTube to my blog content, to my courses. Um, and all the services that I offer are all in that one place, Nancy, but each of the account.

Tim Melanson: And that’s N a N C Y B a D I L L Awesome. Thank you so much. Rock rocking. It would be saying Nancy.

Nancy Badillo: Thank you. Thank you for having me. Thank you guys.

Tim Melanson: And to their listeners. We’ll see you next time on the work at home rockstar podcast.

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