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Sep 5, 2022 | Gathering Fans, Instruments of Choice, PodCast, Practice Makes Progress, Season 3

Season 3 / Episode #83 : Paul Alex

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Back-Story

Paul Alex is a former law enforcement officer turned entrepreneur. He has experience in sales and digital marketing. He founded Automation Services to help clients establish their first ATM locations. The company has helped educate an excess of over 29,000 aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide regarding the ATM industry and currently has over 1,000 clients enrolled in their ATM Automation program.

Show Notes

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In This Episode:
[0:00] Intro
[0:19] Paul’s story of inspiring success
[8:03] What didn’t go as planned for Paul?
[14:09] Why do other people find it hard to believe in your dreams?
[20:27] Marc Mawhinney from Natural Born Coaches shares his experience with Tim and Creative Crew Agency
[21:09] What is Paul’s approach to getting good at what he does?
[25:26] Audience and fans
[31:42] What are the tools he uses to succeed in his business?
[38:21] What is exciting in Paul’s business right now?
[42:28] Who would benefit the most in their business?
[44:19] Outro


Read Transcript

Tim Melanson: And welcome to today’s episode of the work at home rockstar podcast, excited for today’s guest.

He’s the founder and CEO of ATM together, and he helps aspiring entrepreneurs set themselves up with their own business and build passive income. Everybody likes that. Excited to be rocking out today with Paul, Alex. Hey, Paul. You ready to rock? Absolutely.

Paul Alex: Let’s do this.

Tim Melanson: All right. We always start off here in a good note.

So tell me a story of success in your business or your life that we can be inspired by.

Paul Alex: No, absolutely. Tim. Um, so I like to tell people whenever I tell my background story, I’m, I’m no one. I’m actually a nine to fiver. I’m a regular person, no special skills, um, was raised in a normal, you know, uh, I would, I would say even, uh, low income household, uh, originally from san Francisco, California, uh, Got into law enforcement.

I’m actually a retired detective at the age of, you could say 34 now, um, dated for about seven years. And I’ve always been into entrepreneurship. I mean, since the age of 18 man, but it was always serial entrepreneurship. So I was always getting into different, uh, avenues. So it still continued as I went into law enforcement and.

I eventually ran into a very simple business. That one I was able to do at home. I was able to do it at my time off, which I didn’t have that much time off, man. I only had like a day out of the week. I would work so much overtime. Right. What I like to call blood money. So I figured out, Hey, you can end up owning.

An automated teller machine. And for anyone who’s listening or watching right now, ATMs those little machines that you see at the gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, all that jazz. Right? So. I was like, wow, I didn’t know that an actual normal person like me can own it. So when I found that out, I did a little bit of research.

I ended up going ahead and purchasing my first six, installing them within a couple months. And then by the third month, I was able to generate $3,000 in passive income. And this was phenomenal. It was actually eye opening for me because it broke my limiting beliefs. You know, like whenever you tell anybody Tim, like, yeah, I got this great idea.

It’s gonna be awesome.

And then they’re like, well, have you done it?

Or, you know, where’s the proof. Ultimately people wanna see you succeed on it first. So that was my situation. I ended up succeeding. And then I grew it, I grew it to 30

locations in Northern California filled a five figure income while

I was still work in my nine to five, which is phenomenal.

You can’t

really do that with a lot of

businesses, especially if you’re trying to build it like a home base business. Right. So then I took that idea. and I was like, I need to like

spread the word. You know, I’ve always been big on helping people. I get a lot of fulfillment from it, which is one of the main reasons why I did law enforcement in the past.

And ultimately I created a company called ATM and that launched in January

of 2021.

This is after not being on social media. For

six to seven years, man. So I was like out

the loop, you know, I, I still remember going like on a date and, uh, the, the girl, she was like, Hey, what’s your Instagram.

And I was just like, I don’t

have any social media. And she

thought I was weird. Yep. You know, , she’s like

Tim Melanson: red flag, red flag.

Paul Alex: exactly. She’s like, what’s

up of weirdo. Are you? And I was just like, I mean, I just,

I, I. Don’t have one. Sorry. So then going and actually being exposed to social media for what it is now.

I mean, there’s so much information out there, man. And ultimately I was just like, wow, you got some really successful entrepreneurs here. So it opened up my, my mind. I was just like, you know, I should. Be able to do this too. You know, I, I could, I could talk to people. So ultimately, um, I joined Facebook. That was the first social media platform I joined and I joined a bunch of Facebook groups.

Very first thing I did, man. I know it sounds old school. Some people are probably listening to is like, what. You know, but that’s what

I did. And there’s actually quite a bit of different communities.

So whether you’re into like position or, or music or anything, you could find a Facebook group on any niche. It’s cool. So I, I joined a couple ATM, uh, niche based groups and ultimately the community was very, you could say dry there wasn’t really someone. Educating or motivating newbies and, you know, somebody’s completely green trying to get into it. It was also, it, it was almost like it was reverse, man. Like you had a lot of OGs in the industry that were like, Hey.

Get outta here. Like, we don’t wanna tell you our secrets because Hey locations are everything with this business. Right. So they want to keep everything for themselves. And I was like, well, let me build a group. So it literally started with like me and like three of my friends that I invited. Right. And it grew.

And here to date right now. It is

Marc Mawhinney: July

Paul Alex: 8th, 2022. So I launched it, I believe around

April of 2020. And we’re

currently at 31,000 members. It’s crazy how social media can expand your business. Yep. So from that, I ended up doing weekly lives for the last year and a half. Every single Tuesday, man, no matter what I had, COVID like three times I still went on those lives and presented, you know, just educating people.

And the cool part about this is the fact that a lot of people are like, it’s the fact that you one were a nine to five. To law enforcement, which is weird, right. It’s just like, how do you go from law enforcement to like now digital marketers slash like

entrepreneur? Yeah. It’s, it’s weird. People are always like, huh, but at the end

of the day,

I share it from experience.

It’s not hearsay. It’s not stuff that

I’ve learned from other people. No, it’s

from my own experience, I’ve been in the industry for a little bit over six years now in the ATM industry, coming into digital

marketing. I’ve been able to learn

how to market myself, but not only market myself, but make my actual company grow at ATM together.

And since I launched it in January, 2021, here are some stats for anyone who is listening, I’ve been able to help. Over 1100 clients nationwide. Okay. We’re

talking about everywhere in the United States,

uh, establish their own businesses. And what do I mean by that? I mean, we provide them with the actual machines we provide ’em with the education, the mentorship, and I was even able to establish a call center.

So we’re able to find the locations. For our clients. So if you really think about it, what else is there left to do? Realistically, will we need like a day or two of your time? And we will build out a full long business for your turnkey within four to six weeks. So the project ATM that created it’s helped.

So many people it’s changed

so many lives and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get into that. in a little bit. It’s uh, it’s phenomenal.

What social media can do for business owners right now, especially when you’re trying to start a business. Hey,

from your house, right. Wow.

Tim Melanson: Wow. That’s awesome, man. What, what a great journey that was, so, okay.

Let’s, let’s pull you down here from the clouds. cause not anything goes as planned. And, uh, we do talk about the bad note here. So, you know, I mean, that’s, that’s a great story. I’m sure there, there were some things that didn’t go as well as you would. Would’ve liked. So is there anything that you can share with us that, you know, didn’t go that well and how we can, you know, recover or avoid it?

Paul Alex: Oh, yeah, man. I mean, I, I that’s the thing with me. I like to keep it real. And that’s actually part of my brand,

you know, that’s part of how I market and people can really relate to that, you know? So let’s talk about the bad. Yeah, for sure. Entrepreneurship, it’s a roller coaster, uh, ride, just

like, you know, like right now, like.

Crypto how it’s going up and down that’s entrepreneurship. That’s just, that’s basic. That’s the analogy that I could explain to you guys. Yeah. Hey, trust me. I got my fair share in, in, in crypto, right? So I’m like, Ooh, but I’m gonna let it hold, man. I’m gonna let it hold. But with that being said, guys, um, yeah, so let’s start.

The initial

idea of me starting a side business in law enforcement. Okay. Cause there was always,

always good. You know, everybody’s always pumped

up when they


that idea and they’re like, this is gonna be amazing. This is gonna be that one opportunity to change my life. Well, Not everybody

around your circle and your life

might see it like that.

Right? Because you see an opportunity. Somebody else might say what opportunity, you know, because they don’t see what you see. It’s your vision, it’s your life. So ultimately,

um, when I

first started with the ATM

venture, when I first started when first six, um, Oh like family members, friends. Ex-girlfriend very negative about it.

So the, the fact that, um,

I couldn’t really share the excitement. I couldn’t share the journey going into entrepreneurship was hard. Um, and that’s

one of the, I would say that downfalls to entrepreneurship is simply that you have

to prepare your mindset. You have to prepare your mindset in order to go on this right


I’m gonna tell you this right now. I’ve I’ve worked almost every single unit in law enforcement

in my past seven years

and entrepreneurship

by far.

Is way harder than law enforcement and corporate sales, which I was in corporate sales for six years before that management and all that jazz. I mean, entrepreneurship is the most fulfilling thing you’ll ever do, but it’s also,

uh, it will test you.

It will test you for sure.


I would say that would be the first. The second. Okay. Is when I was actually

building my

business. And this is something no one talks about. Right? You see all these gurus, all these

successful people on, on IG or on, you know, social media. And they always talk about the gut.

They always talk about the gut, but there’s also

bad. There’s, there’s

there’s pain that they don’t talk about to get to that success guys. So ultimately, when I first started in the ATM industry, I can say. Because I’m very comfortable with saying this it’s simply that I had a chip on my shoulder when I first started it guys.

And it’s because I was

in sales before law enforcement, you know, I was in management before law

enforcement and I was just like, I could do this. I could throw on the suit and then go close some deals for these ATMs. You know, it should be easy. I got it. Well, I learned very quick. Uh, within my first month I installed the, the six ATMs for only half.

Or profitable. The other first three only made me 50 bucks and I had spent literally thousands upon thousands of dollars investing into these ATMs gas. Um, the tools needed to install. ’em like all that stuff.

Right. And it was heartbreaking as

an entrepreneur, especially a new entrepreneur. You’re excited about it.

And. To see your business not actually succeed right away. That’s what de deters majority of new entrepreneurs, new businesses, their first year is people willing to go over that hump. Right? So ultimately, what did I do? I invested in myself self education is the biggest thing I could tell anybody to invest in themselves.

If you don’t have that much money right now to invest in the actual business, invest the educat. And I’m not referring to going to college, taking out like hundreds of thousand dollars to go to college. But I’m, I’m talking about just what you specifically are interested in, whether it’s ATMs, whether it is real estate wholesaling, uh, you know, there’s a lot

of day traders right now, trying to figure out what they’re, what they’re gonna do, uh, these next couple months, right?

At the end of the day, whatever it is,

there are successful people online that are willing to share their experience, but there’s one or two things you’re gonna have to do. One is you’re gonna have to pay for the information, cuz nothing in life is free or two provide value in order for you to get that


And those are the two things I always tell people, you’re either gonna pay

with money or you’re gonna

pay with time.

At the end of the day, nothing is free.

So. I ended up getting a mentor and he

showed me phenomenal strategies within the ATM industry. Guy has thousands upon thousands of ATMs nationwide.

And that was the turning point. I relocated reinstalled my first three ATMs. And within three months of doing that, having the mentor and all that jazz. $3,000 in passive income that broke my limiting beliefs. And I was just like, I can do this.

Tim Melanson: Man. There’s so much to unpack in that in that response. like the, I mean, so let’s talk about the first part that you were talking about, about, uh, the people around you, you know, sort of being negative about things.

And I, I gotta admit this was something that kind of caught me off guard too. Like I I’ve been an entrepreneur in some way for about 20 years. It was, uh, I’ve been self-employed full time for 15 and then five years before that, you know, dabbling part. and man, like you go, you go and talk to your family and friends, super excited about this idea that you just heard about and you’re, and they’re just like poo poo and all over it.

and like, not only that, but like making fun of you in front of all your other friends and stuff like, oh, teams could go for his dreams. Like, and, and this, this surprised me because, you know, W like people will, will sort of like, you know, especially on social media, you know, you know, love and light and, you know, , you know, be supportive of everybody around and they do not support you for the most part.

And I think, I don’t think they’re do being malicious on purpose. I think it’s one of those things where, uh, they are sort of trying to protect you. Without getting into your head they don’t realize that that, I mean, Hey, you know, everybody is their own person and some people are gonna be successful in adventure and some people are not, and most people are not.

And I get that. So I think they’re kind of trying to maybe test your belief in yourself. Would they, what do you think? Why, why do you think that they, that they do that

Paul Alex: comfort? It’s comfort.

At the end of the day, I believe that

majority of us, I can even say this about myself. Even now I get comfortable.

And I actually like it when I have either peers, uh, or, or, or a loved one, call me out and say, well, you’re getting comfortable. I like that. It keeps me accountable

at the end of the day. Right when we hit a goal and this is something I learned in entrepreneurship. I’m, I’m sure Tim, you being an entrepreneurship for so long, man.


mean kudos to you, man. Not everyone can say that I’ve been an entrepreneurship for 15 years. That’s amazing. First

off, but in my short term, uh, entrepreneurship career where full-time entrepreneurship, basically, I could say the past two years, um,



learned. Once you hit

your first goals, right?

Let’s say you have short term goals, long term goals, and you hit

those goals. Now it’s time to develop new skills and keep growing with, I believe society right now

is a lot of people

are comfortable. A lot of people are comfortable. A lot of people

are comfortable at their job. A lot of people want easy money at

the end of the day, social media.

I’m not gonna completely blame them, but it does do an impact. It makes it look like it’s easy. Agreed to be

an entrepreneur, man. Yeah. You know, and entrepreneur, I

don’t know if you agree on this, but entrepreneurs are the new celebrities.

That’s the way I saw it. When I looked on social

media, I was like, why does everybody have entrepreneur as like their.

It’s crazy, right? Yeah. So, so at the end of the day, I mean, my saying to anyone is just don’t get comfortable. And, and I know it sounds cliche, cuz you’ll hear all these big time entrepreneurs successful folks say, Hey, you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable, but it’s true. You really do. Yeah. I mean, I tell you this.

The way that I’m speaking right now, wasn’t like how I was able to speak on camera a year ago. Dude. I’ll tell you right now. I was like,

stuttering, I’m sweating. I was like, oh yeah, you know, but it’s just, it’s a perishable

skill. I had to keep doing it, doing it. And that’s why I consistently did. My weekly lives inside of my Facebook group, ATM business for beginners because it’s good practice.

And now check this out, man. Never thought this would happen in two weeks. I’m flying out to Atlanta, Georgia for the very first time to speak at a business conference in front of 600 people regarding my services regarding my back.

Basically, you know, what the listeners are listening to right now, but it’s gonna be in front of live people.

Do I feel scared? No. And the only reason why I see that is simply because I know what I’m doing now. And it’s just because I’ve been able to practice it. I’ve been able to get out of my comfort zone. You know, there’s, there’s a barrier that we all have to surpass and now it’s like, all right, cool. This is, this is normal to me now.

Yeah. Right. So people are very afraid of the unknown. I’ve experienced it in law enforcement, man. I experienced it in the business corporate world. When I, when I told people, Hey, I want to be a detective when I was like a rookie in law enforcement. First thing my CA my academy mates did was like, Try to down me and say like, oh, you’re not gonna be a detective dude.

Like you suck. Like, you know, it’s, it is just the way it is. People like to be comfortable. So whoever’s listening right now. Get uncomfortable, go for whatever you wanna do. Life’s too short. You know, I, I don’t even remember my twenties, man. I’m 34. I don’t even remember my twenties. It’s crazy. So

Tim Melanson: yeah. Yeah.

Well, Hey, and you know, what, if, if, if when someone like, you know, tries to tear you down like that and it fires you up well, you’re, you’re probably right for this business. but if it, but if it totally, you know, deflates and Hey, you know, I get it, it’s going to deflate you. That’s for sure. But if it, but if you flip around, if it flips around and all of a sudden not you’re like, no, no, no, you know what, no, I can do this.

Then, you know, this is the right place for you. Uh, but you had mentioned practice. So let’s talk a little bit about that.

Marc Mawhinney: Hi, it’s mark ma from natural born coaches and I want to give two very big thumbs up to Tim Lanson and his creative crew agency. I have been using them for a long time and I am 100% happy.

They get the job done, right. They’re fast. And they let me focus on my business. I don’t have to worry about anything. So again, I want to give them two very big thumbs up. I have no problem recommending them. I don’t give testimonials for everyone because my name is attached to it, but I gladly do so for Tim and the creative crew agency.

So use them. You won’t regret. And good luck,

Tim Melanson: uh, because you know, to get good at anything you’ve, you’ve gotta practice. So what is your approach to getting good at what you do?

Yeah, absolutely. That’s a great question. So my approach

Paul Alex: to getting what to do, I analyze myself. So I was before, okay. I would not have any type of self accountability.

And the way I look at things

is how, and I do this every single month guys. So if you guys want to do this, you guys could go ahead. Um, I recommend. If the


or the viewers right now who are watching this, if you do not have a whiteboard buy a whiteboard. Okay. If, uh,

you think the, the whiteboards are expensive

on Amazon, then here, here’s a go, uh, golden tip for you guys.

Just go a D I Y on YouTube. Do it yourself. Whiteboard. You could do it for like 30 bucks. It’s great. I’ve done it before, but get a whiteboard and on there. Write two boxes or draw

out two boxes and put what are your best characteristics

and your worst characteristics. And then see, pick one of

your worst characteristics and see how you can

improve on that.


I’m a big believer now on self education. Now that I’ve invested over a hundred thousand dollars in the past two years

and myself, I’m, I’m not talking about

college, man. I’m actually a college dropout. I, I dropped out before going to the four year, uh, from community college,

went against what my parents said.

They’re like, go to school, go to school, go to school. I was like, I gotta go to work. Like, I, I don’t like living with my parents. I don’t like, you know, I want to go do my own thing, be independent. And I was able to do. You

know, um, everybody

else, my family, my, my two sisters, my mom,

everybody they’re all medical professionals.

So I come from like,

like the black

sheep of, of the family, but I’m,

you could say I’ve hit like the most success. Um, and, and the family, just because I’ve chased what I’ve wanted to truly do. Um,

Now I even have my siblings, some of them they’re like double thinking. They’re like, Hmm, right. But at the end of the day to get back to practicing, um, whiteboard, choose your worst characteristics,

and then see if you could buy a book.

Or a program that will

help you develop your skills,

um, towards

developing that worst characteristic because all of us, even at the 1% of the 1%, right. And the NBA,

um, uh, you know, yesterday I went to a, a ball game and,

you know, I was talk, I was talking to, to my buddy and I was like, do you think some of these baseball players.

They, they really like stand there and just analyze their crowd. And they’re just like, wow, like this is crazy, right? Like what tens of thousands of people watching them and, you know, it’s, it’s a very interesting question. And I was like, no, no, they don’t because they got used to it. You know why they got used to it because they practice so much.

And that’s what it is. We’re all scared of the unknown. Yeah. So just wait until you do it again and do it again and do it again. Just like how I was talking about presenting on, you know, podcasts or doing live presentations online. I mean, my first, from, from the first live video I’ve ever done to now, it’s a dramatic change.

Completely different person went from like a

stuttering, nervous,

you know, fresh digital marketer to now more of a season. Cool call ’em collective can provide the information can interact, um, but it all takes practice guys, and it really comes with keeping yourself accountable. That’s the key. Yeah.

Tim Melanson: Yeah.

Now, okay. So we live in a world right now where it’s, it’s really easy to get an audience, actually, you know, you mentioned all these, you know, all these, uh, uh, you know, this huge audience in a stadium or whatever. Uh, but, but let’s make a distinction between an audience and fans, because you could have a massive audience and a lot of people watching you.

But that’s really not gonna get you sales. You’ve gotta convert that audience to fans. So what’s your approach on, you know, you know, getting people from that, you know, just looking at you to actually liking

you. Yeah, no, absolutely. And I, I love this question

Paul Alex: because this is what I’m focusing on the most.

Right now, it is, um, actually teaching. Okay. Teaching how to brand yourself. I think the market nowadays, especially in 2022, whoever’s listening, whoever has a home based business. Um, you need to realize that if you are not in the mix within your company, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. And the reason why I say this is because a lot of the marketing online, it’s going.

Influencer marketing. So you are the brand, you are the face. People want to hear your story. What makes you unique? What makes you special? And I think the number one reason why ATM together had the level of success. It did its first year was just simply because Hey. My websites, weren’t the best. I didn’t have the best funnels.

I didn’t have the best gizmos or tracking or any of that. I’m actually pretty bad at logistics. Uh, so I hired a CEO for my company to do that. I’m more of the creative side. Right. But what I do know is marketing and marketing is people to people selling. That’s what it is. So if you are able to clearly communicate one, your.

Right. And picking an offer that there’s an actual void. Okay. There has to be a void in the niche that you’re in. And if you can’t find that void. Then, what you need to do is you need to do research. You need to do your market research, just like these big corporations. And this is something that I’ve learned.

Like I said, guys, I’ve invested hundreds of thousand dollars or over a hundred thousand dollars

in my self education from different programs

from guys like, you know, Dan Henry, um,

you know, great Facebook groups like clients

and community, like

all these D. Marketers that are very, very successful in marketing.

Um, but the key thing that I learned from them guys is that you have to have a phenomenal background story. So just like you heard my story. Okay. I really had to look at my journey cuz not everybody can articulate, clearly communicate their. But if you really sat down, right, and you tell people, look, this is everything that I’ve been through.

This is the transition from, you know, a to Z. And then ultimately, this is how I was able to build what I’m trying to offer you guys right now, people all day are gonna resonate with that. You’re gonna get fans. You’re not just gonna get clients, you’re gonna get fans. And the reason why I say. is simply because every single Tuesday.

Okay guys, I’m gonna go back to it that I do these live presentations. I have people that have been in the group for a year and we’ll jump on these calls, right? Consultation calls with some of these clients and the client’s like, yeah, I’ve been watching Paul since the beginning, since like a year and a half ago.

And my consultants are like, so what’s making you buy now. You know, I just gotta how to analyze it. So people, it is just, people are individuals. That’s something you guys have to realize, right? So you’re gonna build your own fan base. And this goes back into being an influencer in the marketing space.

Just like you said, Tim, it is actually pretty simple to get your, your audience now because of how access. Everything else, man, like it’s crazy. Right? You can literally broadcast yourself to the entire world, but you have to get your messaging, right. You have to get your offer. Right. And if, and if you, you have an issue.

Explaining communicating what you are trying to offer your actual fan base, then that’s, what’s gonna create the hiccup. That’s what’s gonna create your roadblock. You wanna make sure that you have a clear offer that people see value in. And then on top of that, be a servant leader. Be a servant be about the people.

So if you truly get people results, guess what, what is that gonna generate you? Referrals, client results. Yeah. Social proof, man. Majority 99% of my marketing is literally my clients standing next to their ATM proud. And it’s because they’re proud of it because they

never. A year ago before

they, before they even knew about us in our network, that they would ever own a ATM or even start a business.

So it blows their mind. They’re like, wow, this is amazing. And now they tell their story cuz I wanna, I wanna hear about it. And that’s the first thing I ask anyone when I talk to them, I was like, so tell me about yourself. Like, what’s your story? Like, let’s, let’s talk like a casual conversation, you know?

So it’s, it’s awesome.

But it has to be value driven.

and it has to be clear. So the client knows

where it’s coming from, who it’s coming from. And ultimately

if you’re not the face, if you’re not actually promoting the product,

you need to start doing that because you’re leav a lot of money on the table.


Tim Melanson: it. Okay. So you mentioned a few things like websites and stuff like that. Uh, what are the tools that you use to get success in your business?

Yeah, absolutely. Great question.

Paul Alex: So, uh,

you, you guys are gonna find this sort of weird. I know a lot of markers were like what, when I first told them this, but I had built,

uh, a 1.7 million online business guys.

Okay. With 40%, um, basically net profit, uh, off of just a single Facebook. Just a single Facebook group, no website. Yeah. Um, no IG


now. Um, I didn’t have social media for six, seven years. Six, seven years. Right. So me coming to space, I picked Facebook cuz I was comfortable with it. and ultimately I took Facebook and got the group and built the community.

and it goes back to building your fan base, man, you know, ultimately value,

value, value.

And then at the end of the day, when people start asking, like, why are you doing this? To help you out. What else they’re like, can I buy something from you? People actually get, you actually ask you that they’re like, do you sell anything?

I’ll support you

because you provide so much value. They wanna help you out too. You’ve helped ’em out so much,


know? Um, so at the end of day, a couple of the tools that I’ve used. Uh,

I like using active campaign for my email list. Uh, I like using, uh, simple texting, simple texting is phenomenal. So for all my, uh, my techies listening to this, if you guys want.

A higher success rate of opt-ins for your messaging. Let’s say you’re promoting a live webinar. Let’s say you’re promoting a product. Um, I just did this yesterday for one of my special promotions. We ended up getting 34, uh, consultants book or consultations booked, uh, within a couple hours. Uh, and this is for a high ticket offer guys.

So, uh, simple texting is the way to go. Uh, but it’s a combination of basically your email list. Your, uh, text lists, SMS, um, and then your, uh, Facebook group. And if you don’t have a Facebook group and you’re a digital marketing company, or you have an online business, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

Um, the biggest, biggest I could say leverage right now is still the groups. I would actually tell people if you’re gonna do a website. Okay. Do your. I think websites are awesome. And the reason why I say this, Tim websites are awesome because it shows that you’re authentic one. And then you can really go into deep details about your company, about you.

I mean, if you go, if anybody wants to check out ATM, while they’re listening to this, go ahead and check it out. The first thing you see on there is me, my story, my family. And then I start talking about my clients. And that’s it.

I really don’t. I’m not like I’m not

big. I’m always been a little key guys.

So you’ll see exactly who the company is about. You know, what we stand for, our morals, all that jazz. I even have like the display of all the, the, the employees that work for me. So the great, the great thing about having the website is that you can funnel. Okay. All my

guys are, are, are guys and gals are in two funnels.


You go on the website and you can funnel them back to the Facebook group. Yeah. And I would say that is one of the

most important

features right now in 2022. And moving forward is to do that and the reason why.

Okay. And I’m gonna end up, I’m gonna end this this answer with this is

simply because if.

That current prospect or client doesn’t buy right away. Now they’re in your world, in your Facebook group. So what’s gonna end up happening. They’re gonna see your promotions. They’re gonna see your live trainings. They’re gonna see your content. They’re gonna see the, the, the success, social proof. So ultimately they’re gonna come back just like I said earlier, I’ve had.

Prospects that hit me up after a year. And they were like, yeah, I saw

you build this thing from like

zero to where it’s at right now,

31,000 members. And it’s crazy. They’re like good for you, man. I’m ready to buy how

much, you know? So ultimately, um,


that, that would be the, the biggest golden nugget could give to anybody.

Facebook groups. If you guys are not doing it.


Tim Melanson: No, I, I agree. A hundred percent. And, and I mean, you mentioned a couple things too, that I wanna make sure that people understand is that, uh, you know, it is possible to build your whole business on Facebook, but, uh, you don’t own Facebook and you know, all the social media platforms, we’re seeing it right now.

There’s like weird stuff going on. I had my, my music page taken down. Like, I don’t know why it’s just it’s down now. Apparently I did something wrong and, uh, and you don’t really own those things. So it is really important to have them funneling into something that you own, like a website, a, a mailing list.

You know, you mentioned all those tools. You know, use your Facebook groups, cuz those are your communities and you know, it, it makes sense. I mean, those are the new meetups, you know, people are online now. So, you know, you might as well have those things in place and then funnel them into something that you own so that if something happens, you know, everything hap you know, your Facebook group gets deleted.

Well, you can just fire up another social media platform or even another page and you still own what you already have. Right? Yeah. And like you said earlier, you can just funnel into the new. Right.

No, absolutely. Tim you’re you’re you’re on the target. My friend, I mean, uh, Facebook groups yes. Is,

Paul Alex: is, is, is

good for marketing purposes.

But like Tim said, uh, your email list, your text message list. You’re funnel you’re, you’re gonna funnel through

this whole process, but ultimately you need a optin page. Right. And where’s your

Marc Mawhinney: optin page gonna be? It’s gonna be on

Paul Alex: your website, so that’s right. Uh, website’s

always good. Um,

but yeah. Have different sources just in case you ever have any of your social media platforms, deactivated or taken down or anything like that.

You’re still in business. So you bet.


Tim Melanson: It’s time for your guest solo. So tell me what’s going on. What’s exciting in your business right now.

Yeah, absolutely. So what’s exciting right

Paul Alex: now is we just launched a new program. It is actually called the automation elite program and what this automation elite program is basically it is, it includes absolutely everything that.

Amy aspir an entrepreneur Amy nine to five would ever want, if they ever wanted to start another source of passive income through ATMs. And it’s phenomenal because literally it takes minutes. Minutes to load up your ATM once a month and guess what? It’s generating you money. Okay. I always get the question.

Well, whose money’s in the ATM, it’s actually your money. You don’t need that much money to actually start an ATM business. I’m gonna tell you this right now, guys. It has. Potential to have better return on investment than actually real estate right now. And you’re gonna be spending less than 10 grand.

Okay. Well, we include in our services is basically the ATM, the internet service, the processing, which is the network that facilitates the transactions for the clients. And we have sales reps. We have a call center, so we’re able to actually find any location nationwide. We do all the negotiation. We do all the hard work while you focus on what’s important to you guys, which is your family, your nine to five, your main, your main business.

And let us do the hard work for on of that. On top of that, Jim, I have a processing department with phenomenal tech. And they’ll actually help you one on one on programming installation, like everything that you need. And to go back on what I was saying, how I invested a hundred thousand dollars in my self education from all these different programs.

Well, guess what? Guess what I did, guys, I created lessons and marketing sales, prospecting, everything you need to know regarding this business. So from the time that a complete newbie in the ATM, in. Comes into our network. Okay. We go week one, we help ’em out with establishing their company. We help ’em out with getting the bank accounts.

Week two, we help ’em out with the paperwork. We ship out their ATM to them. Then we get started on the location week three, hurry up and wait. Basically, you’re just educating yourself within the online program that I’ve dealt. And then by week four to six. You have your location. You’re gonna go do a simple follow up and on that simple follow up, all you’re doing is simply introducing yourself.

Hey, my name is Paul Alex from ATM 1 0 1. Our partners called you regarding the actual ATM installation. Yeah, there. Yeah, they did. Everything’s good to go. Okay, cool. We’ll give you guys the legal contract, which is actually inside of our program. We have multiple contracts have ’em sign in. Now you have a binding contract.

You install your ATM, which takes about 20 minutes. Boom, turnkey business. Majority of our clients start making return on investment the day they install it, literally before they even leave the actual location. It’s phenomenal. This is why we’ve been able to expand for 1100 clients. And we also have guarantees.

On everything guys. So you guys will love this. Okay. So anybody that’s listening right now, if you’re interested in this, I recommend check out my website, uh, Or you could check out the Facebook group it’s called ATM business for beginners guys.

Tim Melanson: Wow. That’s amazing, man. so, so really that kind of covers everything.

So like who would be the best type of person that would get success with this

Paul Alex: great question? I mean, we have everybody like, literally

from all different.

Life forms. We have first responders, we have military, we have nurses, we have doctors, we have lawyers. We have, uh, the nine to five. We have the 18 year old who just turned 18.

Two days ago. We have, uh, the retirees that are bored at home and they have, you know, their, their monthly checks coming in and they wanna invest it. Right. And they want a simple business that they can actually understand. All types of spine entrepreneurs, nine to fibers, small business owners. This business is good for everybody.

And this is coming from an ex cop who started this working 60 to a hundred hours a week, guys. Okay. That’s weird. Right? law enforcement to ATMs, to digital marketing, a. It’s 2022. Anything’s possible. Right? So this is for absolutely anyone who is listening and wants to make an additional source of passive income at minimum guys.

Join the Facebook group, get the free education. You can actually start your business for free. If you like. I mean, it’s on there. All their information’s on there. I don’t hide anything I’ll sell. Just of course I sell services guys. So if you want my help, I can

help you right on Paul. Okay.

Tim Melanson: So what was that website



Paul Alex: And we also have our Facebook group ATM business for beginners. Love

it. Thank you so much

Tim Melanson: for rocking out with me today,

Paul, it’s been a lot of. Oh, absolutely. Tim. Thank you. Cool. And to the listeners,

make sure to subscribe. Great and comment. We’ll see you next time on the work at home rockstar podcast.

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