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Feb 28, 2022

Season 3 / Episode #56 : Shari Hammond

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Back-Story

Shari Hammond is the inventor of a number of consumer products including Cabinet Caddy and Go Hang It and the new Cabinet Caddy SNAP! A single mother, she is a woman of faith, an entrepreneur, a product developer, graphic designer, lacrosse/basketball mom, 9Round kick boxer and dog lover. Her company, Insp!red Product Design Group, first started as a hobby between Shari and her father, Ron Hunt, while he was an engineer for IBM. Ron enjoyed designing products made of wood that were functional; LP holders, bookends, calendars. Having success at local trade shows, the two decided when Shari was 8 years old to open a kiosk store in Highland Mall in Austin, TX. It was a big hit. Shari recalls late nights decorating and stocking the kiosk, taking naps in the car and working weekends at the mall. About 10 years later, her dad took early retirement from IBM and together they launched CD3 Storage Systems, Inc. with the design of our Discgear compact disc holders. At the age of 19, Shari had her first patent. Next came Perfect Petzzz, lifelike breathing puppies and kittens, followed by a break when Shari went on to handle marketing for Ronco. In 2018, Shari and her father went back to their roots — developing products. Through Inspired Product Design Group, products include the new Cabinet Caddy SNAP!, a modular organizer for kitchen cabinets/cupboards and Go Hang It, an all-in-one picture hanging and leveling kit.

Show Notes

Guest, Shari Hammond, Co-founder and CEO of Inspired Product and Development Group they create functional stylish products that make your live easier.

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Show Notes:
[0:00] Intro
[0:36] The Good Note – Story of Success
[1:50] The Bad Note – Story of Failure
[5:10] Setting up a Jam Room
[8:58] Practice Makes Progress
[12:44] Learning from the Best
[17:11] Guest Solo

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