Transforming Lives Through Authentic Coaching: Todd Sanford’s Journey

Jun 24, 2024 | Gathering Fans, Learning from the Best, PodCast, Practice Makes Progress, Season 3

The Back-Story

In this episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast, we meet Todd Sanford, a performance coach, speaker, small business consultant, and former firefighter. Todd shares his journey of helping individuals transform their lives, highlighting a powerful success story of aiding a former convict to regain control of his life through financial coaching and personal mentorship. He discusses the challenges and rewards of working from home, the importance of staying authentic, committing to personal growth, and never giving up despite obstacles. Todd also reveals upcoming ventures, including a new marriage group coaching program and a ranch retreat. Listeners are inspired to live authentically, embrace leadership, and continually seek personal and professional growth.

Who is Todd Sanford?

Todd Sanford retired as an Operations Fire Chief after 35 years in the fire department. He started four successful businesses, manages a 2200-acre ranch, and owns a successful coaching and speaking business today. Todd was one of the top 30 speakers in this year’s Great American Speak Off. Today, Todd consults small businesses where he works with their employees to repair what is currently broken and keeping them from achieving their best. Once he helps the employees achieve greatness within themselves, they are able to help grow the small business to levels never dreamed before. Todd also loves to coach people who are stuck, ready to give up, and need help finding clarity for their life. He listens to their issues and takes a common-sense approach to help them go places they never dreamed possible.

Show Notes

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In this Episode:

00:00 Introduction to Today’s Guest
00:30 A Story of Transformation and Success
05:14 Challenges in the Coaching Journey
06:37 The Rewards and Flexibility of Working from Home
12:06 Adapting and Finding New Opportunities
19:39 Authenticity and Respect in Leadership
21:45 Struggles with an Absent Father
21:58 Empowerment and Authenticity
22:45 Leadership in Family and Business
24:35 The Value of Coaching and Mentorship
29:24 Facing Life’s Challenges
31:31 Investing in Personal Growth
34:40 Exciting New Ventures
39:06 Connecting with Sanford Coaching


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Tim Melanson: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast. I’m excited for today’s guest. He is a performance coach and speaker and a small business consultant. And what he does is he helps people take their businesses from being broken to being real, reliable, empowered, authentic, and leaders.

And I’m very excited to be rocking out today with Todd Sanford. Hey, Todd, you ready to rock?

Todd Sanford: I am, man. Let’s get going.

Tim Melanson: So we always start off here in a good note. So tell me a story of success that we can be inspired by.

Todd Sanford: You know, man, I’ve had, uh, I’ve had some great ones. Uh, I think the one that’s, that hit me more than anything was I helped, uh, a gentleman and, and this is not anywhere, any way that I thought I would start off my, my coaching career, but I had a gentleman that was a, um, convicted convict.

He ended up growing up on the streets, just on this side of the border in [00:01:00] Texas, across from Mexico. Uh, he had no father, basically his, had no mother and about the age of 8 to 10, he started living on the streets. Ended up getting in drugs, get, got caught up, ended up in, in prison for drugs and, and different things.

Had four kids, uh, and, and really just was. You know, he was, he was messed up from early on, had no guidance, no, nothing. So he had moved down to my neck of the woods and he was working for a farmer. And they hired me as a financial coach to help him get out of debt, to help him kind of learn how to manage his money.

Cause he, nobody had ever taught him and long story short. The guy had, he had been sober for three years. He had had a job for eight years and he was really doing good all by himself. But they hired me as his [00:02:00] financial coach. I come in, I start looking at his finances and I realized real quick. There’s not a lot of coaching to be done here.

The guy just didn’t make enough money. He was paying 1, 000 job support a month and he just, at the end of the week, he just didn’t have any money. So we started working on that. Long story short, we got him a huge pay raise from his employer, which was funny because his employer hired me to help him. And so I ended up getting his employer to give him a big pay raise.

But, but the success of it was this, we would coach for 15 minutes on, on finances. We’d go over his budget. We’d look at all his, his information, but the last 45 minutes, we talk about what it meant to be a father. What it meant to be a man, he was a 40 year old man that had never had another man. Never had [00:03:00] any man in his life showed any interest.

And by me just showing some interest in helping him along the way, I have three grown kids. I’ve been married for 31 years. Successful businesses and, and for me, just showing interest in us, just sitting there for 45 minutes every week and me giving him guidance on what it really meant to be a successful man.

And I’ll never forget at the end of our, our coaching session, I told him, I said, you don’t know how proud I am of you. Now, this is, this guy’s been in prison, spent three years in prison. He’s a tough guy. And I could tell, tell when I said that, I was like, Wow. Something, something’s not right. He’s, he’s like, uh, upset or something.

And I said, what, what’s wrong? What did I say? Something wrong? He goes, no, I’ve just never had anybody tell me that they were proud of me. He’s 40 years old. [00:04:00] So for me, I could tell you a lot of successful things that I’ve done. But for me, that was the most successful in my eyes, because I didn’t just coach the guy.

I changed how he looked at himself, which in turn, my belief is if you can change one person, then you can change generations. If I changed him and what he saw in himself and what he believed he was capable of doing, then he could teach his four kids. Hey, this is what you need to do to be successful in life.

You don’t have to go to prison. You don’t have to live on the street. And he had already done that. I was just supporting him and encouraging him. But by telling him I was proud of him, I think that just changed his whole demeanor. And who he was going to be from then on out. So that I’d say that’s my biggest success.

I’ve had a lot of great [00:05:00] successes, but, but that one, that one really touched me and maybe it’s cause it was my first client. I don’t know.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Well, your first client, you never forget them, right? Yeah. It’s, it’s incredible. I mean, I just feel so upset sometimes about just our, our whole system of how we teach people.

We don’t teach them finances. We don’t teach them. You know, any of the real things that happen once you get out of school, right? And, you know, we’re teaching them things that they’re not necessarily going to, uh, going to use. And then, you know, like you say, I mean, there’s lots of broken families out there.

And so, you know, the good news is that there are, You know, ways that we can get out of that. There are mentors out there that’ll help us. And, you know, you’re one of them, right? There’s lots of people that are open and willing and, and, and wanting to help other people and so it goes to that employer too, for I’m sure you to help his employees, but that’s blowing my mind right there, [00:06:00] just that part of the

Todd Sanford: story.

That was so cool because, uh, I, I knew the man we were actually at a 4th of July, uh, parade and he happened to be parked next to me and I, I knew him and, and so I walked over and just talked to him and he was asking me, well, how’s ranching going? How’s this going? And I told him, I said, well, I’ve started a new coaching business and I’m real excited about it.

Kind of told him and he goes, man, I got a guy I want you to work with. And just boom, we made the deal right there. And I was just like, oh, man, this coaching stuff’s easy. Boy, I got my 1st client just right off the bat, uh, which is not that easy. So we’re talking about working from home and about how, you know, what, how hard it is or how important it is.

And it is hard. It’s very hard. And, uh, but at the end of the day, so rewarding, so rewarding because, um, before we, we started the podcast, we were talking about me being a firefighter. And I did that for [00:07:00] 29, uh, and a half years. And it was just a amazing career, but always had a boss over me. Even when I promoted up to be.

Assistant fire chief. I was the number 2 fire chief. I had a fire chief over me. I had a city manager over me. I had a city council over me. So there’s always somebody that’s that’s over you that you have to be accountable. And, and we all are. I’m sitting in my office right now today, and I’m still accountable.

My secretary, which is my wife. Is sitting in the other room. I’m accountable to her. You know, we’re all still accountable, but it’s just so nice to be able to, to not have to answer to the boss, you know, to run your own business to I choose what I do. I choose if I’m going to get up and make calls today to get those clients to go out there and.

And, uh, do videos that, and that’s what I do a lot. I do a, a [00:08:00] lot of videos, uh, out at my ranch with my livestock and stuff behind me, because people don’t see that, you know, most people are city folk. They don’t, and, and even if they, they are from a smaller community, they really don’t have cattle or sheep.

And so I like to go out and I do videos. With me teaching people and informing them of my coaching business. But I put that in, in the background, because the one thing about me is just, I am an old country boy. I was just an old firefighter. Now I’m an old country boy, but because of what all I’ve seen in life and because of all the experiences I have, I really think I have a real good grasp on what it means to help people.

And like you just said, so many people are hurting these days. So many people just need, need somebody to lift them up. [00:09:00] And, uh, I always tell people, you know, I never was a cheerleader, but my wife was, she was a cheerleading sponsor. My daughter was. I drove the cheerleading bus for four years while they were, she was a coach, uh, cheerleading coach.

So I know a little bit about cheerleading. So that’s kind of what us coaches do. We’re just big cheerleaders that we, we get you going so you can keep going.

Tim Melanson: That’s awesome. Yeah. And, and I mean, you know, the accountability portion of it, that is really big now, I think as a business owner, you’re, you’re more accountable to your customers.

Now, you know, your customers are now your bosses, right? Uh, but the good news there is that You know, your customers. Okay. Sure. Some of them can be unreasonable. We’ll give them that. However, you know, you don’t need to continue to work for that customer. You can always, you know, move on and work with customers that are more agreeable to more in line with what you want.

So, you know, like, like you say, with the boss, I mean, once you’re in a career and you’re climbing up that ladder, it’s a big [00:10:00] deal to just leave that job and go somewhere else. If you, if you don’t like who you have to be accountable to. But as a business owner, we do have a lot more flexibility in that, where we can just kind of, okay, I’m not, I’m not feeling this, this client.

I’m going to move to somebody else. Right? Yeah.

Todd Sanford: And that’s, that’s important to say to your, to your listeners is, you know, when you start off, yeah, you are kind of tied. You know, if you’re just getting going, man, you got to take any client you can because you gotta, you gotta pay the bills. But the good thing is stick with it, keep going, keep working because once you get to that point where you’re successful, you no longer have to take those clients that you don’t like.

You know, you do your 30 minute onboarding car, your interview to see if, if it’s a fit. And if, if you don’t like it, if you don’t like their attitude or you don’t like what they’re wanting, man, you just say, I don’t think this is a good fit. And [00:11:00] you hang up and you go on to the next one. And that’s the great thing about working from home, being your own boss.

You don’t have to now. Like I said, when you’re starting off, sometimes you do sometimes you have to put up with those. But, but just just for somebody here to tell you, you, it won’t always be like that. It will not always be that way

Tim Melanson: and those, those experiences. I mean, I mean, hey, you know, You’re probably actually not even going to see that it’s not the right fit right at the beginning.

You have to kind of have that experience to know what to look for, right? It’ll be one of those things where you’ll be knee deep in it going like, okay, this is not what I’m looking for. And that, that experience will be something that you’ll be like, okay, well, let me, let me, let me notice the signs a little bit earlier next time.

Right. But, but speaking of earlier,

Todd Sanford: You, once you’ve done it for a while, you’ll pick them up right away. You’ll go, Ooh, yeah, this is, this is not for me right here.

Tim Melanson: Yep. You bet. Which is kind of touching a bit on the bad note. I’m sure. Like what are some things that [00:12:00] didn’t go or one thing that didn’t go as planned, you know, in your business that we can learn from.

Todd Sanford: Man, I I’d say that, uh, so I went through an organization to become a certified coach. I’d already gone through Dave Ramsey, right, right before COVID hit. I got my certification as a financial coach through Dave Ramsey. And of course COVID hit. Zoom was not a thing or it wasn’t widely known at the time. So, you know, basically if you were a coach from home, you know, once COVID hit, you were done.

I mean, you couldn’t go meet with people in, in a person. So you were just done now, now we can do everything through zoom. And so it’s wonderful that we can work from home. It’s it’s technology has been just amazing. But, um, So I went through a, a company called Kingdom Builders Academy. Excuse me. It’s a Christian organization that, that I [00:13:00] found and, uh, just really got knee deep into that.

And, and what they do is they teach you from, from day one all the way through the process of how to become the very best coach and how to go about it to get clients. Well, man, I started off and, and I, like I told you, I got that first client. Boom. And then, man, it was a drought and I because I was when I first started off, it was strictly as a financial coach.

Well, what I found out was everybody that I would call to to get their input or talk about being a coach to them. They were all my friends and all of them were financially secure. And so I was getting no clients and got so frustrated and wanted to quit. Just wanted to quit because it just wasn’t panning out.

Um, spending all my time in the office, making [00:14:00] calls, sending emails, and it just wasn’t working. But what I figured out was, if, if something doesn’t work, You know, don’t keep doing the same thing over and over change what you’re doing. So I changed who I was helping. And once I changed who I was helping, I picked up a little more, you know, speed and a little more moving.

And then that that really wasn’t going like I wanted. And so then I moved over to, to working with businesses and their employees. And then it started really gaining traction. And so you just, you know, I, I love my passion is helping people. And so when I say, you know, what, what hurt me or what was bad about mine.

Is, you know, I want, I want people to know, man, it doesn’t always just take off. It doesn’t always work out like you think it is, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work out. You just have to change. You’ve [00:15:00] got to find your niche. You’ve got to find your clients. You got to find your people and who you’re going to help.

And then once you do, man, it’s off to the races. So don’t get discouraged. Um, Or don’t quit. I think we all get discouraged at times, but just don’t quit. Just keep going. You know, I heard a thing 1 time. Uh, I forget who said it, but they said for every know that you get, you’re just 1 more closer to that.

Yes. So just keep going. Just keep going.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, I agree. And you know what? That’s, you know, that trajectory is pretty common. Like, typically, when you come out of the gate, you know, you’ve got You know, you get some excitement. Maybe, you know, there’s a network of people that you can tap into, uh, to get a couple clients and things might go really well right at the very beginning, right?

Then once you’ve tapped that network, it’s like tapping, you know, your entire network from when you were a [00:16:00] kid. All at once, you’re going to get whatever that number is of clients. And now, so now what? So it’s, it is really typical that you’ll actually have a little bit of success coming out of the gate and then a real big drought for a while, because now you’ve got to basically start over again and like from scratch.

Which is why I think one of the one of the best pieces of advice that i’ve ever heard is build your network before you need it Like now is the best time to start building that network because eventually you will need that network Um, but but also like you just said there’s you know, there’s lots of different, you know strategies that you can take There’s lots of different pivots that you can make that are still within your business Just slightly moving around a little bit to see if you can maybe okay Maybe this is the niche I want maybe this is the niche I want right and eventually you’ll you’ll get a hit right?

Todd Sanford: Yeah, you know, we, uh, uh, competed this year in the great American speak off. And so we traveled around [00:17:00] and I was speaking and we went to Florida to compete a couple of times and I just got named one of the top 30 speakers in the world. And, uh, while we were up there and while we kept going back and forth to Florida from Texas, and we would get there probably because of my country draw, probably because of my cowboy hat.

People would go, man, we want to come out and just hang out with you for a weekend. We want to come to your ranch and do that. And so it was, it was so crazy. We had so many people telling us this everywhere we went that we’ve ended up. We’re in the process of making a retreat at my ranch where you can come out for the weekend.

Hang out with us. It’s not really, I wouldn’t call it a dude ranch. You’re going to get to ride horses and you’re going to, but you’re just going to come out, uh, see the livestock, see the wildlife. You’re going to get to stay in our little mini houses that we put up [00:18:00] and just hang out with us. But that’s, that’s one of those things.

When you see an opportunity to do something, to make it, to Man, you jump on it. I mean, when I got into the speaking and I was traveling around the country, that’s the last thing in the world on my mind was we were going to have some kind of retreat where people could come out and hang out with us. But I saw the opportunity.

To, to have another little business to make good money and, and have people come hang out with us. So yeah, as you’re going along and you get in that drought, you just keep chugging along. And when you find that one thing or two or three, I’m selling many houses now I ended up. Meeting a realtor that, uh, that called me after three months after we were at the great American speak off and says, man, you are so charismatic.

You just, people love you. You just attract people and we want to do business with [00:19:00] you. We want you to go into this mini house business with us. So not only do we, you know, coach and, and ranch and speed, we’re selling many houses now all over to the, to ranchers and hunting cabins in the state of Texas.

And it’s. It’s just been amazing. So you just, you just keep looking for those opportunities. And when you, when you find a fit, man, you jump on it and don’t get stuck in that one little deal telling yourself, oh, this is all I can do. No, I’ve got so many irons in the fire. I don’t know if I’m coming or going, but that’s how I live.

And I love it. I love that.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. And I love how you’re, um, you know, the, the part of your business and part of your draw is. Like just who you are. It’s just creating this experience, right? You know, you’re going around the ranching and all that all that other stuff like and I think that’s a that’s important to be kind of authentic to who you are because It’s going to attract certain people.

Maybe [00:20:00] it’ll attract certain people too, right? And that’s probably one of the reasons why people don’t become authentic. They’re like, well, no, I don’t want to offend anybody I want to be you know But just be exactly who you are because the people that are going to want to work with you are going to love Exactly who you are, right?

Todd Sanford: Yeah, you know, when I was a captain in a firehouse, uh, I had a rookie come in one day and he says, you know, cap says, you don’t have a lot of people that really like you said, but everybody respects you and I actually got up and I went to my room and I was pretty, pretty upset. I was pretty heartbroken because I thought, man, I thought.

I thought everybody liked me and you want everybody to like you, but as I sit there and I thought about what he had said, I thought, you know what, I’m okay with that because I wasn’t hard officer. I was a hard officer to work with when I would say, you know, let’s clean the station. And I would go find dirt piled behind the [00:21:00] door that they just swept or something.

I would get all over them. But the thing was, if I could not rely on them to do the small things and do them right, how could I rely on them at a fire or an emergency scene to do what I needed them to do? And so I was on them. But to be respected meant I was authentic. I was real. I was, you know, exactly.

And that’s how I came up with the, the coaching course that I do be real and it’s called reliable, empowered, authentic leader, because that’s, that’s how I live my life is, uh, I had a father that was an alcoholic that was not reliable. He’d say, I’ll be at your game. And he never was there. And it got to the point where I was finally in high school and I started asking him not to come to my games because if he did, he was so drunk, he embarrassed me.

And, um, [00:22:00] then empowerment man, the world is trying to take all your power away from you. They’re trying to, to just, they don’t want you to have any empowerment at all. They don’t want you to be who you need to be, who you want to be. They’re trying to tell you who to be and then authentic authentic is just being, being real, you know, having integrity and that’s, that is the great, that’s what I take great pride in and I think that is coming from my dad.

He was a car salesman and I would watch him lie to people and then get in a truck after he made a sale and go, you see what I did there? And I thought, man, that’s just wrong. And so I’ve always tried to be real, real authentic, real truthful, and then a leader. You know, when I, when I talk about being a leader, it’s not necessarily in your business.

It’s just like, if we’re working from home, we still have to lead our families. You have to lead, uh, your kids. And I [00:23:00] tell everybody, you know, I’m sick and tired of getting up every day and seeing how men should not be the leaders of their family. I totally disagree. And when I say that, I don’t mean that you push your wives down, you keep your kids down.

No, I mean you lift them up and you help them succeed by leaning. But if, if something happens and it’s time for you to, to take care of them, you put them behind your back and you’re that strong safety for them. You’re that, you’re that man that is supposed to protect your family. So that’s what I mean by leadership.

You don’t have to be the CEO of a company, just be CEO of your family.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. I think, I think there’s a lot of misconceptions in the world about certain words and sales is one of them. People think sales are bad, sales isn’t done. Sales is just communication. But the other one is leadership. I think when, when people think about leaders, they think about bosses, and I think a [00:24:00] boss is a very different thing than a leader, right?

A boss is in behind with the whip, right? I don’t know if you’ve seen that meme, whereas a leader, like it’s, it’s, it’s the word you’re in front. Not pushing anybody down. You’re, you’re leading. You’re, you’re, you’re in the front of the pack, right? So I think that sometimes we just see these, these words wrong.

And when someone says, Oh, you know, leadership is this or that. It’s, it’s not, you know, leadership is, is definitely leading the way. It’s showing an example. You know, and allowing people to follow you. So, let’s talk a little bit about, about some of these, uh, little things that you were talking about earlier.

So, in the practice stuff, so how do you get good, stay good, and, and keep up on your craft and, and, uh, in your business?

Todd Sanford: Man, I have the top coaches in the world, uh, that helped me. And the reason I do that is I hire and I pay, I pay more money than I charge to have the very best coach me, [00:25:00] uh, Tamara Lowe, Zach Lowe.

They’re, they’re my coaches. I, my personal coach, I meet with her every Thursday. We have a group coaching session. It’s the former Mrs. United States of America, 2020. Bria is unbelievable. She’s beautiful inside and out. And, and that is my coach. Whenever I was competing for the great American speak off, I flew to Wisconsin and I had the number one speaking coach in the world.

Coach me on how to speak and, and that’s what you have to do. And that’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with the very best, um, people so you can be the very best. And, and I do that, you know, uh, we meet, I don’t know, I probably meet at least four hours a week. On making myself better with coaches that doesn’t count who I’m helping.

It’s just [00:26:00] strictly four hours a week that I meet with other coaches that helped me be the very best.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Where did the, where do you think this mindset came from? Cause a lot of people really do have a block with hiring people to help them in their lives. What, what do you think that. Why do, why don’t you have that block?

Todd Sanford: Well, because I’m, I’m, I guess you’d say a, a realist or, uh, I take a common sense approach to everything. Um, when I, before I became a rancher, or, or let’s say I was a rancher, um, they sent me to St. Louis, uh, uh, uh, a, um, a company that I bought feed, a feed store. They sent me to St. Louis for a week to spend at Purina.

Learning how important that, uh, feed and minerals and nutrients for your cattle were, because even though I’d been raised my whole life, raising livestock, I needed to [00:27:00] know the, the, the proper way, because at that time I had 120 pair of cow, mom, cow, calf operation, and I needed to know how to, to make the most money.

And, and produce the very best calves that I possibly could. And so what do you do? You go to Purina and they teach you. You spend a week learning, you know, to be the very best firefighter. I went through an academy to be a firefighter. And then every single day of my career, I studied at least 30 minutes on the newest technologies out there on firefighting.

If you don’t know. If you’re not a professional in something, why, why, you know, why reinvent the wheel? Go find somebody that’s out there that’s already invented that wheel and learn from them. And that’s the way I’ve always done it. That’s the way I believe. Why waste my time’s too valuable. I got way too much stuff going [00:28:00] on to try to teach myself new things.

If I can go out there and find the experts to teach me and they’ve already made all the mistakes. You know, I, I went to kingdom builders Academy and Tamara Lowe talks about, she spent 20 years, you know, grinding and doing all this stuff that she learned that she’s teaching us. Why would I want to go through that 20 years?

I don’t have 20 years left. I’m an old man. I need to, I need to learn it now so I can start making a difference in people’s lives now. So that’s, that’s my theory on life. You know, not everybody has money. That they can do, but I’ve got a niece that I hired to help me with my coaching business. And, and she’s, she signed up for Kindle builders this week.

And I told her, I said, you know, sometimes you just have to jump off in faith. You just got to spend a little money and believe that this is the right, right thing. I’m a, [00:29:00] I’m a spiritual person. I’m a Christian. I believe that you got to have faith. You got to pray. And when those opportunities arrive, you got to jump out there and do them because I don’t think things just happen.

You know, sometimes they’re put there for a reason.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Man, you make it make so much sense. Well, you know,

Todd Sanford: I, I, uh, you know, I told you I was a firefighter 2015. I was in an attic fighting a structure fire, the ceiling, the entire ceiling collapsed. I fell landed on my head. I broke my neck in two.

I was completely paralyzed. I was not breathing and I only had a few minutes left to live while I’m here today. So obviously they were able to fix me. But whenever you face. The end, and I faced it three different times in my career as a firefighter. All three times, I didn’t think I would make it. When you [00:30:00] face those, that reality, you realize how, how short life really is.

And so you want to live every single day to the max, because today may be the last day. You know, 30 years of watching people, uh, wake up in the morning, go to work, but on the way to work, they have a, a, Car crash and they die or somebody in their family does or the 30, 40 year marriages that they went to bed at night, kissed each other, said, we’ll see you in the morning.

And the husband or the wife didn’t wake up because they died of a heart attack. You realize how really, really short life is. So you want to go out there and you want to make every day count. You know, I love that the, I believe it’s Tim McGraw’s got a country song and says, you know, uh, live, live today.

Like it’s your last day or live every day. Like it’s your last, because the guy’s dying of cancer. So what [00:31:00] are you going to do? Man, I’m going to go skydiving. I’m going to go ride a bull. I’m going to, you know, I’m going to live today. Like it’s my last day. Well, that’s kind of how I look at life. I think you got to live every day to the fullest because folks were not guaranteed tomorrow.

So live your life today. And, and for me, what makes me happy. It’s helping others, you know, help others become better people. That’s what I was called to do. And that’s what I love doing

Tim Melanson: well. And the way I look at the, you know, the, you know, whether you want to spend the money or whatever it is, or spend the time on some sort of coaching program.

I think it’s a matter of just kind of looking at where you are right now and asking yourself if you’re happy and if you’re happy with what’s going on, then great. Keep going, but if, but if you’re not. And there’s something that’s really bugging you. I think that everybody takes that time or that money and they, they use it to either, you know, buy or spend it on pacifiers like CD or.[00:32:00]

Entertainment or whatever it happens to be. They’re spending that money somewhere, right? I mean, they’ve got, it’s going somewhere. And when someone says, oh, I don’t have the money. Well, you tend to not look at that. You look at the, you know, the, the food and the, you know, the rent and you’re like, oh, I can’t because I’m buying all this stuff, not the money that you’re going to use for the coaching program or whatever it happens to be the money that you’re spending on the entertainment and all, all that other stuff that you don’t need to be spending on that money.

And put it into something for your future and just flip your, your, your path. Well, then why not? You know that now all of a sudden you bought time, you bought something that, you know, a life that you want. Right.

Todd Sanford: You know, it’s a, it’s a 5 Starbucks coffee every day when you go to work. What are you doing?

You know, what are you doing? If, if you, if you’re having a hard time making your finances, you know, get to where they need to be. Man, it’s so simple. When I look at people’s budgets [00:33:00] and I have them actually put it on paper, they’re like, Oh my gosh, I had no idea. Oh, I spent that kind of. You know, it’s, it’s very simple and you’re exactly right.

You know, we invest, um, in what’s important to us. So, you know, the old saying, go look at your checkbook where your money goes is where your, your heart is or where your time is. And my deal is, why in the world would you get up every day and do the same thing over and over and expect anything to change in your life?

If you get up and do the same thing every day, you know what you’re going to be doing in a year from now? The same thing you’re doing today. You’re not going to have any more money. You’re not going to have any more freedom. You’re going to be doing the same thing next year as you are today. And it’s scary, but you know what, the graveyard is full of people that were scared and they’re full of dreams and ideals that people [00:34:00] never followed up on because they were scared of failure.

Man, how many times did, uh, I said, I was on a podcast the other day and I said, Benjamin Franklin, and I met Edison, Thomas Edison, 10, 000 times. He failed making the light bulb. 10, 001, the light bulb worked. And now we’re sitting here because of a man that would refuse to quit. You know, failure is just part of life.

Failure. Like I said, a while ago, failure is just one more step closer to success.

Tim Melanson: You bet. Right on. Well, you know, with that, it’s time for you to guest solo. So tell me what’s exciting your business right now.

Todd Sanford: Man, what’s exciting. Um, so we are just, uh, you know, it’s just so much going on. We’re, we’re speaking this Friday in, in front of all the CEOs at the YMCA of Texas. So there’s about, I think, [00:35:00] 80 people going to be there and they’re all executives.

And so we’re going over and we’re going to speak to them. We’ve got, uh, we’ve got a new program coming out, me and my wife, we’re going to do a, a marriage group coaching, and we’re going to talk once a week. Uh, we’re gonna, we’re going to call it a power hour and we’re going to do it to couples. Now, individuals can come on, of course, but we’re going to, we’re going to do it for couples and we.

We looked at doing this about six months ago, and we were going to kind of do it as a high ticket item where couples would come on and we just support them. But we changed our, we’ve changed our whole philosophy on it. And it’s going to be a really low ticket. We’re talking like 97 a month, and we’re going to have couples come on.

And we’re going to, We’re going to coach them for an hour a week. We’re going to put a Facebook group together and we’re going to, we’re just going to meet and we’re going to [00:36:00] support and love on each other. We’re going to have breakout sessions where we get to know each other. The men are breakout, the women are breakout.

And then at times we’ll swap up and I’ll go over to the women’s side. And they can ask me questions on, you know, uh, what they’re, you know, it’s kind of scared to ask their husbands, maybe. And same thing with my wife, she’ll go over there and we’re just going to take that and we just want to make couples stronger.

You know, we, me and my wife’s first date. We were 6 years old, we went to drive in movie theater with our older sisters. They threw us in the backseat and I tell everybody I’ve been with my wife for 50 years now, because we were 6 years old when we first went out. Now, that’s not true. But we did start dating in 7th grade.

So we’ve been together for for well over 40 years. And, uh, we just want to help other people, other couples. And it’s, it’s hard these days. It’s hard when you’re younger and you got smaller [00:37:00] kids, but it’s also hard. Uh, we just became empty nesters. Our daughter, our last child is in college. She’s a sophomore.

And it’s hard because you’re having to get to know each other again. And so we just really want to do that. And we don’t want to price people out of it. So that’s why we’re just doing it. 97, you know, a hundred dollars a couple to come in and we’re hoping that thing’s going to take off. Uh, we’re also, like I said, I’m selling the mini houses, but I got two of them coming in.

Cause we’re going to put them on our ranch and we’re going to have resorts. We’re going to have people come out for the weekend, hang out with us, and we’re just going to talk. Um, I just got a coaching client this last week and I went, she was a realtor. We talked about, you know, I gave a speech at the realtors, the, all the employees, and after it was over with me and her hooked up and talked about, you know, what, What I could do for her.

And I’m thinking the whole time I’m going to help. I’m going to build her up where [00:38:00] she can sell and I’m going to help her learn how to sell more houses, how to list more. No, she’s a mother of five kids. Her husband’s a military officer. She says, Todd, I give every single thing I have to my kids. I have nothing left at the end of the day.

My husband gives everything to his job. So he has nothing said he’s a wonderful man, but he has nothing for me. She goes, I need somebody in my corner. I need somebody to cheer me on, to build me up. And that’s, that’s what I’m passionate about. I want to be that cheerleader for people. I want to lift them up and take them to new levels.

And a lot of times that’s all you need. You need one person in your corner telling you, you can do that. And so that’s where our coaching business is right now. And we’re really wanting to kind of, I want to change it over a little bit to T, instead of talking to corporations, I want to get back to the one on one with the [00:39:00] individuals.

And I want to be their cheerleader. I want to help them grow to levels they never thought possible.

Tim Melanson: That’s awesome. So how did we find out more then?

Todd Sanford: Man? Go to www sanford That’s my website. You’ll see all our coaching pro programs. You can, uh, email me at, uh, Sanford Uh, so any way Sanford Coaching, you’ll find me if you go to Todd Sanford, uh, on Facebook, you’ll see all my, my quirky videos.

I always like to relate. What’s happening at the ranch to my coaching programs and, uh, Instagram, Sanford coaching. Uh, but yeah, Sanford coaching. com. That’s the, that’s the best way, man. If you want to hook up with me, just have a free call, or if you want to get my free, if you, if you go down there and you book a call with me.

Or sign up, I will send you my free, be real, uh, digital course. [00:40:00] Um, it’s a 97 course, but if you go sign up to, you know, after hearing this podcast, I’ll be happy to send it to you for free.

Tim Melanson: I like free stuff.

Todd Sanford: And it’s a good course. I’ll tell you what, they, uh, they paid me a thousand dollars and sent me to Denver to do it professionally in a court, in a, in a, uh, um, No, whatever they call those, uh, places where you do all that.

Yeah. And it was, uh, they did that and videoed me and did all that, uh, digital stuff and put it together for me. So pretty excited about that course. And like I said, I, I just want to, to benefit. You know, people and kind of help them out. And so I’d love to give it to him for free.

Tim Melanson: So, well, thank you so much time for rocking out with me today.

This has been a lot of fun.

Todd Sanford: I love it, man. Thank you so much for having me. I know you, uh, man, you’re, you’re the man, you’re out there helping people and you’re helping them work from home, which is exciting because I think that’s where [00:41:00] most of us are going. That, you know, want to, don’t want that man over us.

We just want to be our own bosses. So thank you so much for having this and providing this to your, to your listeners, man, this is great.

Tim Melanson: Thank you so much. And to the listeners, make sure you subscribe, rate and comment, and we’ll see you next time on the work at home Rockstar podcast.

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