Vladimer Botsvadze – Growing Your Business Through Social Media Marketing

Sep 26, 2022

The Back-Story

Ranked as the No. 1 Global Marketing Thought Leader by Thinkers360 in 2020 with over 130,000 followers across his social media platforms, Vladimer is a world-renowned digital transformation and social media influencer and keynote speaker who initiates change, drives growth, and positions brands as market leaders in their industries.

Vladimer has become one of the world’s top speakers on technology and he has been booked by Startup Grid, Digital Talk Forum, AI Conversational and Global Marketing Summit. His talks center around his social media career and his marketing strategies provide a foundation for success. He helps high-performers achieve their growth and prepares organizations to think with a new perspective on the future of marketing.

Vladimer is currently an Advisory Board Member of RETHINK Retail in Orlando, Florida. He has been elected as a jury member at the Digital Revolution Awards and the Prolific North Marketing Awards in the UK. In addition, he is a member of the Marketing Judging Committee of the American Business Awards.

Vladimer has contributed to the European Business Review and been interviewed by World Biz Magazine, Natfluence, Billion Success, Thought Leader Magazine, Irish Tech News, and Emerging Europe. He sets the highest standards for marketing and delivers extraordinary results.

Vladimer has been recognized as a Transformative Leader of the Year by Exeleon Magazine, Insights Success Magazine has named him among the Top 10 Inspiring Business Leaders Making a Difference, and Enterprise World Magazine has listed him among the Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022. Vladimer is among the Top 25 Digital Transformation Influencers by Sparity and the Top 100 Global Retail Influencers by RETHINK Retail.

Show Notes

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In This Episode:
[0:00] Intro
[0:30] Vladimer’s inspiring success story
[5:37] What was something that didn’t go as planned for Vladimer?
[9:55] How did he get more followers?
[10:52] What are the things he does that continuously bring him success?
[12:26] How does he convert followers into fans?
[14:38] Anik Malenfant, the founder of Mastering Ascension, shares her wonderful experience with Tim Melanson
[18:57] Does he gravitate to a certain social media platform for building his business?
[23:46] How can you work with Vladimer?
[24:32] Who is the ideal client for him?
[26:43] Where to find Vladimer
[29:45] Outro


Read Transcript

Tim Melanson: Hello and welcome today’s episode of the work at home rockstar podcast.

Excited for today’s guest. He is a thought leader, an influencer, an advisory board member, an internet personality, and a startup advisor who helps people take action. Very excited to be rocking out today with Vladimir what’s VAD. Say Hey, Vladimir.

Vladimer Botsvadze: Hi. Thanks a lot. Hi team. Thanks a lot for inviting me to your podcast.

And I’m excited to share my insights with you.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. Well, I’m excited too. So the first thing we do is we always start here on a good note. So tell me a story of success in your business that we can be inspired. Yes. You

Vladimer Botsvadze: know, I have 15 years of international experience with a pro and track record of guiding to brands and executives worldwide to initiate change, drive growth and position brands as market leaders in their industries.

I’m regarded as one of the world’s top expert on marketing and innovation and, uh, I have enjoyed a remarkable success at the top of technology industry. Uh, I have played a, I have played an instrumental role in a market domination of my personal brand, and I have established at a world class reputation for always bringing innovation to the table with every project.

Based on my strong performance. Currently I am ranked number one, global marketing, certainly that I have been featured in so many magazines. And I have been recognized in 2022, uh, among, uh, uh, top 10 sparing business leaders by inside success magazine. I’m an advisor board member of wrestling, retail, and, um, I’m, I’m also a member of marketing judging committee of American business awards.

I’m also. Judge at prolific north marketing awards in the, in Manchester, UK, and, uh, um, digital evolution awards, uh, uh, in London, uh, uh, you know, I have been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, finance, and Bloomberg, and interviewed by so many magazines throughout the world. Also so many podcasts and I have become a prominent, uh, uh, public speaker in the international speaker.

Speak speaking circuit. And I’m currently represented as a speaker by all America speakers motivate KKO and I’m a global audience ed from New York to Sydney. I aim, uh, people to live motivated to take action at the end of each performance. And, uh, I mentor startups at different startup accelerators throughout the world at sit starts in Switzerland at faster capital in Dubai, AP C in Berlin.

And. My average satisfaction rate rating is 97%. I have been recommended by top executives from Google Pepsi, master cut, AC Milan Forester research, and other global brands. I have 130,000, uh, followers, uh, across my social media plot. Platform per dominantly, uh, Twitter of 56,000, uh, uh, LinkedIn, almost 27,000 and, uh, Instagram 10,000 followers.

I’m equipped with a plethora of gamechanging strategies tailor to give my clients a competitive advantage guarantees, a long term success and sustainability. Uh, um, I always aim, uh, to turn marketing. Uh, a talent of today into the global marketing leaders of tomorrow. And, you know, I won so many awards and, uh, I’m addressing ODS internationally, encouraging, actionable change and, and, uh, uh, and, uh, to doing my best, to live a lasting impact, you know, as an successively experienced, uh, marketing site leader, uh, I have led a number of top, uh, businesses to success and, and with a CV.

Full of roles from advisory board member to a global keynote speaker. Uh, you know, I, I possess a game changing experience and expertise that, uh, transform brands and builds businesses. Uh, you know, I inspire audiences to put customers at the heart of organization and I have been committed to inspiring business leaders with.

Impressive career success and utilize my nature. Entrepreneurist to become a self-made influencer, uh, a motivational figure. I have, uh, gone from zero followers to 130,000 followers by consistently working 16 hours a day. I prepare organizations, uh, with, uh, uh, with a new perspective on the future of marketing nature, born entrepreneur.

That’s why I have. That trust of fortune 500 brands, uh, events, associations, sync tanks, and, and advisory boards. My name is currently one of the biggest name in global marketing and, uh, uh, uh, and surpassing actually all measure competitors con continually focusing on self education and reinventing myself.

I have become, uh, a dominant global authority on digital transformation. I’m an audience, uh, favorite, uh, from New York to Sydney. And. Uh, and, uh, I’m focused on driving business results for my global clients. And, and I set the highest standards for marketing and digital transf. Wow. , that’s a mouthful.

Tim Melanson: so, so really, I mean, you would attribute that success to just hard work, you know, working 16

Vladimer Botsvadze: hours a day and self-made self-made success, uh, team, because, you know, in 2014 I have started, uh, uh, building, uh, uh, tweeting activity.

You know, I have, uh, Uh, built my, uh, presence across 8, 10, 8, 8, 15 social media channels. I hear I, uh, I, I tracked my progress from months to months. I connected with the wealth, Twitter. Twitter is like a cocktail party. I, uh, I stroke while the iron was hot. And so I have capitalized and I have taken advantage of social media channels to connect with the world and to distribute my content and, uh, the.

The world discovered my passion commitment and, and the dedication, you know? Nice. So now,

Tim Melanson: okay. So, you know, on the journey, not everything goes as planned as mistakes along the way. Yes. So I’m wondering, we call that the bad note. What didn’t go as planned. Is there something that didn’t work out so well and, and what did you learn from it and how can we avoid

Vladimer Botsvadze: it if it happens to.

Yeah. In, you know, team that, uh, taking the first step is always the hardest, you know, nobody should, uh, say that, you know, becoming a global is a, is a work in the park because it has, it takes so much dedication and the commitment, you know, but you know, when I started building my presence, you know, it, it was not easy, you know, I mean, I was, uh, it was there, there were lots of trials and tabulations, you know, behind, behind my journey, you know, and, but, you know, Twitter, I connected with so many.

Mentors on Twitter, you know, and through networking, I have built my confidence. I connected with the world and I have started tweeting actively. And then, you know, in 2015, I have been recognized, uh, as a, uh, top hundred B2B influencer by Analytica in London, you know, and, and this first award, uh, laid, uh, the strong foundations for my success, you know, and since then, you know, I have gained momentum and I have made a breakthrough.

I turned, this stumbling belongs into, into real success, you know, for, uh, within two years, you know, so I’m very grateful, you know, that, you know, of course my, my first step, my first step was not easy, but, uh, I believed in myself, I hit the ground running. Uh, uh, I went into overdrive and, um, my efforts, uh, performed miracles.

You. So, so what would’ve

Tim Melanson: been one of those stumbling walks, like what was something that didn’t, that, that

Vladimer Botsvadze: was hard? The book, I mean, I mean, uh, I mean, when I started tweet tweeting actively in 2014 of of course getting, uh, the first south and followers was not easy, you know, because I was thinking, you know, from step by step, I, I knew that I would, I would grow my audience, you know, but you know, of course is a, is a first three, four months.

Of course I was, uh, It was, uh, it was not easy, you know, to have, like, I had like a 200 followers, 300 followers, but, you know, uh, I mean, I did not have enough likes, you know, for example, at the, from the outset, you know, and I was, but I, I, I, I, I, I did not give up, you know, I believed in myself and, uh, you know, 5, 6, 7 months, uh, months later, I hear, I already had 700 followers, 800 followers, 900 followers.

So it, it had like a snowball effect and. I kept on growing my audiences and, and creating content is a better of success nowadays. You know, if people, no matter, you know, what sector and what industry you represent, you know, it is everyone’s responsibility to create content. You need to show the world, your passion, what you are made of that.

You are your old master. You, you are a musician. Of course it is. It costs nothing to. Upload your, uh, your content and your, your music to SoundCloud and, uh, let’s and, and let’s say, well, discover your, your stuff, your performance, you know, so, so I think so many people, uh, greatly benefited from social media channel, you know, so in 2017, I pursued my, uh, uh, my, my degree, uh, my PhD degree in supply chain management.

But in 2014, I started tweeting actively and social media. Uh, a journey has allowed me to open so many doors. Uh, as a result, I have moved up in the world. I have gone places and, uh, now I’m a high man of the, to temple and I’m mover and shaker. Patients has been instrumental in my success, you know, patients because I show, I take, I, I, I took one step at a time, you know, of course Rome was not built in a day and we need to, uh, we need to keep our shirt on and to believe in our and show patients.

So, because it’s impossible to build a great success within one year, two years. Of course, I have been building my success since 2014. Of course, social media, my social media. Journey. So I have become a very successful.com that I’m nowadays an advisory board member of resting retail. And, uh, of course my ex expertise and experience truly inspire, uh, the retail world to maximize their success.

You know?

Tim Melanson: So now when you were struggling to get followers, uh, at first, was it something. Like that you were posting that wasn’t right. Like what did, what did you change in order to start getting more followers? Yes.

Vladimer Botsvadze: I mean, I was just posting my, my, my, uh, my passion, uh, content, you know, so then I, I found out that that audiences don’t care about what is in my best interest.

So I started tweeting. And posting content that was in my follower’s best interest. So I have become audience centric team, you know, so yeah. Yeah. What I like, for example, Amazon, Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world because of customer centricity. Right? Because Amazon is close to consumers. For example, I have built my personal brand because I was.

To my audience, you know, I communicated with my audience. I have built relationships in the long term. So whoever is close to audience, always within the long term, you know? Yeah,

Tim Melanson: yeah, yeah. For sure. So now let’s talk a little bit about, about practicing, about getting good at what you do. So, you know, this is , I mean, it sounds like you have a great work ethic, so I’d like to know, like, do you have any routines rituals, things that you do every day that bring you.

Vladimer Botsvadze: You know, cost consistency has been, uh, instrumental, you know, In my success, you know, because without consistent, you can’t build anything in the long term, so consistent action creates consistent results, you know? So, uh, I’m very grateful because, you know, I know I’m, I think what sets me apart is my practicality and the long term thinking, you know, I set, I set my short term medium term and the long term goals, you know?

So, so, uh, uh, so I have taken. The business world by storm is a since pandemic, because I have been interviewed by so many podcasts. I have been featured in magazines. I have become a mentor startup accelerators. I have started speaking at global events. So, uh, so I have greatly benefited, you know, team from social media channels actually to.

To be successful in many directions, like as a speaker, as a mentor, as an advisory board member, as a, as a professor, as a guest speaker, you know, and, uh, and in the, I’m now a jewelry member, a member of marketing judging committee of American business awards. And I am trusted to judge a billion dollar marketing projects of fortune 500 brands, you know?

So in the UK and the United States, I’m a jewelry member. So I take pride in my work. You. Right on.

Tim Melanson: So now what about getting fans? So, I mean, let’s dig, dig into this a little bit more because you know, getting, like you said earlier, I mean, getting a lot of followers is. Easy . Uh, but, but also not only that, uh, getting a lot of fans is even harder.

Like how do you, how do you convert them from, you know, just being on your following list to actually wanting to hire you

Vladimer Botsvadze: my expertise, uh, you know, team, you know, I think so many people don’t tweet don’t post because they worry about what other people think about themself, about their content, you know?

So I don’t care about what other people think about me. Or about my content I share, I believe in myself and, uh, and believing in myself is a, uh, cornerstone of, of successful life successful career, you know? So, so when, when people notice my passion, my commitment, my dedication. Through Twitter, through LinkedIn, through the web, the web is our survey, right?

Because if people Google us and they see great results, they make decisions at a drop of a hedge to work with us and to join forces with us. So, so we work in digital economy. So we have website, we have Twitter, we have LinkedIn, we have so many interviews on the web, like, and we, so I have, I think I have been successful in many ways.

That’s. That’s why I hope I, there are people who are in a brand building business and in sales business team, you know, I am in brand building business because Twitter built my career. Twitter built my personal. Whatever. I tweet whatever I post builds my personal brand. You know? So for example, why you choose Nike because Nike has a strong brand, right?

And like a Nike co never knock on your door to, to ask you to buy his product. Right. Never right. Because Nike just do it campaign, just do it. Commercial has taken Nike’s success to the next level. It’s same for me that, uh, tweeting, blogging and sharing my passion. Uh, take, uh, have taken my success with the next level, because I’m a brand building business team because tweeting builds your brand, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. Hi, my name is I’m from mastering Ascension, and I’ve been working with Tim Melanson and the creative crew agency for a number of years. Now, Tim is my go-to guy for all things technology and his team have helped me to really. Create the platform that I need that represents my brand, my message, and connects me directly to my ideal clients.

What I particularly love about Tim is before he starts to dive into the technology, he always makes sure that he understands what your global view is, what your ultimate goals are. So then that way you’re not wasting a lot of time back and forth. Switching around technology or platforms. He creates something from the get go that is scalable, which is highly, highly, um, beneficial for any business.

What I’ve experienced from Tim and his team is they’re highly responsive. They are a wealth of information, and they’re gonna offer you the tools that you need to really make the mark that you wanna make in the world. That’s my recommendation for Tim. He’s awesome. You’re gonna love every minute. You won’t regret it.

Tim Melanson: No, I, I totally get it. Yeah, because, uh, it’s one or the other. I mean, if you’ve got, uh, you know, a ton of leads coming in, well, then you don’t necessarily have to worry about being a good salesman. Eventually you’re gonna get sales. Uh, but if you only have a couple leads coming in because your brand is not, uh, out there, well, then you’re gonna have to be very good sales because you’re gonna have to close every single person you talk

Vladimer Botsvadze: to.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, uh, I mean, there is no time like the present to try while the iron is thought, you know, and my career has been in the fast lane and the, I have achieved number one global ranking by sync two is the first open platform for global thought leaders. You know? So I have disrupted a biggest names because names in marketing team, because, because of my consist.

I always hit the ground running. I always improve my results, you know, and they say that, you know, uh, that, you know, you need Kan, you know, Kan workers must adopt. Policy of Cain, which is a practice of cons of continually seeking improvement. I, I continually seek improvement, you know, so I adopted Casin a policy of Casin, you know, so I always improve my results.

I hit the ground running. I, I go into overdrive and, uh, I really rest on my laurels team, you know? So there are people who give up who. Who are satisfied with their performance? You know, I’m never satisfied because I demand a lot from myself every single day that, you know, there are also great opportunities out there.

So you have to go into the world and explore everything. So your curiosity, hard work and dedication, you know, so. Wow. Okay. And, uh, and know, and, and, and, you know, when you are passionate about what you do, the cards are stacked in your favor. You know, I push the envelope and, uh, nowadays my talks strikes the right note because, uh, my expertise is at the cutting edge, you know, so to put in a nutshell, passion, curiosity, uh, curiosity, uh, consistency and discipline are truly backbone of success.


Tim Melanson: Yeah. And so basically you, you know, you are who you are. You’re very confident with who you are. So you put yourself out there, you don’t worry too much about what other people are gonna think because the right people are going to be aligned with you. And they’re gonna want to find out more. Yes. I

Vladimer Botsvadze: mean, I mean, Tom, I don’t, I don’t have, I don’t have time to judge other people or I don’t have time to, to criticize other people because I’m focused on my lane.

I am focused on my journey. I compare. Who I was yesterday and a, a year ago because I always try to improve myself. So I don’t have time, you know, to judge society, to judge people, to judge colleagues. I don’t, I it’s not in my DNA. You know, I was, I was not raised in the way to judge. I was raised in the way to support other people.

If we surround, if I surround myself with the people who are on the same journey as me, of course, we, teamwork makes it dream work. And in the long term we achieve amazing things. So, so. Time is precious. Right. I can’t turn the clock back. So, so I, I live, I, I live with no regret, so it’s always great to surround myself to with, uh, uh, say like-minded people and to build great things in the long term, you know, love it, love

Tim Melanson: it right on.

So now you mentioned a, a bunch of different instruments, a bunch of different tools that you use in terms of social media. Now, do you sort of gravitate to certain social media platforms or do you just

Vladimer Botsvadze: build them. All, uh, there are people who say, who tell you that, you know, all build, build only Twitter or just beyond Instagram or just on LinkedIn?

No, I put my eggs into different baskets. There is a great, great, great, uh, saying that, you know, a mouse that has one hole is quickly taken. Yeah. So we need to have different holes. We can’t, uh, put, if we put our, all our eggs into one basket, it may be taken, right. So we, I depend on different, uh, revenue streams, right team.

I depend because for, I, I I’m speaking, uh, throughout the world, I’m meant startups. I advise boards. I do, I do different things to, to maximize my success, you know, so I use different social media channel. To be in the spotlight to be in the limelight, to make myself conspicuous, to show the world that I’m at the forefront of innovation, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. Do you

Tim Melanson: use any other like, like automated tools in order to post on all those

Vladimer Botsvadze: platforms or you? I don’t use, I don’t use team. Of course my respect to all these tools, for example, hot buffer, like melt water, or end up. And, uh, brand watch brand watch are amazing tools, amazing tools, but I don’t have time, you know, to explore all this, uh, tools because you know, I’m tweeting.

I am speaking, I’m mentoring. I’m a one man band. I’m a solo entrepreneur. Nobody helps me. I help myself. Wow. As they say that God helps those who helps themselves. I help myself. Yeah. And if

Tim Melanson: you put in 16 hours a day and you, then you have the time to do it, which is not, you know, that’s not the norm. Right.

You know, people don’t put that

Vladimer Botsvadze: much in there. It’s no, but, uh, but, uh, but exception, exception through the rule, if I’m crazy about my career goals. So I work 16 hours a day just because I’m passionate about what I do. Right. And, uh, Elon, Elon Musk said. If, if, if other people working 40, 40 hour workweeks and you are working 80, 8,000 hour workweeks, you know that in four, in four years you will achieve what it takes for them a year to achieve, you know?

Absolutely. So. So people complain about work ethic, but I don’t complain about work ethic. I give my best to my career goals. So I live with no regrets and I, you know, I’m, I just, I just 10 35, you know, and, and I, the entire world knows me through Twitter, through Facebook, through Instagram, through YouTube.

And I shared my, you know, almost 50 videos. On YouTube and I, uh, more than 25 speakers bureaus throughout the world started working with me as a speaker. So I joined webinars. I joined podcast, I joined virtual events. I joined in person events. I live events, you know, so I mean, I, it, it, I just, uh, I just, uh, uh, recorded my actually I just recorded my, my videos through this, uh, mobile phone.

iPhone. And I, I have applauded my 48, 48 videos to YouTube and the world watched me. They discovered me, they explored my passion. They believed in me and now they work with me. Awesome. I mean, awesome. And, uh, and, uh, and, and, and mobile, uh, and, uh, this is a, this is a, a DUIs that holds attention of our society.

If brands don’t know what’s going on in this DUIs, they are outta business. I agree. There are, there are so many brands. Who live in their ivory towers and they don’t want to download, uh, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, all this social media channel channels to understand where the consumer’s attention is nowaday.

And Hungary entrepreneurs built million and billion dollar companies through Instagram influencer marketing campaigns. And they drive those slow and big brands outta business because it’s all about speed team speed, you know, you know, and so it is like a Golia versus David, you know, Golia is slow and, uh, does not want to pick other people’s brain.

And David is fast. So David. Beats Golia in the long term because speed. I

Tim Melanson: agree. So it’s time for your guest solo. So tell me how, how do we, how do we get to work with you? How do we hire

Vladimer Botsvadze: you? You know, uh, people, uh, uh, people check out my website at, uh, uh, www.vladimirbot.com where they can have a eye. Over my like services testimonials, like my career journey, you know, they can also connect with me on LinkedIn to book me as a speaker.

And also, so agencies, I, I work with 25. Um, Speak as bureau. So speaking agents, uh, like get in touch with me that, uh, this specific brand is, uh, inquired my services. And then they invite me to conferences to, uh, speak at and share my insights. You know? So then,

Tim Melanson: uh, like who would be the, the ideal client for you?

Like who, who is

Vladimer Botsvadze: it that you’re looking. I work with different sectors, you know, nowadays team, you know, I brand, if brands want to literally stay ahead of the car, they work with me, you know, because they market in the year, actually we living right. There are brands market, like it is 90, 95, 2005, 2010. They disregard social media channels.

They hire like. Uh, like graduate or, uh, top business schools. Mm-hmm who are, who were taught strategies existed set years ago. And then, uh, they utilize those outdated strategies as big companies that they go outta business, you know? Yep. So, Brands. Uh, I met the cutting gauge of marketing because of my practicality team and practicality and practicality is what is missing throughout the world nowadays at business schools at UN at conferences, you know, because they, they, they are talking about strategies existed 20 years ago because they put MBA degrees on a pedestal and, and a degree and a degree gives you nothing in a global marketplace.

Nobody cares. Degrees, MBA degrees, even Elon Musk, Elon Musk does not care. What top business call you attended? You know? No, the web, the web is your CVS. Twitter is your CV. What you tweet today is, uh, going to bring you success tomorrow,

Tim Melanson: right? Exactly. So you’re looking for mainly like a medium to a large companies that want to bring you in, uh, as a sort of an expert subject matter expert.

Vladimer Botsvadze: So absolutely. And I, I’m an advisory board member of resting retail in Orlando, Florida, which is sponsored. Microsoft, you know, and, and our advisory council is a syndicate syndicate of, uh, top 17 global site retail site leaders. You know, so we exchange our opinions, you know, resting retail has ranked me among top hundred global retail influencers in the world.

So it is amazing syndicate, you know, Awesome. Okay.

Tim Melanson: So, you know, if someone wants to find more information about you, you go to your website, right. And, uh, I’m sure.

Vladimer Botsvadze: Website connect with me on the LinkedIn, also Twitter at LA bote and you know, also I’m a also they can also follow me on, uh, Instagram at Ladi me bote.

So I think, uh, my audience is greatly benefiting, uh, benefited from following me, you know?

Tim Melanson: So outta curiosity, what’s your favorite social media?

Vladimer Botsvadze: Twitter is my favorite channel, you know, because you know, it is like a cocktail party. It is like easy to mix with people, no barriers, no barriers, you know, for example, on, on Facebook, if you want to connect with someone, you can’t send a friend request because if you don’t, you don’t know them personally, you know?

So it is, there are barriers, barriers, you know, for example, even on, I. Of course, people are not very, are very reluctant to follow you because they don’t know you personally, you know, so if someone’s stranger is coming to my profile and liking my peaks and it is kind of strange because they, I never met them.

Right. So on Twitter, it is much wise Versar, you know, I mean, people connect. It’s like a cocktail party for business with 85% of global technology leaders use Twitter, you know? Wow. It is amazing platform, amazing platform to maximize your success, to connect with the world, to show what you are made of, you know, so, and, and, and, uh, even one reply to entrepreneurs.

Tweet can make you a billionaire, you know, because for example, when you burst co-founder Travis KA. Was hiring the first product marketing manager in San Francisco bay area in 2011, he tweeted that he was looking for a product manager, you know, and Ryan Graves replied to Twitter, just replied, you know, and they met, they built Twitter together and Ryan Graves became a billionaire.

So Twitter, you know wow. Right on. Well, thank you so much. Networking, networking, cur C. Curiosity is everything these days, you know, curiosity is a beyond end.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, exactly. And you’re right. I mean, Twitter doesn’t have the barriers. I mean, LinkedIn. Geez. They, you can’t even request a connection unless you , you actually know.

And then they’ll block you for yes,

Vladimer Botsvadze: yes. On LinkedIn, they send you sales pitches, you know, I just sell I’m selling these, you know, I, I I’m, I’m tired of like people connected connecting with me and sending me their sales pitches. They are looking. I mean, I’m tired because we need to, we need to be in a brand building business team, brand, building business.

That’s why we need to be, uh, we need to create content that is in our followers. Best interest if salespeople rarely manage to build their personal brand because they send you. Saves pitches all the time. They don’t care about audience, about all audiences, you know, they don’t care. They just want to sell you something.


Tim Melanson: I agree. I agree. Thank you so much for rocking out with me today. This has been a lot of fun.

Vladimer Botsvadze: Thank you. And to

Tim Melanson: the listeners, make sure you subscribe right in comment. We’ll see you next time on the work at home rockstar podcast.

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