WHR #18 : Rick Martinez – The Nurse with Hustle

Nov 30, 2015 | PodCast, Season 1

rick-headshotRick Martinez is a veteran, registered nurse, writer and successful entrepreneur. He is also Founder and CEO of the BizAcademyOnline.com. The mission of BizAcademyOnline.com is to build the next generation of ‘10x Entrepreneurs’. The ‘10x Entrepreneur’ is the business leader who chooses to create the life of their dreams with Purpose, Passion and Profit.

After several years in nursing, Rick’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and in 2001 he founded his first business: MedTrust. A staffing service that sent healthcare professionals to military hospitals nationwide. MedTrust would go on to become one of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Top 100 companies. His business success prompted San Antonio Business Journal to name Rick one of the city’s “40 Under 40”. He was later awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award for public service, further embodying his spirit for giving back.

Episode #18 : Rick Martinez

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

FAVORITE HOOK (Quotes from the Interview)

I became the guy that I wish I had when I was getting started.

It’s ok to keep the nose to the grindstone as long as you don’t look up one day with no nose


  1. Use Click Funnels & Ontreport to automate your marketing.
  2. Use a day planner and hire an outsourced scheduler
  3. Integrate your personal life and your business life

Rick’s Book Recommendations:

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