WHR #41 : Rose Molinary - Handmade Entrepreneur - Work @ Home RockStar

WHR #41 : Rose Molinary – Handmade Entrepreneur

Jun 27, 2016

outdoor_2Rose Molinary has been involved in the handmade world since she was a teen, helping her mom create home décor items and working craft shows with her. Rose and her mom, Rose Ann, co-own It’s A Word of Art, a vinyl design company. Rose also owns 2 Etsy shops of her own (Momma’s Pantry and Paper Pusher Shop). Rose also owns her own Virtual Assistant business where she helps handmade entrepreneurs with all their needs from social media scheduling, to SEO, to creating listings!

Episode #41 : Rose Molinary

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • Rose is an introvert who loves working from her computer and not in the spotlight
  • She got started as a virtual assistant on upwork charging way too little and had to recognize her value and raise her prices
  • How she took a leap of faith raising prices and worried about losing the “steady” low paying client
  • Rose talks about how to work at home with a small child in the house
  • She understands the importance to finding a community of support for her business
  • Learn about Rose’s “Coffee Ritual”

Books that impacted Rose:

Connect with Rose:

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