WHR #52 : Clay Green – High Performance Coach

Oct 3, 2016 | PodCast, Season 1

1t4a7324As a lead instructor for the Navy, Clay was responsible for training Nuclear Reactor Operators to safely and confidently operate a reactor, without being distracted even with a fire burning next to them!
Hundreds of adult motorcycle riders are enjoying their rides, ALIVE, because Clay helped them understand how to master their survival reactions.
Helping managers and engineers distinguish between reactions and contemplative thought enabled Clay to have a huge impact on companies, like Intel and many others.
Today, Clay is focusing his efforts on Entrepreneurs by helping them understand how their subconscious affects every decision they face, and expanding their capabilities using High Performance Practices and Habits.
His biggest impact yet is helping individuals and small groups learn and understand their deepest fears and desires, then to empower leaders with them! It normally takes years for one to understand and apply these simple concepts, with Clay, that path is as short as a few weeks!
Clay has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders grow their businesses dramatically. His results are shocking honestly. 12 months from over 50K in debt, to financially free; From struggling and stressed out business owner to successful exit and building a new, intentionally designed lifestyle business; From zero customers to hundreds consistently purchasing products monthly! These are just some examples of some of Clay’s clients results…
Clay provides resources, education, and enthusiasm that is simply immeasurable! “Empowering, Enabling and Enthusing is truly an art to behold when you’re experiencing Clay provide it!”

Episode #52 : Clay Green

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • Why a “stand-up” desk is important
  • How to cut the negative messages from social media
  • Clay’s 3 big habits for success

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