Taking The Leap Of Faith: Amrit Singh On Risk, Reward, And The Heart Of Entrepreneurship

Sep 4, 2023

The Back-Story

Picture this: your heart beats in sync with your dreams, but there’s an undercurrent of fear shadowing your every step. What do you do? Would you take the leap of faith? That’s exactly what our guest, Amrit Singh, a high-performance life coach, did. He dared to quit his day job in the middle of a pandemic to pursue his true passion. Amrit’s journey is a testament to the power of trusting one’s heart and surrendering to the process. Despite the fear and uncertainty, he found the courage to march on, backed by the unwavering support of his family. So, tune in as we traverse the different pathways to personal and business success, guided by the wisdom of Amrit Singh.

Who is Amrit Singh?

Amrit Singh has been studying Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years, which gives him the ability to deeply understand and connect with his clients. In 1999 Amrit Singh decided to move to India to deepen his exploration of yoga and meditation. After 20 years in India, he recently moved to Valle de Bravo in Mexico.

During all these years, his true passion has always been in helping people through 1-1 coaching, with a special focus on supporting people to create the freedom they need while doing what they love.

Show Notes

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In This Episode:
[0:00] Intro
[0:22] What’s Amrit’s good note?
[3:35] What’s the bad note, and how did he recover from it?
[6:12] On saying no to clients
[11:27] How does he go about getting clients?
[14:34] How does he manage his cash flow?
[18:12] On investing in yourself
[21:21] How does he get good at what he does?
[25:47] What’s exciting in his business right now?
[30:15] Who would benefit the most from his programs?
[32:09] Where to find Amrit?
[33:15] Outro


Read Transcript

Tim Melanson: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

I’m excited for today’s episode. We have a high performance life coach@coachingnow.info. What he does is he helps people to become the best version of themselves and step into their true path passion. Super excited to be rocking out today with Amit Singh. Hey, I’m Rick. You ready to rock?

Amrit Singh: Yes, so ready.

Thanks for having me.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. So we always start off here in a good note. So tell me a story of success in your business that we can be inspired by.

Amrit Singh: Biggest story of my success was really when, two years ago, I started to fully trust myself and step into my passion. And you know how that is when when thing was right in the middle of C O V I D, everything was going online.

You know, where we’re all trying to figure out our lives and thinking like, what happens if we never get released from this lockdown? And so I, I really came to the point of, you know, I had this job where I had to, you know, do my [00:01:00] stuff and it was all extremely boring and I wasn’t really into it, but I paid the bills, right?

And so it was super helpful. And so to make that shift out of that job, I still remember the day when I finally said, look, I’m done. I’m going a hundred percent down in the coaching. Path. Even though, you know, like I had one or two clients, it was coming in very slowly. You know, my family was like, okay, you know what you’re doing.

But, you know, like it, it really, even though I didn’t have the financial success, I didn’t have the fans, you know, like as we’re gonna talk about later, and I didn’t have the whole following and the brand. I had this vision and I had this, this trust that I can really help people at a deep level, and there was so much excitement and so much passion in that, so that when I finally let go of this old day job and fully stepped into it, I kind of started flourishing, you know, and blossoming [00:02:00] and coming out of my shell and doing things outta my comfort zone and doing things differently.

And I. Meeting cool and exciting new people like you’re today on the podcast. You know, like to really step out of, out of this little bubble, which was very comfortable before. And so for me that was really my biggest story of success, where I said like, yeah, I’m doing this, you know, this is happening.

Tim Melanson: That’s awesome. Yeah. And it can be pretty scary to make that. It, it has

Amrit Singh: been scary. Scary the whole time. It’s still scary today, but still it was awesome.

Tim Melanson: So when you, when you made this leap end, so were, you were doing something on the side, like you had a little bit of it started before you jumped out

Amrit Singh: or?

I had, yeah, I had kind of started a little bit and then I realized how much I loved it, and I was like, every time I had to go back to my day job, I was like, oh, I really don’t like this, you know, writing emails, following up with people, talking about things, which why I wasn’t [00:03:00] passionate about, and I’m like, why am I doing this?

And actually it was my wife who pointed it out. And she’s like, yeah, every time when you come out of those, you know, three hour meetings, you’re in such a bad mood and it’s so unpleasant to be around you. And she is, I said to her like, yeah, you’re right. I am in a bad mood because I really don’t wanna be there.

Yeah. And so it was really kind of like ripping off that bandaid and just being like, okay, I’ll jump. It’s

Tim Melanson: happening. Yeah. And it’s no wonder, right, that things flourish once you’re actually happy doing what you do. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Big time. Yeah. So now, uh, you know, with the good note, there are always some bad notes that you hit along the way as well.

And I’m wondering, can you share with us something that didn’t go as planned and you know, how you

Amrit Singh: recovered from it? Nothing when there’s planned. You know, like when you jump into this new field and you have all these ideas and all this passion, and you’re trying to, you know, figure out all the pathways and all the new things.

It was so overwhelming. I [00:04:00] had so much on my plate. I ended up procrastinating doing things, which really didn’t serve my business. Just struggling, right, struggling financially. Living off my savings because that was really the only way to buy food and pay rent and, and pay for my kids’ school. And it, I mean, it started getting scary when I was getting lower and lower in my savings account and I’m like, okay, I got four months left, so I better have this figured out sooner.

That was scary because then something weird happened. I started becoming dependent on my clients having to say yes to me. You know, like this, like I kind of need your money. And so that came through in my calls and no one signed up because no one wants to sign up, you know, like if your coach needs money, you know, they’re like, okay, that is not for me.

You know, this guy just wants, [00:05:00] has his own agenda. So that took me a while to figure that out. And there was also my coaches who helped me break through that and come out the other side. Where, where really I had to fully, fully surrender and not just fake surrender. You know? Like we we’re all really good in our heads to surrender.

Yeah. Where you’re like, oh yeah, yeah, I’ll totally surrender. But truly you don’t. Right? And truly you don’t trust because it’s just a thought thing up here. And so I really had to take it into my heart and I had to surrender from my heart and trust from my heart that I’m on the right path. And guess what?

Things started opening up, people started saying yes to my programs. Money started coming in and that was big. That was a real big breakthrough where I was like, oh my God. Again, I learned another cool thing. Wow.

Tim Melanson: You know, this theme has come up a few times and there’s a lot of times that we’ll talk about how a, you, you’re gonna wanna build like, you know, six months of savings in order to start your physics.

You don’t wanna be [00:06:00] desperate, but even. Doing that and having those savings, you still might end up in a po in a place where you’re actually feeling a little bit desperate. Right? Um, but what was it like, was, is there something that you can share as a, like a, you know, an action that someone can do if they end up in that place where they recognize what you just said, where they’re feeling like, oh no, I now need the money, so what do I do now?

Amrit Singh: What really helped me was to focus on my clients and really focus on the person in front of me and be like, okay, I have this deep inner knowing that I’m gonna be okay. No matter if that person signs up with me or doesn’t sign up with me. It doesn’t make a difference, but if I can show up, A hundred percent from my passion and from my heart for them and serve them for this hour, I have them on the call.

That’s when I really did them a service, and that was the whole motivation for me [00:07:00] to go into this business. You know, the, the motivation was never to make money. So it’s nice, you know, like someone hands you money, you’re not gonna say, no, no, I don’t want it. Right. But it, it, you know, I, I got distracted when, when the money became a problem.

And so now I’m really at a new point where I’m saying like, you know, if I have enough money coming in, I can serve more people and I can grow bigger and I can change more people’s lives. So now money became a tool, you know, where I’m really saying like, Awesome. Like, let’s earn more money because know what?

I’m gonna make a bigger impact in the world. The more money I earn, I’m not gonna go sit somewhere at the beach and relax, but then I can really take it to the next level and impact more lives.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, and it’s funny that you said, you know, you’re not gonna reject the money because one of the things that that happened to me is that I [00:08:00] ended up taking on clients that.

Really, I weren’t good fits for for me or for them. Right? Just because I needed the money. And you know, what happened is that I, I finally realized that and I said no to a client that I thought just wasn’t gonna be a good fit. And then good stuff started happening.

Amrit Singh: Isn’t that weird? ’cause your mindset changed and it is exactly the same thing happened to me.

I ended up actually firing 12 of my clients and just said like, look, unless this, this, and this happens, we can’t keep working together. And they’re like, Okay, then it’s not gonna work. You know, and I, I, I felt so relieved, you know, not having to, honestly, it really came down to the simple fact, like I wasn’t serving these clients.

Those are my two lowest performing clients, you know, where we’re really the, I felt like, oh my God, you know, what am I doing with these people? I’m wasting their time. I’m wasting my time. Nothing ever changes. We [00:09:00] just keep talking about the same things over and over again, and I. When I made that change, actually something super cool happened.

My other clients started performing more right? And had more, bigger changes in their life. Oh, and it was really a reminder for me how it’s all about how I show up for my clients. You know, it’s always so easy. It’s a little bit like what we talked about before we started the interview. It’s a little bit like one when, when you wanna make a change in your marriage.

You’re like, Hey, I just need my wife to change and everything will be great, right? And so I really recognized this deeply inside of me that all that needed to change was me. And something super powerful happened in that moment because I. I also realized that I had the power to change. You know, I couldn’t change anyone else, but I can change myself.

And so that really made a lot of sense for me, and I really started diving deeper into [00:10:00] the whole business aspect, which I had kind of, I. Pushed aside before, you know, I’ve been living a very spiritual life for almost 30 years now, and I do a lot of spiritual practices and these kinds of things, and that kind of puts you on a, on a cloud seven feeling, you know, where you’re like, oh yeah, look at me like I don’t need money.

I don’t need clients. I don’t need this, I don’t need that. Right. And I realized that. That kind of became a disadvantage for me building a business and serving clients, and I had to step down from that. And what I learned in the last two years in building my business and about sales and about marketing and about how to talk with other human beings and how to really show up for them and serve them and not just make it about me, has been a deeper spiritual.

Development and more spiritual growth than I got from my meditation, the last two. [00:11:00] Amazing. Yeah.


Tim Melanson: energy is, uh, you know, you, you, you, you can either get depleted of energy or you can grow the energy. You can amplify the energy and, you know, it’s like what you were saying earlier, going to that soul sucking job.

You know, you, you show up for your wife differently. So I imagine that if you’re going to some soul sucking clients, then you’re probably not showing up so well for the other clients. Right. I mean, you’re, it’s, it’s, it’s pulling away from them. Right.

Amrit Singh: Hundred

Tim Melanson: percent. So let’s talk a little bit about fans.

Now you gotta get the clients, so how do you go about getting them in the.

Amrit Singh: Well, so I had this bright idea to, to go onto TikTok, and I was like, Ooh, TikTok is new. I’m gonna do TikTok. And so I started going on TikTok and that’s been a fun journey. I mean, I’ve been on there now for a year and a half. I’ve grown two accounts.

Like the, my, my latest one now is at almost 12,000 followers. And it’s, it’s fun, you know, it’s fun to see when people [00:12:00] actually click that follow button, it gives you that, that little. You know, dopamine push and I mean, super powerful. Honestly, didn’t get a lot of clients from it, but had a ton of fun building my TikTok account, so I, I keep posting fun little things on there.

I. But ultimately it comes down to do the outreach, right? And to step into the cold market and get in front of people and start your Facebook ads campaign and putting your offer together and all these peoples and, uh, pieces. And then really to niche down and to get clarity and be like, okay, like what do I, where am I really excelling?

So what I did is I looked back at my last couple clients and I realized that it was really in working with men, in working with men who are struggling in their relationships, in their marriages, and they really wanted to make a change, but they couldn’t verbalize it, you know, and they would never go to yoga class.

I would never go, [00:13:00] you know, do a meditation retreat or anything like that. But they were willing to show up for themselves. When it came down to, Hey, I wanna save my marriage. Wow.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. That’s a, that’s a niche that men are probably willing to admit that they’re, that they’re having a hard time with. ’cause men are tough to crack.

I mean, we we’re sort of taught to, you know, be strong and, you know, chin up, all that kind of stuff. Right. And so we have a hard time going for help. Looking for help. Yeah.

Amrit Singh: Yeah. Yeah. And we’re really that first generation, when you look at it in, in a bigger picture, because our fathers were very, you know, tough.

There was a very small percentage of people who actually kind of opened up. But then if you look to our grandfathers or great-grandfathers, and even further, right? There was nothing of that for us men, women always had that. There was always that, you know that, that openness, that connectedness, that [00:14:00] showing up.

And so they have this really strong connection to self, to intuition. All these things come super easily, which we do have too, as men, but it’s been so suppressed over generations and. Hundreds and thousands of years that I think it’s really like such an amazing and exciting time we live in right now because we are this generation, which is saying like, okay, we need to do something different.

This, this is not it. This needs to be, there needs to be more. There’s a whole other half we’re missing, and so I’m super excited about sharing that with world. Love

Tim Melanson: it. Yeah. So now we talked a little bit about money and, and running out of it, and how do you manage that cashflow situation? How do you make sure there’s more coming and than going out?

Amrit Singh: Oh, it’s, it’s still a struggle every day. I mean, uh, it was a struggle when I started. It was a struggle in the middle. It’s a struggle now where I really realize, You know, if I wanna grow and I wanna [00:15:00] expand, I need to put some cash into it too. I need to, you know, like hire my coaches. I need to pay for these extra events.

I need to go out there on Facebook and promote myself. And those things go very quickly, up above $10,000 here and there. And so, even if, if I was at a place where I was kind of comfortable, which. With what I was doing, I had, I realized like, oh my God, again, you’re in the comfort zone. It’s time to step out and expand and grow even further.

So it’s almost like, you know, just when I had reached a point where I was like, huh, you know, I could relax for a second. I now stepped into this new thing and now I have all these commitments where I’m like, oh my God, you know? Better have the head before again. Hey, rockstar. I hope

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Amrit Singh: and we’ll see you there.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Um, I, I’ve found the same thing too, is that you can’t just ho the money. It doesn’t really grow that way. It, it, it really, when you start to invest into your business, and I heard somebody say that it was called. Currency and current is water.

Right. Ah, I like that. I love that. Yeah. It only works if it’s flowing, right? Mm-hmm. And uh, and I like what, what you’re saying, ’cause I like, on the other hand, you know, there are ways that you can waste money too. Um, but if you’re intentional in the way that you’re spending it and you’re investing it, then you know, you can get some real big just energy lifts.

Like I’ve found that just paying for a coach, just like. Sending the invoice in. Not getting a coaching session yet, but just sending it. I’ve noticed sometimes that I’ll actually [00:18:00] get a new client, just like weirdly coincidental.

Amrit Singh: I didn’t even get the coaching session yet. Yeah. Yeah. That’s how it works.

Tim Melanson: So I think there’s some something energetic to it.

Have you noticed the same thing?

Amrit Singh: Yeah, big time. Because it’s that moment when when you invest and when you invest and you really recognize the fact like, Hey, I’m not there yet myself. I need to keep growing. I need to keep expanding. I need to invest because when I invest in myself and I expand, I can show up better.

For my clients, I can show up more prepared, I can give more value. And so I, I love that. And I actually, you know, I really love investing in high ticket items. In a way, you are making a commitment and you put down a, a $30,000 commitment into your coaching program. It pulls you up, you know, like you’re gonna show up for yourself tomorrow morning, 7:00 AM to get the homework done [00:19:00] because of that investment.

You know, if I would’ve gotten that same coaching program for $300, I’d be like, you know what? I could just sit in the garden. The sun is out. You know, I’ve spent some nice time with my family. How beautiful it was that we watched a movie, but, which is great too, which I do. But when you make that investment, That’s when the growth starts happening and it’s so powerful.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. You get some skin in the game. Right.

Amrit Singh: And, uh, I used to, yeah, you got a lot of skin in the game if you put down that kind of money. Yeah. Yeah. I remember,

Tim Melanson: uh, a long time ago, uh, before everybody was using credit cards. Uh, there, there was, there’s an example that I had where, uh, I found that the objection that your client had to, whatever it was that you were offering, is also your own objection.

I found that was really interesting because I had somebody that I was coaching at the time and they were having a hard time getting someone to give them their credit card number. Yeah. And you know, now I don’t even [00:20:00] think that would be an issue. Everybody uses credit cards, but this was 10, 10, 15 years ago.

And they were like, yeah, I don’t trust online and all that stuff. Right. And, uh, and then I, I, I asked them just, you know, well, what about you? Like, do you apply things online? Like, you know, it’s no big deal. Right. And they’re like, actually no, I don’t. I’m like, That’s interesting. So you have a problem buying things online and now you’re actually having objections from somebody who’s going to buy something online.

So maybe there’s some like internal work to be done there. And I think that that kind of goes with what you just said. If you’re investing in yourself, then wouldn’t that make it make sense that you’re telling the universe that it’s okay for people to invest in you too?

Amrit Singh: Exactly. And now imagine what happens when you wanna put on a coaching program, which is a $10,000 program, but you’re not willing to invest that kind of money because you’re like, you know, I’m kind of a little tight right now.

Maybe I don’t get the cheaper program from this other guy. Or watch some YouTube videos or do you know, there’s a lot on the internet you can do for [00:21:00] free, but that mindset, That’s really what the universe reflects back to you, where how can someone invest with you? It’s not possible.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. I, I think that what goes around, comes around is, is, is not just a saying, something great

Amrit Singh: to it.

Right? Yeah. That’s why the saying lasted for so long.

Tim Melanson: Exactly. So now let’s talk a little bit about practicing. So, you know, what do you do to keep sharp with, uh, with

Amrit Singh: your skills? I do a lot. Um, I mean, for me, meditation is a big thing. I, I love waking up early. I wake up between four 30 and 5:00 AM I take a cold shower, I sit down, I do my hour and a half, two hour meditation, and then by the time my family wakes up and it gets loud in the house, I’m already set.

You know, I’ve, I’ve taken care of myself, I’ve honored myself. I really spend that, you know, that two and a half hour period is super powerful. ’cause it’s kind of [00:22:00] like a 10% of the day, right? Of your 24 hours when you invest that in yourself. And there’s this old concept from the church and this concept of giving 10% of what you have.

Towards a higher purpose. And so for me, it’s this. When I invest that 10% into myself and I make that the number one priority before anything else happens, that’s when I show up for myself and that’s when I really see changes and benefits. Wow. Where

Tim Melanson: did this come from? Like the, is this something that you’ve been doing for a very, very long time, or did you learn it from somebody else?

Where did the idea come from of spending that time in the morning?

Amrit Singh: It’s, uh, based in the practice of Kline Yoga. I started when I was 19. I went to my first Kline yoga class and I, you know, I really went in deep. I ended up moving to India. I lived there for 20 years. I. I studied [00:23:00] through the Sikh religion, which kind of was connected to the Kundalini yoga.

That’s where the beat and the turban situation is coming from. But now I kind of stepped out of that because I felt that very tight religious container was just too small for me. You know, I wanna, I wanna include, I don’t wanna separate, and it’s a little hard when you look the way I look, but I’m really like explaining to people now like, Hey, when you have long hair, like I do, Having a tur on your head is super convenient.

You know, you got it all like nicely tucked away. It’s like this thing which, which, you know, everybody has long hair does, you know when, when no one gets shit done, they take their hair, they put it together in a bun and they get to work. And so this is the same feeling I get from my tur and my practice and my meditation.

I’ve done so much of it over the years, really allowed me to. To connect deeper to my essence and to my purpose and to my authentic self, and help me to show up more authentically for myself and more [00:24:00] real.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Okay, so now I’ve noticed a theme, a, a lot of the guests on my show entrepreneurs all mention, seem to mention, uh, meditation as something that they do as a regular practice.

So, and. In your experience and you work with men, like, have you found that there’s a, a, a, you know, is that becoming more accepted now or, ’cause I know when I was a kid, I, I don’t think I know anybody who meditated. It was one of those, it’s, it sort of seems to be something that I’ve learned more in the entrepreneurial world.

But do you think that there’s some sort of

Amrit Singh: connection there? Yeah, of course. I think it is a huge connection and I end up meditating with all of my clients. You know, it’s not something. Those men relate to right off the bat because it’s kind of weird and it’s this weird word and it has all these connotations to it.

And so they’re like, no, no, I don’t meditate. It’s a little bit like when a man says, I don’t dance. Right? Where you’re like, oh, okay. Yeah. Right. So that’s, [00:25:00] that’s about that same expression. And I like this example of I don’t dance because. Are usually men who are struggling with their sex life too, right?

Because dance and sexuality is so closely connected and so when, when you learn to dance and you really wanna improve your sex life, That’s the way to go, right? You don’t start in the bedroom, you start with that flowing feeling, and so it’s the same in the entrepreneurial world. When you really wanna expand and you wanna step out of your little box into your little comfort zone, and you close your eyes and you just take a deep inhale and a deep exhale and you meditate for 15 seconds, that’s the first step in that direction.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Wow. That’s a really great analogy with the dancing too. I like that. Cool. So now, um, it’s time for your guest solo. So tell me what’s exciting in your business right now.

Amrit Singh: Well, what I’m super excited about is I’m putting together this 90 day course where I’m inviting men that [00:26:00] are struggling in their marriage.

And I was saying like, oh my God, I’ve been successful in my business. I have this amazing job. I got a big house, we got three cars. You know, everything is going perfect. But I completely lost this connection with my wife. So the reason I’m, I’m connecting there is because it’s a super clear and simple way to understand, you know, and may men need stuff simple, right?

They don’t need it complicated. Yeah. They need to know, okay, this is my problem, this is my pain point. I want to deal with this because, I kind of love my wife, but over the last three, four years, we’ve been just growing apart. And I know this will end up in divorce and so that’s where I pull him up and that’s the point where I’m saying like, okay, so what are we gonna do about it?

What are we gonna do about it? We’re gonna dive deep and we’re going to dive deep into you and what you can do about it. ’cause again, comes back to. You know, you can’t change your wife, but you can change yourself. And guess what? You start [00:27:00] meditating. You start dancing, you start doing all these kinds of things outside your comfort zone.

Guess what’s gonna happen to your life? And guess how your wife is gonna start looking at you. When you start growing and expanding and fully showing up authentically, you’re gonna have some good fun in your life.

Tim Melanson: Wow. So now do you find that there’s a bit of like a, like a reluctance when they find out that, oh, we’re gonna work on me, work on a complicated wife,

Amrit Singh: right.

That yes, of course, because we all have it. Right? I still have it. You know, I catch myself where I’m like, oh my God, if she could just do this different in my life would be so different. Right? But that’s really the point, just this level of awareness where you’re like, I know I’ve been with this person for 15 years.

I know she’s not gonna change. So now let’s get down to brass tacks. Either you get a divorce today and just say like, I can’t live with this human being, or [00:28:00] you stay committed and you say, I wanna keep the family together. I wanna work this out. What else is there that is only working on you? And the powerful thing is it doesn’t even matter if your wife knows that you’re doing this or doesn’t know that you’re doing this or wants to do something herself or not, because just through your own work, you’re gonna have such a profound impact.

On your relationship and then in extension on yourself, and then an extension on your business, on your career, on your health, on your happiness level, and on everything where you’re just gonna be like, oh my God, I can’t believe this just because I, I did this little thing where I worked on my marriage.

Wow. Yeah.

Tim Melanson: And I bet you that at some point she’d be like, something’s different

Amrit Singh: with you. Right? Yeah. Why you’re so nice that this is weird. Something’s weird. What do you want?

Tim Melanson: Yeah. What do you want? And and when they start saying that, what, what is your response? Like, what, what, what should, what should we say if they say that?

If [00:29:00]

Amrit Singh: the wife says, what do you want? Yeah. What do you want? You think? I think it’s a really simple answer is, I want more happiness in my life. I want a better relationship. I wanna go back to how it was when we were dating. You know when, when we both had this amazing feeling and we were like, our love is gonna last forever.

We are gonna stay together until eternity and all these kinds of things. I wanna bring that back because I know. That is in direct relationship to my own happiness. I know this is in direct relationship to the success in my business because what’s the fun like? Like you can be the greatest, whatever, you know, make millions of dollars a year.

But if you sit, I. At home alone, lonely in your big mansion, your kids want nothing to do with you because there was never a connection. You, you know, like you have that little, pretty 28 year old girlfriend, uh, which really doesn’t wanna be with you for anything except your money. It is very, very lonely place.[00:30:00]

And so that’s, That’s where, where the payment comes in the end. Right? That connection with yourself becomes so powerful where you’re saying, oh my God, I actually love being alive again. Wow. So

Tim Melanson: now who would be, um, if you were to describe the person that would get the most out of one of your programs, who would that person be?

Amrit Singh: For me. Most. And number one, and I’m sure you hear this a lot from coaches, is you need to be coachable. You need to show up, you need to be open-minded, you need to be willing to try out new things. And back to the dancing example, you know, if one of the things is like, Hey, take your wife dancing and see what happens.

And so, no, I don’t dance. So that’s a, you know, you need to be open to step out of your comfort zone. You can’t be like our fathers and our grandfathers, our great-grandfathers who didn’t dance, and they just sat there with their big beer and drank it, and then they were so drunk by the end of the [00:31:00] night that nothing happened.

But you need to be willing to. To expand and to trust, and you need to show up with, with energy, and you need to show up with commitment. And that’s why I feel so strongly about the the high ticket pricing too, because if someone puts some skin in the game and puts down $10,000 to make a change in their life, Guess what?

They’re gonna show up for themselves and they’re gonna get results. And so I learned that the hard way because when I started coaching, I was like, oh, I’ll just make it super cheap and you’ll just pay me $500 for my six month program. And these people didn’t even show up for the meetings because they felt like they had already done their job by paying $500.

And so I, I had to learn that the hard way because. You know, we, we all wanna be the good guy who just does it for free. I tried that too. You know, like that’s when people run away with other directions, like, can that guy shut up and stop talking? [00:32:00]

Tim Melanson: Wow. So they need to be able to dance. Or be able to be willing to dance, which is great for Rockstar.


Amrit Singh: Yeah,

Tim Melanson: exactly. Rayon. So now how do we find out more about this program and how about you?

Amrit Singh: Um, you can check me out on my website Coaching Now info. Um, you can check me out on TikTok or Instagram or Facebook. TikTok is most fun because Instagram and Facebook is so boring in my opinion. TikTok has all these fun things and I’m putting all these cool videos I’m excited about and I’m sharing that with the world.

Apparently on TikTok, what people care the most and are most interested in is the connection between spirituality and smoking weed. Those are my videos that went viral. So, ’cause I used to smoke a lot of weed when I was younger and so that I. That is something, you know, people are just like, okay, I wanna know more about this because all I wanna do is smoke weeded all day, because then at least I [00:33:00] make it until tomorrow.


Tim Melanson: Yeah. Wow. Okay. Right on. So awesome. So thank you so much for rocking out with me today. This has been a lot of fun.

Amrit Singh: Yeah. Awesome. Thanks for having me, Tim.

Tim Melanson: To the listeners, make sure you subscribe, rate and comment, and we’ll see you next time on the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

Amrit Singh: Thanks for listening.

To learn how you can become a work at home rockstar or become a better one, head on over to work@homerockstar.com today.

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