Dr Nadia Brown – Taking the Ick out of Sales

Dec 13, 2021

Season 3 / Episode #45 : Dr. Nadia Brown

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Back-Story

She is a sales strategist, consultant, trainer, and founder of The Doyenne Agency. A sales agency that works with business owners, companies, and corporations to multiply revenue and awaken the consistent closer within your sales team using the Consistent Sales Method™. Nadia helps women learn to play the career game in business to advance their careers and professions.

When it comes to sales, women come to her timid and shaky about going after the money – they leave her strategic, strong, emboldened, and most importantly, paid.

Nadia brings over fifteen years of leadership experience, powerful conversations, achieving goals, and respect for people to develop a comprehensive sales process to increase closing rates and satisfied client retention. As a result, Nadia’s clients have seen tremendous results, such as raising their rates, decreasing their refund requests, and doubling or tripling their annual revenues, including helping clients increase their yearly revenue by 800%.

Show Notes

Guest, Nadia Brown is a sales strategist who helps people have courageous sales conversations and create sales systems to support their business.

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Show Notes:
[0:00] Intro
[0:40] The Good Note – Story of Success
[1:45] The Bad Note – Story of Failure
[10:33] Setting up a Jam Room
[13:40] Keeping the Hat Full
[20:58] Learning from the Best
[24:45] Guest Solo

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