WHR #34 : Erica Castner – Queen of Results

May 9, 2016

sf2T874lZy4mVjJBy1tOH87fMYm-bh3NYH_G3DSJgHM,BjET5O7KYhJ9MrGoZ25uE_T9h_RrgzdJGBEeCYhnxGYFrom climbing the corporate ladder to entrepreneurship, Erica Castner is not a stranger to the professional development world. She is the founder of Queen of Results Coaching & Consulting, a company dedicated to helping professional leaders communicate their message with power & poise. Erica is also the host of the podcast series, Power Factor Biz Chat, where she interviews leaders about their journey to success.

Episode #34 : Erica Castner

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

FAVORITE HOOK (Quotes from the Interview)

When hiring someone in your business… Make sure they have a coach!


  1. Raise Capitol before you start your business
  2. Have a good business plan
  3. Work your full time job during the day and side hustle for your business in the evenings

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