From Burnout to Business Success: A Healing Journey with Fabien Martelly

May 27, 2024 | Gathering Fans, Learning from the Best, PodCast, Practice Makes Progress, Season 3

The Back-Story

Today, Fabien Martelly, the founder and CEO of Martelly Consulting, joins Tim and shares his personal story of success. Fabien shares his journey from struggling with eczema to building a successful online coaching business. His story highlights the importance of self-healing and the resilience required to rebuild and surpass previous achievements. Fabien discusses his coaching method as different because it is influenced by his shaman skills, resulting in unique client experiences. He also talks about the value of providing extensive free coaching to build trust and demonstrate growth potential. Fabien emphasizes learning from each stumble, selecting the right coach, and marketing. He also discusses leveraging AI like ChatGPT to enhance productivity and refine business skills. Fabien emphasizes the importance of seeking feedback and continuous learning in the coaching industry. The episode offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

Who is Fabien Martelly?

An international sportsman and coach, Fabien Martelly leads a multimillion-euro startup and co-founded an eco-fashion brand. He has a passion for personal growth and offers proven strategies through Martelly Consulting. Understanding the challenges individuals face, he aims to transform businesses into impactful ventures, driving exponential growth. Fabien’s strength lies in staying ahead and rapidly changing lives. His mission is to empower businesses to succeed and leave a lasting legacy.

Show Notes

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In This Episode:
(0:00) Intro
(0:23) The good note
(2:41) What didn’t go as planned
(8:59) How to convert audience into fans
(11:50) Difference between free and paid program
(17:23) Did he hire mentors and coaches in his business
(23:53) The process of practicing
(26:26) How much time did he spend in learning
(27:18) What’s exciting in his business right now
(29:32) Where to find Fabien
(29:47) Outro


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Tim Melanson: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the work at home rock star podcast.

I’m excited to be rocking out with today’s guest. He is the CEO of Martelli Consulting, and what he does is he helps therapists start their own full time online business. So super excited to be rocking out today with Fabien Martelli. Hey, Fabien, are you ready to rock?

Fabien Martelly: Yes.

Tim Melanson: So tell me a story of success that we can be inspired by.

Fabien Martelly: Yeah. My success is like I used when I grew up to have like a lot of eczema and the start of my journey of entrepreneurs, because I start to see a lot of therapies because I have the option to go. Like to see a doctor and take some cortisone, but I can’t do cortisone all my life.

So I went to see therapist and work on myself. And when I was 22, my ex girlfriend bring me on therapist journey to learn how to be a therapist. And it start when I learn so much from my disease, and I want to help people, and after 10 years of learning, I start my own [00:01:00] business online to help other people to do the same.

So my success is to work and succeed with my clients.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. And your success is to help yourself. That’s probably even harder than helping clients sometimes. Right? Yeah, that’s exactly, exactly.

Fabien Martelly: It’s like amazing. it’s like a mirror effect when I can see which other people who came to me, bring how I am. It feels about my energy, about everything, who I am. I learned so much from that. It cost me less than a therapist because I can help others.

And most of the time I say, Oh, I need to do that for myself too. So I write on one side for me to do through as I say to other. So it’s like so much thing to, to learn with life.

Tim Melanson: I know what you mean. Cause even on this podcast, we’re talking about people’s successes and people’s failures and people’s tips.

And I’m like, Ooh, that’s a good one.

Fabien Martelly: Yeah. This is a best way. I saw so many people now to have their own podcast and it’s quite easy to do it. And you learn so much. [00:02:00]

Tim Melanson: Yeah. It’s a bit time consuming, but it’s definitely accessible for just about anybody. Right.

Fabien Martelly: Just for start, you just need like computer and that’s it.

Tim Melanson: sometimes things don’t go as planned. We have some bad notes along the way. And I’m wondering, like, can you share with us something that didn’t go as planned and how you recovered from that?

Fabien Martelly: Yeah, I have so many failures. for me, it’s 99 percent failure, 1 percent success. And that is part of the journey. Failure is part of the journey. three years ago. I run my business of coaching and I did 2, 000, 3, 000.

And after four years, I start to go so fast. Everything goes so quick. I find my avatar. I find my, perfect product market fit and my business go to 2000 to 20, 000. The next month, 30, 000, 50, 000, 60, 000. And then I was so afraid and so frustrated. So I make a burnout. [00:03:00] And one morning I wake up and all my body was burned, like I did an allergy.

And this is like for three months, I was like this, I work so much on myself. it took me nine months to recovery, full recovery and start again, my business. And after in 12 months, we did like one at 700, 000. Wow. So sometimes it go up, go down, dip down. And after it goes so high, so quick.

Tim Melanson: And I think that’s probably why a lot of people have some anxiety and maybe fear of success, because, you know, it’s.

Fabien Martelly: true.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. So sometimes when you climb, other things climb along with that too.

oftentimes your lifestyle grows, the expenses that you have grow. And then all of a sudden, sure you’re making, maybe tens of thousands of dollars a month, but you’re also spending that too. if you’re living this really frugal lifestyle where you’re spending a few thousand dollars a month, that’s easier to recover from

Fabien Martelly: Yeah. It was like that. I spent so [00:04:00] much. I used to live in Monaco. I need to go back to my parents, fix some problem with my family. my house, my friends, go back to the gym, do everything, the thing I learned from that is first of all, I was afraid if we stop to don’t do it again, but I learned something is always in part of me.

So it’s easier to in faster to do it again. So it took me like a few months, like three months to go back, like higher than I was before.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. And I think that’s probably the thing that people should recognize is that when you are growing, the problems that you can solve end up being bigger and bigger and bigger.

So, you know, to get back to that point again, after a big fall. It’s actually not anywhere near as hard as it would have been, you know, when you did it the first time, right?

Fabien Martelly: Exactly. And this, it can be like a parallel with like a sport. When you do sports, you go to the gym. When you start at the beginning, you ask like, but for musculation, it’s so hard.

It’s like, you [00:05:00] like heavy stuff. And after you go so high, but sometimes you have like problem with your muscle. And you need to recovery, but when you come back is go like one month after you are at the same level than before. And me, when I was at the beginning, I was so afraid because it was so high.

And I think if one day I lost, like it was something I think I will lost. But finally. It’s in part of myself, I can’t lost it. It’s when it was done, it’s done for ever, you know, it just practice. You need to do it again, just recovery and do it.

It goes so fast because you understand the mechanism. You understand how people work. You understand how to make a perfect product market feed. You understand how to run ads on Facebook, social media and stuff. So it’s easy to do it again.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. I’ve noticed that too, like with different. You know, I’ve met a lot of people that have had lots of different successes in different industries, even, and I’ve noticed something that, it’s a little bit weird when you see somebody who maybe they’re super successful in this [00:06:00] one area and then they decide, okay, I’m going to do something else.

And then they like reach the same type of success in something else, like pretty quickly. And you’re like, wow, that’s a totally different thing. How did you do that? But a lot of the fundamentals of success are not necessarily specific to the tasks that you’re doing. They’re more like overall mindsets, right?

Like how you do things matters more than what you do. You may lose your business, everything might go to nothing. And it might be for a reason that’s outside of your control. Maybe the market just dries up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re done.

That means you could do something else. You’ll still use the same type of things that you learned in the first time, but you’ll just use it towards a different application, right?

Fabien Martelly: Yeah, it’s true. Like I saw because I coached so many people who had a job like a salary and they start again. They start to build their own journey to be like to work at home, start their own business.

But some of them decide to go back on salary, but they earn more money because they knew [00:07:00] other skills. They can see problems with a different angles because they used to be like a entrepreneur, so they can help their manager, their boss to be better because they find a different angle. They go faster, stronger, and they make more money.

This is choice because if you stay always in the, with the same view, you can’t understand. I can see like the 360 view. So sometimes it’s a good journey because you can make more money. For sure, after you make more money because you work so much on your mindset, on all the skills you need to learn to start your own business.

Tim Melanson: Okay. So let’s talk a little bit about the fans. how do you convert that audience into fans and to people that actually love you?

Fabien Martelly: Me, it’s like. Easy because I used to do it like we have tried so many things, but when I restart my own business, I decide to make like five day challenge. Why? Because I didn’t coach so well and I’m Coach like a different person. So when I say coaching people try to think the same thing But me I do in a [00:08:00] different way because I’m also shaman so I can help people to see different stuff So my only way to make fans is to spend like hours with them and show what can I do in Few like hours with them in 10 hours And I start like this and the two hours per day start to be four hours or six hours per day, because I love to coach people online.

I have to help each, like all of them. And so start to people talk together and every, I did an event every month. So the month after start to be more people. The month after double it. And the time we doubled it. So it was so good because I can practice. I can show what I do. And if they want more, They pay to have my program and like this, it can continue for three months or for a year program.

Tim Melanson: That’s a real big theme on the, on the show. And especially nowadays, like there’s just so much competition, you know, anybody can get into the space. So in order for you to stand above everybody else, [00:09:00] you really do have to, you know, show them who you are.

Right. Cause there’s a lot of other people that will do it for free, And so really, I guess the thing is, is that if you actually really are good at what you do, then people will kind of come into your fold to start paying you because of the value that they get. But now the question I have to follow up on that is, Is there sort of like a formula that you use on what you give for free versus what you charge for?

Fabien Martelly: Yeah, no, I give everything. Like it was like for me, it was 10 day, five day challenge. I know a lot of people want to be conservative and want to keep all the information because they’re scared if they give everything, people don’t buy to them. So me, I prefer to give everything because I knew some people doesn’t have the money.

Most of the people, and we can always do more when I coach them. So it’s not about what I give is about where they want to go. So at the end, I give more than most of the people do. If I pay off more and when they pay [00:10:00] for more, because they can listen more, do more, and at the end of the year, it was like super succeed.

Tim Melanson: Okay. So what would be the difference between a free program and a paid program then?

Fabien Martelly: But the time, because the free program is only five day challenge. It’s only like a week. So in a week you can do like a lot of things. You can learn some stuff, but to apply is like more complicated. And you have a lot of energy in five day.

And after a week, two weeks, three weeks after, the energy go down. So when I do like pay program is more about three weeks, three months. Or a year, so like this, you can keep your energy levels high all the time.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. And like you say, if you give them everything that you can give them in five days, then a lot of it has to do with that initial excitement.

Like you kind of like get into it and you’re ready to go and you’re more self motivated at that time. But then after a while you do need sort of outside motivation and that’s where you come in on your bigger programs because now you [00:11:00] can continue to be with them to motivate them. Right.

Fabien Martelly: Because we know when we start your business, you have so much up and down, some days, some months are super good. And after with the climate, politics, environment, war, like can be down. So it’s good to have like a mentors, coach, to like memtherapist who can help you to stay your, Energy level so high because this is determine your business.

You can run a business if you are depressed, it’s so hard to do it. People follow leaders. You need to have like super energy. You need to have a good mindset. You need to empower everyone. even if it’s a war in front of you, you need to go and be sure you will win

yeah, I agree. It’s so important to have mentors. Like you told me you learn guitars. Now we can learn guitars with YouTube, but it’s better if you have someone who knows how to teach you. On the side and give you all the advice he learned by practicing.

It’s free, but you don’t have the small details, who makes that better and faster.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Cause we’re all slightly different. Right. [00:12:00] But like when you have somebody who is like showing you in person, they can say, Oh, I can see that your finger is slightly.

That’s why it’s not sounding the same way as it sounds in the video over here. Right.

Fabien Martelly: exactly. Because like everyone has fingers totally different. So maybe if you have like a small finger, you can do it. If you have a longer finger, you can do that.

And to be with a mentor, he can cut to the done for you. So it’s better.

Anik Malenfant: Hi, my name is Annick Malonfant from Mastering Ascension, and I’ve been working with Tim Melanson and the Creative Crew Agency for a number of years now. Tim is my go to guy for all things technology and his team have helped me to really create the platform that I need that represents my brand, my message, and connects me directly to my ideal clients.

What I particularly love about Tim is before he starts to dive into the technology, he always makes sure that he understands what your global view is, what your ultimate goals are. He creates something from the get go that is scalable, which is highly, [00:13:00] highly beneficial for any business.

What I’ve experienced from Tim and his team is they’re highly responsive. They are a wealth of information. And they’re going to offer you the tools that you need to really make the mark that you want to make in the world. So that’s my recommendation for Tim. He’s awesome.

You won’t regret it.

Tim Melanson: I remember when I first started learning that there was, I don’t think YouTube was with a thing at that point, but what they did have is they had tab, they had these, Abs that you could go in and it would show you like the notes that you’re supposed to hit. And my goodness, the difference between that and YouTube is amazing.

Like you’re looking at the notes you’re supposed to hit and you’re like, important your fingers like this, trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do. Then you look at the YouTube video and they’re like, no, no, no. You do it this way. So like now you take it to another step when you have somebody who’s actually watching you do it and showing you how to do it.

So I think it’s the same way in everything, when it comes to mentorship. Right.

Fabien Martelly: [00:14:00] Yeah. I remember one of my coach, she used to learn guitar. So, and he did like so many, like hard things. Title to do it. And he had a coach and like one transition, he did not arrive to do it. And the guy say, Oh, you need to, like, I don’t remember, maybe put this mouse out because this relax, this finger to do the transition, because it was so hard and you need to do something else with this mouse, because like this, like, can be like, stuff, but this, you can learn it.

You know, he understand that this transition, what he did naturally to relax all these fingers and so he can help the guy to do it. So, you know,

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Wow. There’s so many, it’s so crazy when it comes to that kind of stuff. Now, what about you? Like, so do you have mentors and do you hire coaches for, in your business?

Fabien Martelly: Yeah. I spent more than 200, 000 in coaches and mentor. So, I used to spend a lot of money with Grant Cardone.

I love this energy. So I spend a lot of [00:15:00] money with him and I did a lot of therapies on the side to help me to heal myself or my trauma when I was young and stuff like this.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Okay. And so I’m wondering, like, why did you decide to go and hire somebody?

Was it something that was difficult for you to do, or do you just go, obviously I’m going to go hire somebody.

Fabien Martelly: No, yes, it’s because it’s difficult to know because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. So I prefer to pay someone who already makes the business that I’m supposed to make, or like everyone makes like this, I can earn time and money, you know, and it’s like so much easier.

And also when you have mentorship, you have other people who are the same level. So you can make connection with entrepreneurs who can understand what you are now. you can have advice, you can make new friends, you can change all your environment also because my friend I have at school is not the same.

I did like today. So, so it’s like helping me to be in a good way. I travel a [00:16:00] lot in the U S so. For me, I’m in Europe now in between Monaco and Dubai. So I went like in Miami, Vegas, Milwaukee. So I learned always more stuff. I learned to, how to speak on stages. I learned how to run my business and make more money.

So it’s so important for me to learn. Because if I want to be a good coach, I need to be coaching. I have a coach, you know,

Tim Melanson: Just out of curiosity, how much was your very first coach? What did you spend on your first coach?

Fabien Martelly: Like my first coach, I think I paid, it was already 5, 000.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Okay,

Fabien Martelly: Yeah. I think it was 5, 000.

Tim Melanson: For what kind of length of time?

Fabien Martelly: It was like for, I think it was six months and it was for marketing to how to run your business with marketing online. And I did not succeed because it was so hard at the beginning. You [00:17:00] need to make like a three.

then 7 product, then 50 products and VIP program. But when we started so much, like so complicated, I didn’t know what to put on my project. I didn’t know now. I did it so it’s more easy to do it, but at the beginning I didn’t know anything. I just was a beginner. So it was so complicated. So then I took another like for 50 K and it doesn’t succeed.

I pay someone to do my stuff for me. It doesn’t work. Then I took another one for 6, 000 and now we succeed. Yeah, but it takes me like three or four years to find someone.

Tim Melanson: And

Fabien Martelly: I spent like so much money because like, I need to learn. So failure was part of my learning. You know, I try some stuff I face. So I say, okay, what’s part works, what’s fail.

I need to change again and change again and change again. How do I find myself?

Tim Melanson: I think [00:18:00] my first host that I hired was somewhere around there too. I think it was maybe a little bit less than that, but it was sort of like a six month program

Fabien Martelly: I think at the beginning it’s hard to finish it, but it’s part of the journey.

You know, it’s like if you start to do sport and you didn’t do for 20 years, it’s hard to stay on it for six months. Maybe you go to the first three months, you stop two months and after you need to go back. So it’s like how to learn how to be yourself at the beginning.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Well, and like you, I mean, I did get some things out of it, right?

Like I remember just knowing what I was supposed to do, right? I mean, they had this whole like laid out course, and this is what you do and this is what you figure out I’m going through the first module and I’m like, okay, wow, I’m already, I’m already struggling. Second module, third module.

I’m like, Oh, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to manage. But I mean, one of the things that I kind of got was like, okay, now I know what I’m supposed to know. And so, you know, I just kind of did probably what you did and took a [00:19:00] step back and go, okay, now I need a different type of course. I need a different kind of mentor to help me get to this first level.

Fabien Martelly: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. People think that I would succeed directly with the first program. Sometimes no, you understand the first module. And then the second module, you need to find another coach and the third module, another one, another one, another one, until like you make your five, six module and this work at the end, because you understand.

And it’s part of like, like to muscle your brain, because you need to readapt your brain to see different, to do the work. And me, when I did it, I did not have ChatGPT. So now it’s easier with ChatGPT because. When I can ask, ChatGPT, what is my, give me a title for my program. Can you write me a free, document, like a free PDF and do that.

But before, There are advantages to do that. But at the end, I saw with my clients, they didn’t think well to do it because they didn’t get to ChatGPT, they didn’t learn from themselves. [00:20:00] So it’s good with ChatGPT, but you need to practice, practice, practice, because yeah, you need to practice your brain.

To be better and stronger and sick faster and think like differences and you used to it.

Tim Melanson: Yep. I agree. I see chat GPT as a tool, just like any other tool, really. Cause you do notice that whoever is using chat GPT, that’s different results. I definitely have noticed that, even some of my clients, they’ll be like, yeah, I tried to do it with chat GPT.

And I’m like, okay. So I type a couple of things in boom, comes out like, whoa, how’d you do that? I’m like, well, I guess you got to know the right questions to ask, right? And so having a little bit of that base to go from just allows you to use these tools a lot more efficiently. Right. Yeah, yeah, definitely.

So now let’s talk a little bit about practicing and getting good at what you do and staying good at what you do. I mean, the world’s changing so fast. So what’s your process, I guess, in practicing?

Fabien Martelly: I practice like, you know, when you start your [00:21:00] business, most of the marketing and stuff is to do like a A B test.

So you need to always do landing page and see which ones works the way you keep it and you try to change like little stuff and go on it and practice all the time. Even with my coaching, I practice a lot. When I started a new program, I took like a few clients, use it, see what’s working or not.

And then I try again and try again. It’s only that I used to send to my clients every month. What’s your succeed? What you want, you want to change, what will be better for you like this? I can have a lot of return and I can be my program better and succeed more. You know, love it. So you ask for feedback directly.

Yes. Feedback is like so much important because me. I saw the problem by the top because I’m top of it, but I need to have rewards from like feedback from people on behind the [00:22:00] problem because we didn’t see the same stuff for me. It’s like easy, but I forgot at the beginning was not easy at all.

So now it’s easy for me, Oh, you should do that, do that. But for them, I need to be back in their head to understand what they struggle. And when I understand that I can help them to be better.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. And the world changes, right? So like based on like, maybe when you were getting started, we had sort of different conditions around us.

So maybe you would have different questions. Now things are a little bit different. So maybe the students coming up today. Might not have the same type of background. And so you might say, Oh, this is what worked for me, but might not necessarily work for them. Right?

Fabien Martelly: Yeah, exactly. It’s true. And I also watch a lot of podcasts for my concurrent people, because all the times they shared some stuff I can use for my program because they did it differently so I can see, okay, is this work for them?

I will try for me. And if it’s working, I will use for my [00:23:00] payment. This is like, now we have YouTube, like so many podcasts, business, health.

Tim Melanson: So how much time do you think you spend on like learning versus doing? 80 percent

Fabien Martelly: learning, 20 percent doing.

Yeah. Everything I watch like, Movies, TV movies, Netflix, YouTube, like I read, stuff is for learning.

Tim Melanson: Wow.

Fabien Martelly: Even if I learn from movie, you know, if I saw the movie in a different way, so which like sentence I can use for my client. What they did, I can use to help them to visualize what I want to see like this.

Oh, do you remember in this movie, this happened, he did that. So you need to do the same with your business.

Tim Melanson: I love that. And you’re right. I mean, if you relate to people through movies and stuff like that, then it makes it easier to make analogies.

Yeah. So it’s time for your guest solo. So tell me what’s exciting in your business right now.

Fabien Martelly: Me, like I love to help people. So I’m excited because if they want, [00:24:00] like everyone who can see this podcast, you can send me like rockstar podcast on my social media in message, and I can give you 30 minutes free to see where you are and where you want to be.

And I can give you advice one on one. Normally I charge a lot for that, more than 5, 000K for 30 minutes. So I give you for free because you, I’m with Tim and you saw the podcast and you stay with us for all this time together. So I want to share, and I love to share because this is part of the journey.

Sometimes I have a lot, sometimes less. And the best thing I can remember is the people I changed life and see them to help their kids, their family, to change. This is, at the end, what is like stay on earth. It’s the people we help to succeed because they help other people to succeed, who help other people to succeed.

And so I want to do the same here. So even if you watch it like in two years, you send me Rockstar and [00:25:00] I will give you such a new friend.

Tim Melanson: So like, what would be the ideal person that would get the most out of working with you?

Fabien Martelly: I used to help like therapists, but mostly it was women between 30 and 60 years old who want to make a reconversion.

They used to be salary, but they used to be passionate by therapy stuff. So it can be like, plans, like, psychology, like so many stuff like this. So I asked them to make money on the side and then they quit their job to do their own business. So this, I had more than 10, 000 people last year. But I also help CEOs as a big company also because in my environment between Monaco and Dubai, I have like lot of people who makes a lot of money.

So the best thing, if you see this podcast, contact me and I will see if I can help you. And in which way. So if you are CEO entrepreneurs, just therapist or someone who want to start their own business, but you’re scared, you can send me a message and I can help you. [00:26:00] Nice. Okay. So what’s the best way to get in touch with you then?

Me, it’s Instagram. You send me by Instagram on my page Fabien Martelly. It’s like you can send me an inbox and it will be easier.

Tim Melanson: Love it. Thank you so much for rocking out with me today, Fabiana.

Fabien Martelly: Yeah, thank you very much, Tim, for your time, you share all the podcasts you do because 300 is like a lot.

So thank you for all you do for people to stand and start their own business because it’s a big journey, but the best journey you can do for yourself.

Tim Melanson: thank you so much and thank you to the listeners. Make sure you subscribe, rate, and comment. And we’ll see you next time with the work at home rockstar podcast.

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