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Feb 8, 2021 | Assembling The Band, Keeping the Hat Full, Learning from the Best, PodCast, Season 3

Season 3 / Episode #1: Jack McColl

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Back-Story

My name is Jack McColl (@kingofdebt) on IG and I am a serial 6-figure entrepreneur, financial coach, and former pro athlete.

Currently I run a coaching / consulting program when I teach entrepreneurs how to build their credit so they get approved for top 0% interest business credit cards with exceptionally high limits in a very short time frame.

I have incredible knowledge on personal and business credit that will help entrepreneurs start and scale businesses. I have created four 6-figure businesses in the last 5 years and have personally been approved for $300,000 in credit in the last year while maintaining an 805+ credit score across all three credit bureaus. I coach people on these exact strategies so they can get massive funding for their business.

Show Notes

Good Note : Travels the world, working from exotic places

Bad Note : Travel/Hospitality based business got decimated by Covid

Hiring the Band : Create a system for repeated tasks and outsource it

Filling the hat : Leveraging debt to finance your business

Learning From The Best : Find the right coach that you look up to and has done what you are trying to do

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