WHR #62 : Jan Edwards – Paving The Way

Jan 2, 2017

12274236_10153499070026130_5765774558435460051_nAs an author, a speaker and a coach, Jan is widely known for her leader skills and straightforward communication. She is committed to people living a life they love, regardless of their circumstances. As a global citizen, she works with teams all over the world to educate and prevent trafficking, along with developing programs that empower people to create a life they love. She has worked with organizations such as Global Hope International Network, Florida Abolitionists, to expand their reach and sits on the board of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning in Orlando. Her passion is making a difference in the world by ending child trafficking: specifically to end children recruiting other children into the world of sex trafficking by raising awareness with the public. We work along side of the hospitality industry, law enforcement and management companies to collaborate, creating a culture of safety for these victims and ending this silent crime. She has also written a book, Managing Aging Parents, While Keeping Your Sanity, to assist families during that challenging time of balancing it all – family, work, friends, parents and their health. Speaking and coaching families through this time in their life using real world experience and specific actions to take. Her ability to lead teams has garnered her several awards, including Sales Manager of the Year in the Cable Advertising Industry and Volunteer of the Year with American Cancer Society in Daytona Beach. She has successfully built and maintained high level relationships in several industries and organizations including United Nations, international charities, security organizations, along with elder advocacy. She gives voice to the voiceless.

Episode #62: Jan Edwards

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • How did Jan become a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Don’t be afraid to read the market and change directions
  • Jan’s office is filled with inspiration
  • If you did it once you can do it again
  • Send thank-you notes!
  • Trust your gut and value recommendations
  • Get excited about your mission
  • TIP : Deliver your message in the mirror

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