WHR #63 : Mimika Cooney – Visual Brand Strategy

Jan 9, 2017 | PodCast, Season 1

Mimika Cooney is a Visual Branding Strategist and a multi-passionate entrepreneur, TV Host, Speaker, Published Author, Video Specialist, Marketing Maven, Award winning Photographer and catalyst.

Mimika’s passion is helping female entrepreneurs build, brand and boost the business of their dreams.

Mimika began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16, and has since run four successful businesses in three countries in South Africa, England and the USA.

As an international award winning photographer, Mimika has 13 years experience behind the lens and has authored two books on the subject.

She has worked as a live on-air television broadcaster in front of the lens hosting an unscripted breakfast magazine show, and now hosts her own web-based interview show.

Mimika is the founder of the movement “The Worthy Revolution” that helps the modern female entrepreneur build her business and boost her visibility with style!

Episode #63: Mimika Cooney

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • How did Mimika become a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Mimika discusses how her entrepreneurial spirit impacts her kids
  • She doesn’t do it all alone, Mimika shares who her “Band” is
  • Set up a phone call/social media window and only respond during that time
  • Multitasking doesn’t exist!
  • Mimika’s spouse is also an entrepreneur… Listen in to find out more how that works
  • Mimika’s tips for starting a home business
    • don’t quit the day job too quickly
    • build the business with the intention to sell it

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