WHR #78 : Ken Course - Digital Marketing & Small Business Expert - Work @ Home RockStar

WHR #78 : Ken Course – Digital Marketing & Small Business Expert

Apr 24, 2017

Ken Course has helped thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs world-wide reach their goals. He’s generated over $50 million in revenue online for clients and partners in over 10 years of digital marketing ranging from sales training to real estate to personal development. He has been a featured speaker and trainer at over 150 events in the US, Canada, Australia, and UK. He has shared the stage with Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, Rick Frishman, Mark Victor Hansen and many more. Ken teaches entrepreneurs how to create 6 figure businesses, how to find new customers with digital marketing, creating funnels to make more money from every customer, developing powerful and profitable programs, how to scale your business, how to become a passionate, influential leader, and how to develop your vision for success.

Episode #78: Ken Course

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • How Ken became a Work @ Home RockStars
  • Ken shares his advice on delegation
  • The job of a coach is to see the things in you and in your business that you don’t see
  • Ken changes coaches frequently, but keeps the same mentors
  • The joys of doing business with friends
  • Don’t burn bridges
  • Normally your first reaction isn’t your best reaction

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