Kevin Koch – The Power of the Journey

May 17, 2021

Season 3 / Episode #15 : Kevin Koch

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Story

Kevin Koch is a 37-year-old, based in Cincinnati originally from Paris Kentucky.  Studied mindset and transformation coaching at Proctor Gallagher Institute. An enthusiastic life coach who loves to see you achieve your wildest dreams. A couple of years ago he quit his 9-5 job to follow his passion and became an owner/coach at Proctor Gallagher/consultant at Golden ticket coaching. Since then he helps people all over the world to achieve their dreams quickest way possible by coaching the Proctor Gallagher Institute system: Thinking into results.

Kevin as a Mindset Mentor, help individuals achieve their goals, by expanding their
awareness, through a proven system for success called “Thinking Into Results”
Created by the world-famous Bob Proctor. He lives his dream, helping his clients achieve their dreams. He does this for a living because it brings him fulfillment.

In your wildest dreams, you could not imagine, the marvelous surprises that await you! Golden Ticket Coaching evolved from a lifetime desire to help others believe in and reach their goals, dreams and TRUE POTENTIAL. They believe and teach that if you can change your mindset, you can change your life. As a Mindset Coach Kevin will engage you in expanding your awareness, helping you think like the 1%,so you can live like the 1%, and finally reach your full potential, spiritually, emotionally, and financially; regardless of where you are right now.

Show Notes

Good Note: His success comes from the success of his clients.

Bad Note: Don’t underestimate the power the journey.

Practice Makes Perfect: If you want new results then you must change how you’re programmed. Whether that be through repitation or an emotional impact. Growth is what makes life fun.

Instrument of Choice: Modern tools such as the internet and your cell phone when used properly. Along with the basics of a calender to remove thought fatigue.

Learning from others: Search for someone you resonate with. Through the process you find your own blind spots.

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Quote of The Day

  • The man who has no imagination has no wings. Muhammad Ali

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