Michael Atma – With vision comes passion

May 10, 2021

Season 3 / Episode #14: Michael Atma

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Story

Michael is one of the most influential speakers on Personal Growth and Achievement. He has the rare ability to be able to communicate a message that electrifies, entertains and educates people on how to be the best leader, coach, consultant or entrepreneur they can be, as well as how they can leave the greatest amount of impact in the world.

Michael has recently been developing a whole new platform where he shares his transmissions of wisdom, success and deep learning through inspirational videos, books, programs, workshops and live-in retreats, and giving back through aligning with not-for-profit foundations organizations that help rescue abused and neglected exotic and endangered animals.

Michael is currently teaching others to do what he has done through his Evolve Academy in which emerging leaders and heart-centered entrepreneurs who are serious about diving into what it means to live an incredible life, align with their unique truth and create success in all areas of their life with passion and purpose.

Michael has been blessed to learn alongside mentors such as Tony Robbins, Scott Oldford, Steven Covey, Brendan Burchard and a whole host of Zen Master and Enlightened Teachers from all walks of life.

Show Notes

Good Note: Before starting the business, it came down to writing out what he wanted and that was to work from home. To figure out “ How to create this dream, online. “

Bad Note: With 7 businesses built, dealing with the ever changing online algorithms and pivoting when necessary .

Practice makes progress: Have a vision of where you’re heading & stay committed for the best results. With vision comes passion.

Jam Room: Making a separate environment that keeps you in work mode.

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Quote of The Day

  • I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius

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