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Aug 22, 2022 | Learning from the Best, PodCast, Practice Makes Progress, Season 3, The Jam Room

Season 3 / Episode #81 : Noemi Beres

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Back-Story

Noémi Beres is the Co-Owner of Podcast Connections. With her husband, they help entrepreneurs and business owners share their knowledge and connect them to quality podcast shows. In addition, Noemi is dedicated to helping experts grow their business with interviews.

She started to work in the online marketing field back in 2007. Noemi has a Master’s Degree in Danish Literature and Language; she is a linguist, content creator, and “master organizer.” She had been working from home for 15 years.

Show Notes

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In this episode:
[0:00] Intro
[0:26] Story of business success for Noemi
[2:08] What are Noemi’s bad notes?
[4:47] How did Noemi set up her workstation?
[9:45] Marc Mawhinney from Natural Born Coaches shares his experience with Tim and Creative Crew Agency
[9:49] On learning what they know
[14:44] Reading books and continue learning
[17:03] What’s new for Noemi and Podcast Connections?
[19:17] How to connect with Noemi
[20:48] Outro


Read Transcript

Tim Melanson: Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of the work at home rockstar podcast, excited for today’s guest.

She is the co-founder of podcast connections, and what they do is they help entrepreneurs and business owners share their knowledge and connect them to quality podcast shows. I’ve been working with her for quite a while now, and she sends me some great guests, very excited to be rocking up today with Noemi.

You ready to rock.

Noemi Beres: Yes, absolutely. Tim

Tim Melanson: perfect. So as always, we start off on a good note. So tell me a story of success in your business so we can be inspired.

Noemi Beres: I think that’s the story of podcast connections. Our podcast agency, that we are started in back in 2020. Um, we were working in the travel online travel related business, uh, before the pandemic, uh, for quiet some time with my husband.

but unfortunately like everybody else and the travel industry hit probably the hardest in the world. and we had to figure out something and start something new. And thank God. We had a great mentor who advised us to, to look into the world of broadcasting because it’s, um, it’s a big business and there are.

How many podcasts, like 2.5 million podcasts in the world. So let’s do that. Let’s start a podcast agency. We are in the online world. We, we love working in the online world, so this was just a different direction. And, uh, um, so far it worked out really well for us. So I think that was one of the success story in this past two years, when so many bad things happened in the world, but it.

Actually a successful time for us and it’s, it’s still, we are thriving in it. So yeah. That’s our success story. The

Tim Melanson: good notes, right on, well, yeah, I mean, anytime that there’s something that’s changing, there are gonna be some. Hits to certain business, but there’s also some opportunity and yeah, you’re right.

There’s tons of podcasts. And I think when the pandemic hit, uh, the lockdowns hit it, especially, uh, I think it, it just grew, I think a lot more people are taking it more seriously now. And so, yeah, it’s a good. It’s a good business to be in. Um, but now along that journey, not everything is sunshine and roses.

We hit some bad notes sometimes. and I’m wondering, do you have something that didn’t go as planned that you can share with us that we can learn from?

Noemi Beres: Yeah, absolutely. Um, that was back in the old days when we were doing our online travel related business, we didn’t choose our partners. Uh, Careful enough.

And, um, yeah, we had, we, we had some trouble with them and you know, when you find the wrong partners for you it’s, and it’s not working out for the business, it’s bad, it’s bad for everyone. It’s bad for your family. It’s bad for the business. So it was a hard time, but we got through to, we got through it and yeah, you just have to keep going and leave the bad things behind, but obviously it happens in your life, in everyone’s life.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. In, in your personal life too, you choose bad partners sometimes, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. but with business, like, so how did you recover? Like what did you do? How’d you how’d you solve. Kept

Noemi Beres: on working. kept on working the business and, you know, did what we did best and just, you know, my motto in life is just keep going.

And that was my motto back then, too. So we just continued what we did and it worked out well, but we had some sleepless sleepless night and stressful nights for sure.

Tim Melanson: And when, when these bad partners, like, was it something that, uh, you guys figured out pretty quickly and, and got rid of them or did it kind of drag on for longer?

No, it

Noemi Beres: dragged on for longer. Unfortunately it dragged on for longer and you have to listen to your gut instincts and you don’t do that, but you know that something’s not quite right about them. And then it turns out you were right. All the way along. You just didn’t listen to your gut instinct and you should

That was the biggest lesson that we learned during that time. And now we are much more careful doing that, so,

Tim Melanson: yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And, uh, I mean, there’s one thing about being careful with who you choose, but sometimes even if you’re careful you choose the wrong person and yeah, I, I think we’ve got this sort of like.

I don’t know, we’ve got this programming that we’re supposed to give people second chances and third chances and oh, you know, maybe it’s just a, maybe it’s just a bad day and, you know, you kind of keep moving forward, even though, you know, you should cut that tie, right?

Noemi Beres: Yeah, absolutely. You’re absolutely right.

And yeah. And when you don’t do that, you just, you know, just keep on dragging these things along the way. It’s, you know, it’s not gonna work out once. It’s it’s bad. It’s bad. So, yeah.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. I agree. So now, um, I see you’ve got, uh, you’ve been working for home for quite a while now. And you know, one of the challenges that I found when I first started working from home was that.

Just to find a good place for it. I mean, my place was not huge. I ended up working at my kitchen table for quite a while before I got an office. I’m wondering, what about you? Like, what’s your, where’s your jam and where do you work and you know, how would you suggest we do that?

Noemi Beres: Yeah, you need a, like a, an office to do that, obviously at home, a home office that we created here, and it’s like a clear space.

It’s a simple space with not much in it, but, you know, just to keep your mind focused on work and, and it’s easy to clean everything. So it, uh, the most, I mean, we started, when we started back our online business, like 15 years ago, it was basically in the living room and just the desk in the living room.

But when we had, you know, I, we had our son and you have a baby at home and everything. You need a separate space because it’s just so hard to work. Uh, and it doesn’t really matter when your, you know, your son is aging and getting older because he’s on his computer. And, uh, he’s shouting and playing with his friends online and stuff.

And you just have to separate yourself from that space and have your own little space for. For your business. And especially when you are in the podcast business and you’re having like zoom calls during the day and interviews, uh, you know, we don’t need distraction so yeah, we really need that quiet space in the, in the, in the home, in the house.


Tim Melanson: And that sometimes it’s hard to find, right.

Noemi Beres: Yeah, absolutely. It’s

Tim Melanson: not easy. Yeah. Um, you know, especially if you start a business from home when you’re already living in your place and you didn’t specifically buy a, a house that was, that was set up in a way that there was an actual clear office. Like, did you, what did you do first?

Like, so you were starting in your living room. How did you find a, a space

Noemi Beres: for. Uh, that was okay because that was a huge apartment. So it was, it was in our space and there was no disruption there, no kids around, nobody around during the day. So that was fine. But then that was back in Ireland because we lived in Ireland before, but then we moved to Syrus to Mediterranean country.

It’s always noisier many people around than everything tourist around. So you have to find the space and yeah, and, and it was living room and then living room again inside Cruz. And then finally we found the house. There, there is actually a office space that we can use just dedicated to work and business.

And once you know, it’s done and you’re tired of the day, I’m tired of work. You just shut the door and, you know, work is done for today. Yeah. That that’s important. Yeah. So yeah, just separate your. Home business, family life.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Nice. Yeah. Yeah. And you know what I, I mean, it’s worth mentioning too, that, I mean, when you’re working from home, you know, there’s a lot of, you know, even tax benefits to having a home office.

And so, you know, it, it may not hit the budget as hard as you might think and know, especially since you’re gonna save all the commute. So there’s a lot of benefits to work from home. So. Maybe moving is the right thing to do. If you can’t rearrange your home. I know we rearranged our whole house in order to make offices for myself.

Um, and, uh, and cuz my partner started work from home too. So all of a sudden we needed a second to office. exactly more and more. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cuz we both needed our own office. It was one of those things where you’ve probably the same thing as you experience, right. When you have. Two people work from home now, and you’re trying to, to share the same office.

It, it, it doesn’t work very well. Now I’m on a call. I’m disrupting her, she’s on a call disrupting me. So, you know, every person who works from home should have their own space to work. Right.

Noemi Beres: yeah. Right. Absolutely. Right. I mean, we share our workspace with my husband, uh, He’s the founder of their, our agents and everything.

But sometimes it’s not easy because you know, I’m blabbing away and I’m talking about something it’s like, can you just don’t track distract me because I’m working on something it’s like, yeah, well, but you know, I have to ask you. It’s like we were thinking about maybe we have need to separate offices, so yeah.

That’s you were talking about .

Tim Melanson: Yep. Now, Hey, I mean, if you live in a hot climate, maybe one of you can take a laptop outside, which we do that might work.

Noemi Beres: It’s too hot. Unfortunately it’s too hot in the summer. Plus you can see the screen perfectly, so it’s good. But the advantage of it that like, like, uh, like a half an hour ago, I was in the pool just got refreshing before this interview.

So that’s a good thing. When you, when you have a home office. Okay. I jump into the pool, I swim and then I come back and work again. So yeah. Split your time between work and a bit of leisure free time. Yeah, love

Tim Melanson: it. Yeah. There’s a, there’s a lot of advantages, but there’s also a lot of distractions as well.

So you’ve gotta sort of find that balance, right. Because work from home can be awesome, but it also, you know, you, you get distracted by, oh, the laundry needs to get done. That doesn’t happen at an office. Right.

Marc Mawhinney: Hi, it’s mark Ney from natural born coaches. And I want to give two very big thumbs up to Tim Lanson and his creative crew agency. I have been using them for a long time and I am 100% happy. They get the job done, right. They’re fast. And they let me focus on my business. I don’t have to worry about anything.

So again, I want to give them two very big thumbs up. I have no problem recommending them. I don’t give testimonials for everyone because my name is attached to it, but I gladly do so for Tim and the creative crew agency. So use. You won’t regret it and good luck.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. So now what about learning from the best?

So we, we talk about masterminds, mentors, coaches is, does any of those things, or are any of those things, things that you guys do or have done over the last, whatever 15 years since you’ve been

Noemi Beres: in business? Yeah, absolutely. And you know, in the past 15 years we started with mentors for our travel business as well, but we have a mentor, uh, for our, uh, podcast business too.

And my husband had met this Irish guy, Steven, and he was really into podcasting like many, many years ago before we started. And that’s what I was talking about before that he actually advised us why not start, you know, podcast? It’s a cool business to do. And you are in the online business where you are, you have your network, just do it and start.

And he, we, my husband participated in his program in his mentor program and we learned a lot about, uh, this kind of business and yeah, it was awesome. And I think he gave us that push that we. To start it and to do it. And he gave us the confidence. That’s like, yeah, you can do it. Why not? I mean, you know, it’s, you just have to start it from somewhere and then you just build it up step by step.

Tim Melanson: Right? No. So let’s go back. And before you even purchased that program, what, and get into that mindset, was there any resistance to doing that, to, to paying for coaching or anything like that? Or was it something that you, you knew you’d want to.

Noemi Beres: I think there’s always, I think there’s always a bit of, you know, pre when it comes to, to pay for coaching, but it, it, you know, it works out.

You just have to find the right coach I’m sure. Because, uh, when you do your research, like for podcasts and for our clients, there are a lot of coach out there in the world and I’m yeah, you have to write, you have to find the right home. And the one you trust and just so important. And once you found that one, I think that will convince you to, to go with them and to listen to them.

It just, you just have to find the right one and do your research because there’s a lot of people out there. I wouldn’t say they are, don’t have the knowledge. Maybe not enough, or yeah, it’s, it’s not an easy job to find the right one, but once you have it, it it’s working.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. And it’s probably a combination of doing the research and also following your gut too.

Noemi Beres: Yes, absolutely. Yes. Yeah. Let’s not forget about that too.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. yeah. Cuz sometimes people can sound like they know what they’re talking about, but you can feel whether they actually know what they’re talking about or not. And let’s not discount that gut feeling. Right.

Noemi Beres: yes, exactly. And let’s not do that again.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Right on. So now what about, okay, so you’ve uh, you know, you’ve, you’ve got a. Jam room and you’ve, uh, you’ve gone out and picked up some courses and, you know, got a mentor and you know exactly what you’re doing now. How do you continue to get better at what you do? How do you approach the practicing of, of, of your

Noemi Beres: craft?

Overly, obviously you learned by doing what you do and that, that helps a lot. And, uh, what we do, we participate in, you know, in different programs that we can purchase and we can learn from it like from different coaches as well. But, and we read an awful lot of books. I mean, about marketing, about, uh, about life.

I love reading and my husband loves reading too. And I think it helps a lot to, to educate ourself because I mean, life is like a huge learning curve. So you always learn, you always have to learn and you always have to teach your staff new things in life. And especially when you’re in the forties and there’s always new things coming up all the way along.

You just have to be prepared and, you know, get on top of the game and not left behind or something like that. Uh, but yeah, you just. It’s a continuous learning what we do in our business as well. And in like in the podcasting world, too

Tim Melanson: lot of, so you read a lot of books then

Noemi Beres: yeah, yeah, yeah. We do. We do, like, I love reading like in my free time as well, and not just, uh, marketing books or self-help books or anything like that, but yeah, I always love, it’s a passion of mine since I was a kid.

So, and I, that’s what I teach my son too, because I think it’s just so important yeah. To learn. And.

Tim Melanson: You know what I find? Uh, so when, when I’m, um, when I’m planning my day or whatever it is, I, I find, I spend a lot of time doing the work work, like, and when it comes to like, you know, oh, reading that book that I’m supposed to be reading, I tend to like push that away a little bit and go feel a little bit guilty about that.

Cuz I’m like, well, you know, that’s. More for fun. Right? Uh, maybe I should be focusing more on the work stuff. How do you, how do you make sure that you are doing both? Cause it is important to continue learning. It is important to keep it’s important to have personal time. Right? How do you sort of like make sure that you’re gonna do both and not feel guilty about it or, or do you.

Noemi Beres: I, I have a little gene, like every morning, I, I try my best to stick to it. Every morning. I dedicate like half an hour before my family wakes up. My son goes to school and everything. So, and that that’s dedicated time for myself. When I read online books, you know, maybe I’m having my conflicts or my Meli or anything like that.

And usually I’m reading like online. Paper books or anything. and yeah, it helps me because I know that’s the time that I’m going to read or before going to bed. Uh, but that’s yeah, that’s more the entertaining part of the book. So I don’t like to read like marketing books in the evening. Obviously. It’s not so entertaining doing that before you go to bed, but I’m in morning time.

That’s a like half an hour. Dedicat. Time to do that. I think it helps a lot to and, and I try to stick to it not during the weekend, but during weekdays for sure. And my other practices when I love cooking. Uh, and I cook a lot for, for my family. And that’s not an easy job to do when you work from home either because I don’t have time to cook every day, obviously.

And I live like, you know, in Europe and we. Like we love Hong Kong meals. So, uh, we don’t eat out much, especially now during COVID and pandemic and everything went on. So I have a dedicated cooking day and that’s Friday everybody knows that like all my clients in the room. And so I do cooking that day and I listen to like stuff why I cooking.

So that’s a good way. Listen, podcast, doing. Podcast guest research or anything during I, I cook and you just, you know, you work along and time flies and you don’t even notice that, oh my God, I was like standing by the stove for two hours, but it’s not a big deal because I’m, you know, listening to stuff. So, and I’m learning and love it,

Tim Melanson: love it.

And that, that’s a really good idea too, to do something that you like to do and listen to your audio books. I know for me, I like when I go for a walk or. When I’m going, shopping for groceries, have the, the have the headphones in and listening to, uh, to an audio book or something like that. But yeah, I, I like, I like what, what you’re saying about the, especially the routine in the morning.

Cause you know, if you, if you dedicate that time, it’s just a half hour, it’s not a big deal. Right. It’s just, but at least you get that little, that little piece in there every day.

Noemi Beres: Right. Absolutely. Yeah. You just need that time for, for yourself or for your business. And for just clear up clear your mind and start to start a day on a good note with that.


Tim Melanson: totally. All right. No, Amy, it’s time for your guest solo. So tell me what’s exciting at podcast connections right

Noemi Beres: now. Yeah, we are, uh, like a boutique agency and we are based in Europe, Cypress, and what we love, uh, our work, most that we operate from our home office on this tiny island, Cypress in the Mediterranean, but we have like a huge of podcast from us, Canada, UK, Australian, New Zealand, or the English speaking territories.

And it’s just so cool that we can network. We can connect with people from all around the. And we don’t even have to leave our house and that’s, it’s such a cool thing about it. And, you know, we, we just love helping people and our, you know, our clients to get on podcast and get on quality podcast, connect with the show, connect with the audience and, you know, they share their knowledge.

And I think that’s the most important part, what they do and what we help them to do. Yes. That’s I think that’s, that’s why we operate and that’s what we love about it.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. Well, and I can say, as a podcast, host, uh, Noami has sent me quite a few guests and I, I, I think you guys do a really good job.

Number one, your guests are always very good quality, but also, uh, you have. Very good organization and they seem to know what they’re getting into when they, uh, when they get on the podcast. So, you know, if you are looking for someone to help you get onto more podcasts, you know, give them a, give them a shout and how can they get, get in touch

Noemi Beres: with you?

The easiest way to visit our website, which is podcast connections dot go. And, but I’m always very active on LinkedIn. So if you just, uh, search my name, no Amy Beez, you will find me. There’s not many people with the same name, a. Them, but podcast guest connections is there. So you can find me there, but obviously on our website, there’s a space and you can have a chat with us and, you know, we can learn more about you and you can learn more about us.

Tim Melanson: I think that we connected on LinkedIn. If I remember back yeah, I think quite a while

Noemi Beres: ago. Yeah. I, I do a lot of, uh, um, like networking on LinkedIn. I think it, it works well for us and not for our business.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. LinkedIn has been, uh, working quite well lately, especially in terms of the social networks. I find it’s getting it.

It’s getting better for the business stuff. I, I find all the other ones are kind of more into the personal stuff. Right,

Noemi Beres: right. Absolutely. Yeah. I agree with you, Tim. Yeah.

Tim Melanson: Right on. So as I said, thank you so much for rocking out with me today. This was actually really cool. And, uh, make sure that if you’re looking for a podcast to get onto these guys can help you for sure.

Uh, so thank you for rocking out with me to today, know Amy and, uh, do you have fun?

Noemi Beres: Absolutely. I really enjoyed it. And thank you for inviting me a team

Tim Melanson: problem, and do the listeners make sure you subscribe right in common. We’ll see you next time. When the work at home rockstar podcasts.

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