WHR #98 : Paul Sokol – Mad Scientist

Nov 6, 2017

As a passionate Thought Leader in Automated Experience Design (such as email sequencing, workflow automation, etc.), Paul enjoys the challenge of leveraging automation for your business, so that YOUR customers have the best experience possible. Paul loves to share his knowledge and understanding of why automation works so well (see “Under The Hair” below). For example, did you know with good automation, your prospects and customers should have difficulty identifying which emails were automated and which were legitimately sent 1:1 from someone in your organization? Automation should only enhance the relationship, always. When you speak with him, you’ll enjoy his masterful blending of technology, human psychology, process methodology and sales philosophy to create a world-class customer journey that’s optimized for YOUR specific business. He is frequently sought after for his ability to break down the customer journey into the empirical assets and then adding the human touch to everything in the marketing/sales/fulfillment process. “Paul offers so much more….and I really think of him as my business partner rather than just a consultant. If anyone is looking for such well rounded expertise, I highly recommend him and would be delighted to speak with anyone about his services.” – Meghan Alonso, IMUA Services Paul likes to work with a whole range of people from A-Listers to companies that just want a little help every month and, while Paul isn’t accepting any private clients currently, he likes to work B2B tech space and B2C product space (particularly music). In closing, if you’d like some free automated experience design wisdom sporadically, sign up for Paul’s “Under the Hair” newsletter at www.paulsokol.me

Episode #98 : Paul Sokol

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • How Paul became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Paul shares his biggest mistake
  • Choose the clients that you want to work with
  • Tips for finding great clients
  • Build your network before you need it
  • Using a termination to kick off your business
  • Work / Life integration

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