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Sarah Gibbons – Walking to Talk

Aug 23, 2021

The Story

Sarah is a leading Success Coach who works with prominent Creative Executives and Entrepreneurs in the Arts & Entertainment Industry and specializes in helping them thrive at the intersection of creativity and impact. Sarah’s recently been featured by London Daily, Thrive Magazine, and just wrapped an interview with world-renowned photographer Jeff Lipsky on her own Legacy Talk series.

She is a digital media vet working for giants like Amazon, MySpace, and Newscorp in the early days leading their sales teams both domestically and in London and is also a mother of 3 boys.

She’s obsessed with helping people live their legacy, through refining their leadership because how folks show up and relate to people, situations, etc is the only thing they truly have control over.

Season 3 / Episode #29 : Sarah Gibbons

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

Good Note: Having a career in online advertising she never felt fulfilled. With a craving to make an impact she decided to go back to grad school, with getting a masters in spiritual psychology. Finally launched her own coaching practice while simultaneously managing a sales team and raising a family. A very proud feeling.

Bad Note: Membership programs have always been quite popular, but even with good content, spending money and figuring out the back end, 2 people joined. Without a community or clients she found that she was trying to take a short cut. It’s really easy to compare yourself to others even though you are in a completely different position. Build foundation.

Learning from the best: The coaching business has turned into a billion dollar business. The downside is the bar is so low to get in. The people that make phenomenal coaches are the ones that walk the talk. Finding coaches that are different ages can benefit you as well as for different kinds of skills such as parts of your business or personal development.

Instruments: Have a space to work that feels good & organized. Structure your time to have your goal come to fruition.

Practice makes Progress: “ Clients aren’t made outside of a conversation. ” Practice by being in uncomfortable positions and learn from the feedback.

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