Unlocking Success Through Law Of Attraction with Victoria Gallagher

May 15, 2023

The Back-Story

Victoria M. Gallagher is a worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy, a best-selling author, an international speaker, a life success coach, and a renowned authority on the Law of Attraction. She has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty aligned with their dreams through her effective meditative recordings and online courses. Through her podcast, The Power of Your Mind, she exudes her passion for inspiring listeners with influential guests in the areas of self-development, mindset, discipline & habits, entrepreneurship, wealth, and relationships.

Show Notes

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In This Episode:
[0:00] Intro
[0:25] Victoria’s inspiring story of success
[4:44] What’s the bad note?
[11:11] How did she set up her jam room?
[16:58] How does she find people to work with her?
[21:50] How does she gather fans?
[27:31] Guest solo: What’s exciting in her business?
[29:07] Where to find Victoria
[30:00] Outro


Read Transcript
Victoria Gallagher: [00:00:00] Are you a work at home rockstar or do you dream of becoming one? Then you found the right podcast. Your host, Tim Lanson, talks with successful work at home rock stars to learn their secrets and help you in your journey. Are you ready to rock?

Tim Melanson: Here’s Tim. Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

Excited for today’s guest. She’s a certified hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction coach. And what she does is she helps people to manifest their dreams and goals using the power of their mind and the law of attraction. Very excited. This is gonna be a really cool interview. So we’re rocking out today with Vic, uh, with Victoria Gallagher.

Victoria ready to rock?

Victoria Gallagher: I am ready to rock, yes. Perfect.

Tim Melanson: So we always start off here in a good note. So tell me a story of success that we can be inspired by.

Victoria Gallagher: Yeah. Um, so let’s see. Um, let’s talk about. Just. My, uh, my own success, um, in, you know, using the law of attraction [00:01:00] actually recently, uh, to, to buy my dream home that I’m, that I’m sitting in right now.

Um, so I’ve always, as many people do wanna buy their dream home and, um, you know, I had this. This idea in my head, uh, years ago that, you know, it had to be my dream home had to be a million dollars. It had to be a million dollar home with a pool in the backyard and, and all of these things. And you know, so I had.

Pretty much decided exactly like what, um, that that house would, would entail. Like how many bedrooms, how many stories, how many bathrooms, how big it, how many square feet it would be, all of the things and, you know, and so. A few years ago when it was Covid, um, you know, just kind of like out of the blue.

Like, we were not even thinking, like, it was always like this thing in the back of our heads that we’re gonna, you know, we’re getting ready to get ready and it was gonna be [00:02:00] about, you know, six months. It was always about six months away, we’re gonna be ready. And so what happened was we got like sort of a bit of bad news from our, um, People, our, our, uh, landlord that was, we were rent a house from, and he said that, you know, he lost his job.

Those was during Covid. He was living in Colorado and he had to come back, uh, to Arizona. And they, he needed his house back. And he gave us very little notice that, you know, we were basically gonna be kicked out when our lease was up. And we had about four months. We were gonna have about four months, and we didn’t know exactly what we were gonna do.

And so we just sort of took that as a sign from the universe that maybe it’s time to go ahead and get that, that dream house. Now here’s the thing, um, obviously at that time we weren’t in a position to afford a million dollar house, but, um, [00:03:00] Everything that I used in my description of what a million dollar house was, um, we came across and you know, this is, I mean, it’s a five bedroom house, plus an office, four bathrooms.

It’s 30 over 3,500 square feet. Um, you know, it’s like huge. I mean, we don’t have a pool in the backyard, but there’s like, Plenty of room for like two pools. I mean, it’s, it’s pretty crazy. And so, um, we, within less than two months, uh, from that moment, we took a really. Bad situation and turned it into an amazing situation.

We were able to take advantage of the super low interest rates at the time. I mean, it was like we, we locked in like 2.85%. Um, wow. Interest rates, which, you know, like if we were to try, I mean the, the whole point [00:04:00] is, is like if we were even like, Six months later, like when we were thinking we were gonna be ready, we would not be able to afford this house because it shot up like about, you know, 50% in price.

Um, after we bought it, and on top of that, interest rates shot up. So I mean, like the, the monthly payments on this house would’ve been completely undoable, um, for us. Uh, if we had waited till we thought we were ready. So the point is it’s like success. Um, you know, sometimes it just kind of sneaks up on you when you least expect it, and you have to be able to take those.

Moments where it feels like there’s an obstacle or a challenge and look at how can I turn this into a success? And so I feel like we’d completely turn that into a success story.

Tim Melanson: Wow. Wow. That’s [00:05:00] amazing. And, and you know what, then the next thing I always talk about is the bad note, because there’s always things that don’t go as planned, and it sounds to me like that’s wrapped right in there.

Yeah. You don’t see it as a, as a negative thing. Right.

Victoria Gallagher: Exactly. Like it’s really hard for me to see things as, as a, as a bad thing. I mean, like with my app we were just talking about, I mean, there’s been a lot of. Really bad things. Um, for one, I mean, uh, the app that I currently have, the whole reason why I’m developing this new app is, um, you know, it’s got some problems.

I get, you know, a few bad reviews every once in a while because it’s just been kind of falling, falling apart. But if that app wasn’t like falling apart, it wouldn’t have propelled me. To develop this really amazing dream app. Um, also, if it wasn’t for the bad that I had developers, uh, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had these developers that completely underestimated [00:06:00] what they thought was gonna go into this app, I am getting so much more app for the money then I am, you know, than than I ever thought I would have had.

You know, then I. What it paid for, um, eventually, you know, so it’s like all. You know, it’s all perspective, like everything that ever happens to you, any of the bad stuff, there’s always some silver lining that you can turn that into. And so, um, so that’s, that’s happening as well. Yeah,

Tim Melanson: no, it’s, it’s true cuz there’s uh, there’s always good and bad in every situation, right?

And it just depends on what you wanna look at, right? Because there are people that continuously look at. Bad in good situations, right.

Victoria Gallagher: Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, they’ll, they’ll look at the bad in their relationships or they’ll, you know, and they, and when you, when you start to actually [00:07:00] focus on like what’s going right, you notice more of that and that’s how the whole law of attraction works.

Um, you know, it’s not necessarily like this magical thing, it’s just that the opportunities. Are always around you. It’s just that your brain is really trained to see whatever it is that you’re focused on. And so when you change and shift your focus to the things that you want to see, you’re gonna start to see more of what you want to see.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, and maybe there is some magic too, though.

Victoria Gallagher: There, there is. And I always caution, like I, I guess, you know, there’s magic. I just don’t like to like, rely on only the magic. Like I believe, you know, we’re, we’re responsible for probably about 85 to 90% of the whole, um, [00:08:00] package of what. We’re creating.

And then when we are bringing ourselves that much to the table, I do believe that that’s when, um, it’s kind of like the, the quote about commitment. You know, then providence moves to, and all kinds of events, um, unfold that you would’ve never imagined. And that’s where I do believe there is a little, little magic.

But it’s, it’s not all magic. No. There’s. Some, you know, there’s, there’s some magic for sure.

Tim Melanson: Well, and, and I think that my definition of magic would be things that we haven’t figured out how to re, how it really works yet. You know, it probably isn’t magic, you know, but we just, we just don’t have the tools to measure it and to figure out exactly what’s going on yet.

So we call it magic. Yeah. Because I’m sure that, you know, maybe 30, 40, 50 years ago, we would’ve considered. Talking on a [00:09:00] screen to someone in another country to be magic. Cause we couldn’t Absolutely. Right. Uh, but, but somebody envisioned it in their head and eventually it, it happened. And now it’s happening and, you know, nobody thinks it’s magic.

Well, I, I don’t know. I, I still do think it’s kind of magic, but, but, uh, but there is some science behind it to explain how it’s happening.

Victoria Gallagher: It is pretty magical. I mean, you know, if, if we were to. And try to envision this. 20 years ago, this would really seem like pretty farfetched that you know, that you could be, you know, speaking to somebody on a box.

In your house. Yep, yep. And actually see them in live time. I mean, it used to blow my mind way back in the day. This was like, I guess maybe the late eighties, the first time you could actually chat with somebody on a, um, what was like a, I can’t even remember. It was like before there were actually websites.

There [00:10:00] were four the like, They weren’t even forums. What were they? B B S systems. They’re called B Bs SY Bulletin Board Systems. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I remember the very first time I saw like somebody actually like typing in live time. I’m like, whoa, that was so mind blowing. Yep. Yeah,

Tim Melanson: it sure was. Well, I used to work for a telecommunications company that we built, uh, we used to build, uh, um, basically, Software for the internet and um, and uh, and switches like hardware for the internet as well.

And uh, I remember there was talks back then, and this would’ve been early two thousands about video conferencing and it was starting to be something that we were talking about cuz we were building basically the backbone networks to be able to, uh, to be able to deliver this video conferencing. And it didn’t go at the time.

The company ended up going bankrupt eventually because they were way ahead of their time. Nobody [00:11:00] even thought about anything like that at that time. They were like, what? Why would I want, why? What? Why would I, and, and at the time, remember phones were like, still like you, you still to pick up your phone.

And it was attached. No one could think about like, looking, what, what do you mean? I don’t understand what you mean by this. We’re like, no, no, no, no. Eventually it’s gonna get there. Believe me, buy it.

Victoria Gallagher: Right. That’s crazy.

Tim Melanson: So it’s funny, but now, okay, so now you, uh, you have a new house. And so, uh, I wanna talk about the Jam room.

So the jam room is basically your home office. Tell me about how you set it up.

Victoria Gallagher: Yeah. Okay. So, um, basically, uh, let me, well, I wanna, I, I don’t know if your, uh, listeners, if you have ’em on video, but I actually wanna show you. So I have all of these, this, there’s like a thousand of these little tiles That’s so cool.

Throughout. And I went through, before I actually installed [00:12:00] these things, I went through so many, like, I even had like my graphic designer, like try to come up with these, you know, little designs on how it was gonna be patterned and, and you know, After I was in here and I just kept rearranging and rearranging and rearranging, and finally.

It just occurred to me just to actually just put them up with my intuition and there’s like, you know, and then like one fell down out of the whole pattern and I’m like, Ooh, that actually looks cool to have like a few little missing. Pieces. And so it just kind of came together. Like I was not really enjoying it when I first got these, like, this is not looking as cool as I thought it was going to.

But once I just kind of, you, so anyway, so we’ve got that going on. Um, I’ve got my beautiful, um, what do you call this, Mike? The Sure. Um, SMB [00:13:00] seven. Um, nice. Before that, I used to have, I used to work with a, um, I actually, one of my, um, long time ago, ex-boyfriends owned a recording studio. And that’s where I made my first hypnosis recording.

So I was kind of lucky, just like your wife is a graphic designer. Um, my ex-husband was a graphic designer and my ex-boyfriend both at the same time when I was. Starting in this business. Um, w you know, he was, uh, had a recording studio, so it was like I had sort of the world handed to me on a silver platter to like start this business.

But anyway, so my very first Mike was the, uh, road and t uh, and one, what is that road? And one you, you know, you’re into music. Um, business. Um, oh, there’s so many options. Yeah, I know. So anyway, so it was that, and then it was like, um, the Blue Yeti. You know, I, [00:14:00] I’ve been through two Blue Yetis and then I, like, I was training a lot of hypnotherapist on how to make, um, Passive profit and prosperity.

I have a course online about that. And so I was teaching and I talk about my, um, you know, all my equipment and everything. So it was the Blue Yeti and I probably should have signed up for an affiliate program cuz I sold so many of those Blue Yeti mics. And then all of a sudden, in this last year, I guess it’s been maybe a year and a half, I’ve been with, with this mic, which is amazing.

Um, I mean, there can actually be a little bit of noise in the house and this, it just blocks it out. Mm-hmm. Um, and I’ve got my focus, right? I’ve got my adjustable desk and um, you know, obviously my books behind me. I’ve got my, uh, You know, uh, ring light in front of me. Beautiful chandelier with a chandelier, chandelier thing [00:15:00] above me.

So this is like the space, one of the many in this house. But I also have my meditation room. But this is a space, like when I come in here, It’s just like, oh my God, this is my happy place. I just absolutely love the way it looks. The way it feels, the way it sounds, you know, come in here, it’s all quiet. So this is my jam room where I make all my thousand hypnosis recordings.

Hi, my name is, I’m from Mastering Ascension, and I’ve been working with Tim Lanson and the Creative Crew Agency for a number of years now. Tim is my go-to guy for all things technology, and his team have helped me to really create the platform that I need, that represents my brand, my message, and connects me directly to my ideal clients.

What I particularly love about Tim is before he starts to dive into the technology, he always makes sure that he understands what your global view is, what your [00:16:00] ultimate goals are, so then that way you’re not wasting a lot of time back and forth. Switching around technology or platforms, he creates something from the Geck go that is scalable, which is highly, highly, um, beneficial for any business.

What I’ve experienced from Tim and his team is they’re highly responsive. They are a wealth of information, and they’re gonna offer you the tools that you need to really make the mark that you wanna make in the world. So, That’s my recommendation for Tim. He’s awesome. You’re gonna love every minute. You won’t regret


Tim Melanson: and that’s just it.

You have to feel that way when you go into your office, into your gym room, right? Otherwise, how can you be inspired? Right.

Victoria Gallagher: Exactly. This was the most important, cuz yeah, this is the money making room. I mean, this is where, this is where the magic happens. This is where, you know, I, I make the magic in here, right in here that, you know is in my app.

That’s, you know, that, that is transforming people’s lives. This is where I [00:17:00] do my coaching. And so this was really the, I spent so much time really thinking about. This room and, and making it exactly what it is. And, and I love it. Love

Tim Melanson: it. Right on. So now you’ve mentioned a few contacts that you have. It sounds like you’re pretty good at building a band and, and getting the right people around you.

So can you give us any tips on how you find good people to, to work with you?

Victoria Gallagher: Absolutely. I mean, honestly, since the beginning of time, um, I, you know, used to be, uh, what was it? It was Elance, um, before it became Upwork. And so I literally just use freelancers, um, for the vast majority of the work that I do.

And, you know, these are people like my graphic designer that I have now, um, Michelle, she’s in the Philippines and we’ve been working together. She designed all my book covers. She’s designed. And so many pieces of, um, marketing [00:18:00] materials and, and product covers and everything. For me, she’s in the Philippines, and, you know, and, and I, anytime I need anything done, I just, you know, I usually, I.

Have a tendency to, you know, just find people pretty easily on, on Upwork. Um, my app developers ki that I’m working with now, that was like, they sort of came to me through a post that I had made on Facebook. I guess sometimes, uh, developers will like, sort of scan the, the internet Yeah. Or this. Scan social media and, you know, I was like, I’m looking for, I’m looking for an app developer.

I just kind of thought my friends might know someone. But no, I got a whole bunch of, um, app developers that reached out to me that way. So that’s, you know, kind of turned out to be, um, a pretty good way to go about it as well.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, absolutely. Well, Definitely, I think [00:19:00] social media is, uh, super useful for finding people, cuz you do get connections of connections oftentimes, sometimes you don’t.

But, uh, but it’s, it’s way easier if somebody that you know knows somebody. Right. Because then you can, you know, you can vet them.

Victoria Gallagher: Yeah. Absolutely. And you know, when I have a good person I share, I don’t like to, you know, share too much, but you know, like I’ve, um, you know, I’ve shared like, um, so many people have used, um, like people that have edited my books and uh, done the graphics for my books and you know, so anytime I always, I find someone good, I just like to pass the.

You know, the, you know, past the wealth along, because it can be hard sometimes, you know, to, to find the right, um, you know, people and, you know, but you’re, you, you know, it’s like no one’s an island. I mean, um, we all need people. I happen to just see a [00:20:00] Quora thing the other day. Um, somebody was, um, Saying something along the lines of like, how do I, um, how do I make money or start a business if I hate people?

I’m like thinking to myself like, I’m not even touching that with a 10 foot pole. But you can’t, you know, you will not succeed. You, you will not succeed if you hate people. It’s just, you know, um, you need people, you need people to buy your products, to pay you for your service. I mean, who do, who do you think the money comes from?

Tim Melanson: Yeah. Yeah. Like I can’t imagine you, I, I can’t imagine you building it if it’s your own business. I can’t imagine it. Cuz you have to, you, there’s a bit of sales and customer service that happens. I think the only way you could do it is if you like hooked up with somebody who was like the salesperson and you could be the, you know, heads down worker bee guy.

But, but that would be a partnership. It wouldn’t be your own business. I, I, I can’t see it. Yeah. Yeah.

Victoria Gallagher: Exactly. [00:21:00] And then on top of that though, it’s just like the, the whole idea, the whole law of attraction thing. I mean, if you really hate people, I mean, you know, I could be taking that a little too, literally what they said.

But, um, you know, it’s like I. Every, you know, every, every service or product that you sell. I mean, there, it’s a person at the end that’s gonna be using that and, you know, and you’re, you’re really looking to make a difference in somebody’s life. It, one, you know, whatever your business is, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, or selling widgets, I mean, you’re ultimately about making somebody’s problems.

No, go away.

Tim Melanson: Go away. Yeah, exactly. Business is about solving problems, and if you hate people, then why would you help them? It’s really a selfish way to go about things. Right?

Victoria Gallagher: It really is. It really is.

Tim Melanson: Yeah. I, I’m guessing that it was sort of a tongue in cheek joke, but it might not have been.

Victoria Gallagher: I just, I happen to see it.

It was like poor, like every once in a while, Cora just sends [00:22:00] me an email. It’s like, answer this question. It’s like, no, I’m not, yeah. Not answering that one.

Tim Melanson: So now, uh, what about getting into like gathering fans? So, I mean, nowadays, you know, with social media, like you say, there’s so many people out there, the audience is there, but mm-hmm.

But is there a difference between an audience and fans and, and how do you convert them?

Victoria Gallagher: You know, I think it really starts personally with knowing who you want to reach, like knowing who your, uh, who, who your target audience is. I mean, it, that was one of the things that, um, especially being a hypnotherapist that can solve many, many different kinds of problems for people, um, you know, from headaches to, uh, You know, to stress, to anxiety, to weight, to smoking, I can do it all.

And when I was trying to do it all, I found that the more [00:23:00] I did, the less I re, you know, the less I received. And so, To me, it’s so ultra important for people to know, who do you wanna reach? Even if, you know, if you’re a musician, like who you know, do, are you trying to reach, you know, 60 year old, uh, retirees?

Are you trying to reach, uh, you know, little girls in high school? Are you trying to reach, you know, the millennials? Like, who are you ultimately? Targeting. And so for me, um, I find that. Where you look is not as important, like as who you’re looking for. When you figure out who you’re looking for, then you know where to look because then, you know, where are those people hanging out?

Um, you know, people that are like my age, um, you know, in their fifties or whatever. A little bit more Facebook oriented, Instagram [00:24:00] oriented, um, younger, you know, people are, you know, gonna be a little bit more on, on TikTok and, um, you know, definitely social media is a wonderful, wonderful way to, um, I mean, it’s like nec, it’s a, it’s a nec necessity, um, to promote yourself.

But it’s like I’m beating a dead horse is about who, who you’re going after.

Tim Melanson: Yeah, it, and that makes sense. I mean, yeah, using the music analogy, it’s like, imagine if somebody put out an album and, well, they don’t do albums anymore. Back in the day when they put up an album, if they put an album, then every song was of a different genre.

You know? It starts off with a country song, then there’s a metal song, and then there’s like, it just wouldn’t make any sense. Like, you know, nobody would love that album. Because there would be so many different genres. It, you know, it kind of gets confusing to the audience. Like, who are you? Right,

Victoria Gallagher: exactly.

You’re casting a wide net. Like you might find somebody [00:25:00] who likes the one song, um, and then they might buy that one song, but they’re certainly not gonna buy that album. And because it’s like, it’s only that one song is speaking to them.

Tim Melanson: And because of how the world works. And then social media works. If someone sees something that they don’t like, there’s always a button that says, see less of this.

Mm-hmm. And so, you know, if you’re, if you’re sort of like, You know, you’ve got something that you’re really good at and you’re doing it, and then all of a sudden you decide you wanna do something else. Well, now they’re seeing something they don’t want anymore, and they can just unfollow you or unsubscribe and next thing you know, you’ve just lost your audience.

Victoria Gallagher: Right? Yes, yes. Oh, that, that’s so, yeah, that’s so important just to be, you know, being consistent and being an integrity with like, who you, who you are, and who you serve. And, and what kind of problems you solve. And you know, it really to me, um, it’s a simple equation when you really get to know yourself.

Cuz I think so many people, [00:26:00] um, that are our target audiences are like mirror in a lot of ways. They’re mirrors of ourselves, you know, people that are. Where we used to be at one point that we can relate to. We’ve already been there, done that, we’ve already solved that problem. Now we can help other people to solve that same problem.

Or, you know, we, we love that particular kind of music, so we make that kind of, you know, music or we love a particular kind of art, so we make that kind of art. Mm-hmm. And, um, I, I didn’t used to be an artist. Now, all of a sudden since, um, mid journeys, um, around now I’m an artist.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. No, I I think that’s really insightful, the way that you look at it too.

Yeah, exactly. It, we are basically promoting to a younger version of ourselves, right?

Victoria Gallagher: Yes, 100%. And. And so

Tim Melanson: oftentimes you’ve gotta sort of look at it from that perspective of like, what would you have been looking for, you know, 20 years ago? And yeah, what would you [00:27:00] have connected with?

Victoria Gallagher: Yeah. And that’s the, and that’s how you connect with people because people usually connect to you through your story and through, um, you know, like most people aren’t, not necessarily gonna connect with you.

It’s like, you know, on the, um, superficial level of like, oh, you know, I can sell you this. It works great. No, they, they usually connect you through. Some kind of a, you know, a story like, um, the, a relatable story that says, you know, I feel your pain. I’ve been there too. This is how I overcame it, and I can show you how to do, you know, do this and I’ve packaged it up to make it much easier so you don’t have to spend 10 years doing it.

You can do it in six months.

Tim Melanson: Love it. Okay, so it’s time for your guest solo. So tell me what’s exciting in your business.

Victoria Gallagher: Oh my God. So, um, obviously it’s my app. Um, so I have this new [00:28:00] app. It’s a hypnosis meditation affirmation app. Um, and the name of the app is called Believe Hypnosis. And, um, the app is just about done.

Like, as we’re having this conversation, I know it’s, it’s January, we’re gonna be. Um, releasing this in May. Mm-hmm. So by that point in time, many, many people will have this app on their phones. Um, and it ha it has right now about over a thousand hypnosis and meditation recordings. This is my life’s work that I started back, um, in 1999 and.

You know, I just keep getting better and better. Um, but it, it has a bunch of other goodies, um, that are not available on my other apps. Like a meditation timer, silent meditation timer, um, sends you reminders. Um, it just, um, we’ll, we’ll be having maybe by the time this releases, we’ll be [00:29:00] having live events.

Um, so it’s pretty cool. You can create. Um, playlists, favorites, downloads. It just does everything you can imagine. So this amazing app, I’m super excited about it.

Tim Melanson: That’s awesome. Partying like it’s 1999

Victoria Gallagher: for sure. Definitely, definitely. I’m super excited. So how

Tim Melanson: do we find out more of, I mean, we probably go to the app store, uh, but do you have like a website or anything like that we can find out more in information about you?

How, how do we find

Victoria Gallagher: you? Yeah. My website is victoria m gallagher.com. Um, and um, there I will have all kinds of information about, um, you know, the books I’ve written, um, coaching. My app, um, you know, any events that I might have coming up, I have a podcast also called Power of Your Mind. And, um, so, um, yeah, go check out the website and, um, download the app and [00:30:00] read Practical Law of Attraction and change your life for the better.

Tim Melanson: Awesome. Thank you so much for rocking out with me today, Victoria. This has been a lot of

Victoria Gallagher: fun. Yeah. Thank you so much, Tim. This has been great.

Tim Melanson: Cool. And to the listeners, make sure you subscribe right in comment, and we’ll see you next time on the Work at Home Rockstar podcast.

Victoria Gallagher: Thanks for listening. To learn how you can become a work at home rockstar or become a better one, head on over to workathomerockstar.com today.

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