Vinay Raman – Grit and Determination

Nov 8, 2021

Season 3 / Episode #40 : Vinay Raman

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

The Story

Vinay Raman from Raleigh, CEO of CAARMO, helps businesses and employees unlock their hidden potential, opportunities to maximize, and risks to mitigate through our Performance Intelligence software tool.

He has built decision-making tools that help you more deeply understand your people and your company. It tells you how you are performing so that you can optimize the behaviors of your employees and managers so they align employees with the business outcomes you want.

Vinay has worked and learned from prominent people. He loves when people help him raise his game. “I love to pay it forward. I have made lives easier for thousands of owners, senior leaders, and employees across the United States”. said Vinay.

His mission is to help business leaders improve employee retention, engagement, and productivity using data. If you want to maximize your business success, He’ll show you the path, with your data, Other than that, He is eager to help them identify blind spots and everything that holds them back from success.

Vinay helps them see the Blindspot(s) and how to punch it through with the help of CAARMO’s Business Blind Spots Exposed podcast. He has been able to host the podcast and speak with different international guests from business leaders, business coaches, trainers, mentors, managers, marketing directors, and more.

With the ongoing Business Blind Spots Exposed podcast event, Vinay and his team aim to reach out to audiences about how the team can help them and provide solutions to their needs.

Show Notes

Good Note : Vinay believes that his success is directly related to grit. He just won’t quit.

Bad Note : Vinay spent time, money and had investors for a product that he realized the market didn’t want. It was very hard to recover from that funk.

Gathering Fans : Try to create a connection with the people you meet. Ask questions and see if there are things you have in common.

Assembling the Band : Be more interested in finding the people who have similar values. Allow them to feel empowered to solve problems.

Learning from the Best : Getting coaches and mentors is all about getting a different perspective, it has little to do with intelligence. Someone on high ground will be able to see the storm before someone in the valley.

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