WHR #23 : Janelle Fraser – The Naked Leader

Jan 11, 2016 | PodCast, Season 1

10387333_10152826123293728_933888983664221530_nSince starting my business, I have been personally able to help hundreds of people from all over the world in their health, relationships, businesses, and everywhere in between. I have the honour every single day of having people trusting me with their time, money, and energy to help them achieve their goals and create a life that they love. Not only do I get to help individuals, but I also train, certify, and mentor coaches and other leaders to go out and share their message and to help others. This allows me to be a part of the bigger, more global impact I want to make. I am able to work full time for myself, and in my early twenties have become in charge of my own time and finances.

Episode #23 : Janelle Fraser

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast


FAVORITE HOOK (Quotes from the Interview)

The longer you wait to start your business, the harder it gets to start.



  1. Before you start making big investments in your business early on, be sure you know what you want
  2. Make sure you make time for your personal relationships
  3. Turn off all your distractions and work on one thing at a time

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