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Shopanova – Turn Hardship to Motivation

Aug 9, 2021

The Story

Shopanova is the go-to agency for scaling e-commerce stores. We get our clients up-and-running with a trajectory for growth quicker than ever.

Season 3 / Episode #27 : Shopanova

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

Good Note: After going from commercial fishing to sales, Shopanova dialled in their own marketing for customers and it really took off. Creating a business that solved the problem of their first video production business.

Bad Note: During the transition of jobs, there was about a year of grinding and making mistakes. Hiring someone for sales too early on ended in a way only generating enough income to pay the employee. It took learning and having other jobs to make it all work.

Learning From the Best: Finding someone who already made a successful agency and learning from them. The slowest way to learn, is to learn from experience.

Practice Makes Progress: Through repetition, take every hardship and mistake as motivation. When you have that lens you can start to view them as gifts to something better. Continue showing up and be patient.

Getting Fans: Running their own paid add campaigns. Celebrate your clients stories to encourage them and show others.

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